6 New Airplanes You’ll Be Flying on Soon

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Parenthood and Passports - New Airplanes you'll fly on soon

If you like to travel but dread getting on an airplane, life is about to get drastically better! Air travel has seen some major changes in the past few decades. Do you remember how cool it was to see a telephone in the back of an airplane seat? I remember my parents telling me not to touch it. It was off-limits! And remember when you only had one movie option that played on a big clunky TV that you swore would fall with just a little bit of turbulence? All that has changed!  You won’t find phones in the back seats anymore and those archaic TVs are long gone. But that’s not all. Airlines are buying new airplanes at a record pace! Here are some of the newest airplanes you’ll be flying in soon and the differences you’ll see. 

Airbus 320NEO

This plane is already a huge success. Airlines want fuel efficiency, and this plane serves it. The cabin air will be cleaner thanks to a new purification system, larger passenger storage in cabin and some nifty lights to set the mood. Thanks to the A-320NEO, Frontier Airlines recently announced service to dozens of new cities. The new aircraft, which is cheaper to operate, will allow airlines to add new routes and services.

Boeing 737 MAX

The MAX is Boeing’s answer to the Airbus NEO. Boeing and Airbus are currently in a battle over which airplane offers the airlines bigger savings. Much like the Airbus you’ll discover cleaner air and really cool lights on the inside. The biggest improvement is how much fuel these planes will save compared to previous planes. This will allow airlines to become more competitive with their pricing as they can afford to lower the cost of airplane tickets.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Parenthood and Passports - New Airplanes you'll fly on soon

The Dreamliner….sounds dreamy doesn’t it? This plane is sexy! It’s much lighter than previous planes and can really save airlines money. On the inside, you won’t find any shades on the plane. Instead, you’ll be able to tint the window to however dark or light you want it to be. And yes… you’ll get some really cool lights inside the plane to help make you feel better. Bonus feature: the windows are much larger giving you a better view to capture the perfect image from above!

Parenthood and Passports - New Airplanes you'll fly on soon

EMB 195

Embraer is really stepping up its game in the regional flight market. Gone are the days of small regional planes with just 2 seats on each side of the aisle. The regional planes are becoming roomier and offering space that rivals that of the bigger airplanes. No more ducking as you walk down the aisle in this plane.

Parenthood and Passports - Flying with a toddler

Mitsubishi MRJ90

This may be an odd one for many who have never flown in a plane made by Mitsubishi. This company has had some problems getting their planes off the ground with delays that are exceeding 2 years now. But once the plane does start flying then your odds of flying in one in The United States are fairly high. Many US regional airlines have already placed orders for the jet. The company claims that this jet will be roomier than its competitors.

Bombardier C Series

Bombardier is doing something that will be fun to watch. They’re attempting to go after Boeing…sorta. The C-Series plane will be a smaller mainline plane that flies about 130 people. The plane will have bigger windows than Bombardier’s CRJs. Wider aisles and bigger overhead bins promise speedier boarding and disembarking times for passengers. No more awkwardly long moments waiting for the people in the rows in front of you to get off the plane. That’s something we can all be happy about…

Parenthood and Passports - New Airplanes you'll fly on soon

What people want in new airplanes

Research shows that the features listed above are what people want most in new airplanes. Cleaner air, bigger windows, better fuel consumption, larger overhead bins, and more space. But sadly these new airplanes won’t fly you to your location any faster than they did last decade.

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Parenthood and Passports - New Airplanes you'll fly on soon

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5 comments on “6 New Airplanes You’ll Be Flying on Soon”

It’s good to know that they are making more roomier planes & I love the idea of tinting the windows darker instead of those awful shades they have now. Can’t wait to see these new planes in action, though I am still waiting for that Scotty-beam-me-up-transporter- Am hoping Elon Musk gets on the ball with that one soon! Great post. Thanks for sharing these aviation innovations!

Haha! I totally wish they would come out with a transporter! That would definitely help maximize vacation time. I guess we will have to settle for a bit more elbow room for now. 🙂

What I really want from airplanes is a clean environment and bigger space. I feel like that wish is gonna be granted with these upcoming babies! I would love to see an airline that even when you fly in Economy the space is at least enough for our legs to breathe. Enough of all those planes that squeeze out every buck from their clients. Thanks for this lovely article, looking forward to all these!

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