Parenthood and Passports - Most Haunted Hotel in America

Most Haunted Hotel in America

When I was a child, I loved ghost stories. I would head to the local library at least once a week and check out a new book or two… and regardless of how hard my mom tried to steer my to a new section of the library, I always left with at least one ghost…

Parenthood and Passports - Traveler or Tourist

Traveler or tourist? Why you should be both

There seems to be a debate brewing among travelers on the topic of tourism. Nowadays, the word “tourist” has somehow developed a negative connotation. In fact, in many circles, particularly among those who write about travel, if you call someone a tourist, it’s perceived as an insult. “Tourist” has almost become a dirty word.¬†Personally, I…

Parenthood and Passports - Mirabell Garden

Mirabell Garden with a toddler

Salzburg’s Mirabell Garden is the perfect place to spend an afternoon as a family. We took our 19-month-old daughter to the garden in August 2016 during our first family trip to Germany and Austria. Visiting Mirabell Garden with a toddler is a great way to give your little explorer room to roam. Mirabell Garden with…

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