San Ignacio will give you a true Belizean experienced. From the food to the rugged lodging, you will get a real look at the culture and the way of life in western Belize.

Although the small town draws its fair share of tourism, it does not have a touristy feel at all.

In the jungle surrounding San Ignacio you will find a variety of beautiful, relaxing lodges offering private cabanas and plenty of activities on property. Many of them are Eco-lodges and utilize commercialized fans instead of air conditioning. In fact, in this area of the country, very few buildings or homes have central heat or air.

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The San Ignacio Market

Parenthood and Passports - Local MarketsSaturday is a great day to walk around the town. Local vendors bring their goods, fresh produce, and handmade crafts to market to sell. It is a great atmosphere! When you buy from the market you know you are also helping to support a local family. The prices are all very inexpensive compared to American standards. You can find some unique gifts or special souvenirs. Parenthood and Passports - Local MarketsOur 16 month old daughter loved walking around the market as there are a lot of new and great sights, sounds, and smells. Plus, the locals are very friendly and loved her.macal river san ignacio

Right next to the market, you’ll find a shallow river where locals like to splash and play. If you aren’t staying at a resort or property near the river, this is a free place to take a dip yourself and cool off.Parenthood and Passports - San Ignacio Belize

In the heart of the town there are also plenty of shops and restaurants serving authentic Belizean cuisine. Belizean food is some of the best in Central America that we have tried. Rice and beans are both staples as they are in many Latin cultures.

Parenthood and Passports - San Ignacio BelizeYou’ll find prices on food and beers all very inexpensive. In fact, you can buy a beer for about $2 American dollars. A margarita or mixed drink will cost about $5 American dollars.

Around San Ignacio, you will find plenty of Mayan ruins to explore, including Cahal Pech, located right in town.

It’s worth a visit, but the best Mayan ruins in the region are located about two hours away, right across the Guatemalan border. There are also plenty of caves and waterfalls located in the Mountain Pine Reserve, just outside of San Ignacio.

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Parenthood and Passports - San Ignacio