Parenthood and Passports - How travel changed perspective on immigration

How travel changed my perspective on immigration

For many Americans, the cheapest beach vacation lies just south of the border in Cancun, Mexico. The beaches in Cancun are beautiful, there are dozens of resorts offering swim-up bars, all-inclusive amenities, and guided excursions. Sadly, many who visit this enchanting part of the world rarely leave their resort and say little more than “uno…

Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic

5 Reasons Prague, Czech Republic stole my heart

Prague, Czech Republic is a wonderful city. It’s full of romance, culture, and diversity. It isn’t as popular among westerners as some of the other major European cities. In fact, most Americans completely miss out on this Eastern European gem, choosing to visit the more iconic cities of Paris, London, and Rome. We visited Prague…

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