Parenthood and Passports - Barceló Brno Palace

Barceló Brno Palace: Affordable and Luxurious

On our recent trip to Czech Republic, we decided to spend a little time in the country’s second largest city, Brno. Brno isn’t really a popular town to visit, but it should be. It is charming, less crowded, and there is a lot to do. Because Brno has yet to be inundated by tourists, it…

St. Maarten - Parenthood and Passports

St. Maarten: Perfect Island for a Romantic Getaway

Every couple needs a romantic getaway now and again. If you have kids, chances are you are long overdue for one. My husband and I haven’t taken a trip without our daughter since she was born more than two years ago. With both our families living in other states, it’s difficult to get away sans…

Travel Fails - Parenthood and Passports

Travel fails: why I almost quit traveling

Anyone who travels a fair amount is bound to have a few travel fails or mishaps along the way. Lord knows we’ve had plenty of them over the years. Usually we just roll with the punches. That’s pretty much all you can do when things don’t go according to plan. But our recent trip to…

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