New Family Tradition: The Story of the Suitcase

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Before Avery was born we knew that traveling would be a significant part of her life. So we decided to start a new family tradition built around this fact.

The start of a new family tradition

At least several weeks out of the year when we travel abroad, Avery lives out of a suitcase. As a family, we all do. So my husband, Damon, and I thought it was fitting to incorporate a suitcase into her newborn photos. A few days after Avery was born, we took her to our fabulous friend and talented photographer, Lisa Monahan, to get her first professional photos taken. Our precious baby slept right through the entire shoot. The finished product was nothing short of perfection. This picture now hangs on a large canvas above her crib (in her travel themed nursery, by the way.) Parenthood and Passports - Family Tradition

Building on the tradition

Six months later, Avery had her second set of professional photos taken. (We’re first time parents, so this kid’s life is very well-documented in pictures). We kept with the travel theme, and once again had her picture taken in a suitcase. Except this time, we were dealing a very cranky baby who missed her nap, did not want to cooperate, and refused to smile. I think the pictures still turned out cute, although she didn’t seem to appreciate the tutu and pearls.Parenthood and Passports - Family Tradition

This family tradition will continue throughout Avery’s life. At least once a year we will have photos taken of our daughter in (or sitting on, or simply with) a suitcase to symbolize this very important part of our lives.

What are some of your family traditions? And how did you start them?

Photography is a great way to turn your passion, be it travel or something else, into lifelong memories. Children grow up so fast, so take a lot of pictures, and from time to time invest the money and let a professional do the job.


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This is an adorable idea! I don’t currently have any children of my own (and I’m not expecting one anytime soon), but I love the idea of a traditional photograph with something constant that represents a person, either throughout their whole life or their modeling career. It’s also a nice use for the vintage suitcase I bought compulsively 🙂 These are beautiful pictures, and you have a beautiful daughter 🙂

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