7 Reasons You’ll LOVE Visiting Belgium with Kids

Belgium may not be the first destination you think of when you consider a European family vacation. But the country has a lot to offer when traveling with kids. 

From the colorful comic strip murals found throughout the streets of Brussels to the fairy-tale charm of Bruges, visiting Belgium with kids is sure to be a memorable experience. So, if you are planning a trip to this western European country, here are seven things about Belgium your kids will surely love!

Grand Place in the center of Brussels.
Grand Place in the center of Brussels.

Why your Kids will Love Belgium

Whether it’s discovering the secrets of ancient castles or sitting down for a mouth-watering meal, Belgium offers a truly family-friendly experience. 

The Food is Kid Friendly

Belgian waffles, a favorite food to try if visiting Belgium with kids
If visiting Belgium with kids, you’ll likely eat waffles more than once!

Perhaps the thing that kids will love most about Belgium is the food! Even the pickiest little eater will find plenty of things to eat in Belgium. The country is credited for inventing French Fries, or pommes frites, as they are known in Belgium. Additionally, Belgium is known for its waffles and its chocolates – two sweet treats that your kids will be begging for every time you pass a waffle or chocolate shop. 

While the above foods may fall into the “junk food” category, Belgium’s reputation for diversity means you’ll find plenty of restaurants that cater to all kinds of palates. Whether your child wants a plate of spaghetti or a hot dog, it isn’t tough to find foods in Belgium for kids.

Comic Book Fans will be in Heaven

a comic strip mural in Brussels
Throughout Brussels, you’ll find dozens of murals depicting scenes from comic strips.

If Japan is the land of Anime, then Belgium is the land of Comics!

Kids will love the comic references in Brussels, Belgium – the hub of comic culture and birthplace for famous characters like the Smurfs.

In Brussels, not only can you tour the Belgian Comic Strip Center, which features exhibits showcasing the artistry and history of comics, but the city also has more than 50 colorful murals along its Comic Book Route that your family can discover together while simply wandering the streets or taking an interactive comic strip treasure hunt.

Finding the colorful murals is one of the best things to include on a Brussels itinerary, whether you’re visiting for just a couple short days or longer. 

It has Towns that Look Like They Belong in a Fairytale

a pretty canal in Bruges
The village of Bruges looks like a fairytale.

While larger cities like Brussels and Antwerp are beautiful in their own right, Belgium’s storybook villages and small towns are positively enchanting. 

With their cobblestone streets, gingerbread-style architecture, and picturesque canals, towns like Bruges or Dinant look like a setting straight out of a fairy tale. 

A day trip to Bruges is one of the most popular things to do in Belgium, where you can take a canal cruise, relax and watch the swans gracefully glide through the water, or climb the Belfy for beautiful views overlooking the colorful Market Square – one of the best places to spend Christmas in Europe

Additionally, if you want to feel like you’re in a real-life Disney movie destination, head to the village of Dinant, nestled along the Meuse River and overlooked by a dramatic cliff-top citadel, or wander through the winding alleys lined with stone houses in the small town of Durbuy, Belgium. 


It has Real-Life Castles!

Gravensteen castle in ghent
Kids will love exploring castles like Gravensteen in Ghent. | Photo by Roberta Anitori from Unsplash

What child isn’t fascinated by castles?! Luckily, if you are visiting Belgium with kids, your little ones will be wowed by the country’s incredible castles that will transport children to an imaginative world of knights, princesses, and ancient legends. 

Visiting castles like the medieval Gravensteen in Ghent, with its imposing towers and dungeons, lets kids explore a real-life fortress and imagine themselves as part of epic tales. Many of Belgium’s castles offer interactive exhibits, guided tours, and engaging activities that provide both a fun and educational experience. 

It is Easy to Get Around without a Car

my daughter and I on a train in Belgium
Catching a train between Belgian cities is easy and convenient.

Belgium’s public transportation system may not necessarily stand out for kids – but parents will definitely appreciate the ease at which they can get around and navigate the country. 

Thanks to its extensive, efficient, and user-friendly network of trains, buses, and metro systems. You can travel easily and comfortably between major cities like Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent. Within cities, buses and metros are reliable options to get to popular attractions without the need for a car. 

If this will be your first-time using Europe’s comprehensive rail system, be sure to read our guide to booking train travel in Europe through RailEurope.

It’s Safe

a quiet plaza lined with flowers
Many of the places you’ll visit in Belgium aren’t just pretty, they’re also safe.

This one may also be more for the parents than the kids, but families can travel with the assurance that Belgium is typically considered a friendly and relatively safe country to visit. 

The country feels more racially diverse than some of the other western European countries, which might put minority travelers at ease. Additionally, besides petty crimes like pick-pocketing or common scams like restaurants asking Americans to tip when it isn’t customary, Belgium is a safe country overall, and violent crime is not really that common.   

Belgium Has a Quirkiness that will Make Kids Giggle

our daughter looking at the Manneken Pis statue in Brussels
Manneken Pis is not only a funny statue, but he has lots of different outfits that add to the quirkiness.

Ok – back to things that kids will love about Belgium. The country has a quirkiness that is simply endearing. From the famous European statue, Manneken Pis, in Brussels depicting a tiny figure of a boy mischievously peeing into a fountain, to the eye-catching Atomium, a gigantic model of an atom with futuristic exhibits inside, Belgium embraces the unusual.

Many of these peculiar attractions and landmarks are often depicted on popular souvenirs from Belgium so you can take home a small piece of the country’s quirkiness.

You’ll also find a host of unique museums in Belgium, like the Choco-Story Museum, Mini Europe and the Torture Museum, that add to its offbeat allure. Belgium’s quirkiness is not only endearing, but it will leave a lasting impression on kids.

Conclusion: Belgium with Kids

our daughter jumping up in the air with her arms up and a smile on her face
As you can probably tell, our daughter loved Belgium.

So, there it is… seven reasons why you should visit Belgium with kids on your next family vacation. Aside from the food, castles, storybook villages, and quirky attractions, Belgium also has lots of historical sites, beautiful cathedrals, and exciting festivals and events that make the country well worth exploring. 

Whether you dedicate a full week or two to Belgium or split up your time and visit Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands on one itinerary, the country will be a highlight on your trip – and a delicious one at that!

Do you have a question or comment about visiting Belgium with kids? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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