The 16 BEST Places to Visit in Morocco (with map!)

Morocco is a fascinating country, so narrowing down the best places to visit in Morocco is a challenge, to say the least. The country in North Africa is filled with spectacular Moorish architecture, lively souks, and labyrinths of colorful, old medinas for you to explore.

Outside the towns and cities, you’ll find an array of landscapes and unique topography that will seem completely contradictory.

From scorching deserts with sand dunes that stretch as far as the eye can see to snow-capped mountains and stunning beaches, Morocco is truly a compelling place to travel. 

a blue staircase in Chefchaouen, one of the most popular places to visit in Morocco
The Blue City of Chefchouen is easily one of the best places to visit in Morocco!

To see all the epic places in Morocco to visit you would need several weeks – if not months – to explore and appreciate the country and its culture.

However, if you are planning a trip to Morocco, we have whittled down the 16 best places to visit in Morocco. Plus, we mapped them out below to help you craft your perfect Morocco itinerary. 

The 16 most magical and best places to visit in Morocco

When determining the best places to visit in Morocco, we wanted to provide a good mix of vibrant cities, small villages, natural landmarks, and places that offer unique cultural experiences. Because if visiting Morocco with kids, you will want variety in your itinerary.

Marrakech – The Most Popular City to Visit in Morocco

The medina in Marrakech – Photo by Jean Carlo Emer from Unsplash

Marrakech is the most exciting place in Morocco. There’s so much going on you might find it even a bit overwhelming.

Anyone visiting Marrakech must come to its ancient heart – the medina. This labyrinth of narrow alleys hides several treasures.

You can find shops, markets (perfect if you enjoy haggling), small restaurants, stalls, and also a number of residential complexes called riads. Riads are often closed off with a wall and reveal their beauty only to those with access.

Staying in a riad is a must! Since you need at least two days for Marrakech, you should spend 2 – 3 nights in the city and doing so in a riad will only add to the experience.

The medina lies just by the Djemaa El-Fna – the square that never sleeps. Snake charmers abound, local women will try to grab your hand to paint it with henna – as a tourist, you’ll simply be in the center of attention.

For a bit of peace and quiet, head over to the Majorelle Garden – le Jardin Majorelle. This unique garden was built by a French artist Jacques Majorelle. Famously, Yves Saint Laurent bought it in the 80’s and lived in its villa.

Nowadays, the Majorelle Garden is available to the public (for a fee) and provides a welcome escape from all the city activity.

Explored by Veronika from Travel Geekery

Top things to do in Marrakech 

  • Explore the Marrakech Medina
  • Take in the sights and sounds in the Djemaa El-Fna square
  • Visit Majorelle Garden (le Jardin Majorelle)
  • Time needed in Marrakech: 2-3 days

Chefchaouen – The Prettiest Place to Visit in Morocco

Chefchaouen - known as the blue city, is one of the best places to visit in Morocco
Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco

Chefchaouen is a small town in the Rif Mountains famous for its eye-catching pastel blue medina. Known as the Blue Pearl of Morocco, the photogenic town has quickly risen to the top of many travelers’ Morocco bucket list.

While the town itself is not very big, there are enough things to do in Chefchaouen to keep you intrigued for a couple of days. 

Perhaps the most popular activity in Chefchaouen is simply to wander the maze-like streets in the old medina and take photos of the mesmerizing blue city and the hundreds of resident cats that roam the streets.

Spend a morning shopping at the souk market for textiles, dyes and spices, and then sit on a terrace overlooking Plaza Uta and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the square in the afternoon.

End your day with a sunset hike to the Spanish Mosque, which sits perched up on a hill overlooking the town. The short hike offers sweeping views across the valley and an idyllic perspective of the postcard-worthy blue town in Morocco.

With so much beauty, it’s no wonder Chefchaouen is considered one of the best places to visit in Morocco. 

Top things to do in Chefchaouen

  • Take photos in the blue medina
  • Hike to the Spanish Mosque
  • Meet the resident cats
  • Time needed in Chefchaouen: at least 1 day/ 1 night but can be done as a day trip

Casablanca – The Largest City in Morocco

Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca – Photo by Mehmet A. from Pixabay

The “white city” of Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco, known for its many white-colored buildings. It’s a great introduction to this enchanting country offering a taste of Morocco in a setting that is surprisingly modern.

The name may conjure images from the classic romantic movie, Casablanca, though the movie was actually not filmed there at all. It certainly has been a boom for tourism.

There’s even a restaurant called Rick’s Cafe, modeled after the one in the film, that’s worth visiting.

Start with a visit to the impressive Hassan II Mosque, the third-largest in the world. Then walk around the Corniche, a long strip on the water with a nice walkway, beaches, and some great restaurants. Nearby is the Moroccan Mall, the largest in all of Africa. 

Next, go to Quartier Habbous, the “new” medina, and compare it with your experience at the old medina. Both are great areas to buy local wares and to get a glimpse of local life. You generally won’t find pushy vendors in these markets, so it’s a great experience to interact with the locals.

For a city as large as Casablanca, you can knock out the top attractions in as little as one day. It’s very affordable to get a guide for the day or you have the option to walk and take public transportation.

Explored by Sam from My Flying Leap

Top things to do in Casablanca

  • Visit Hassan II Mosque
  • Take a stroll around the Corniche
  • Wander through Quartier Habbous
  • Time needed in Casablanca: 1 day

Fes – The Best Place to Visit in Morocco for Culture

Watching men working in the tanneries in Fes is one of the best things to do in Morocco
Men working in the tanneries in Fes – Photo by James Ian from Travel Collecting

Fes is one of the most fascinating cities in Morocco. Those who like shopping (or just window shopping) will be in heaven.  The souk (market) in the medina (old town) is legendary. It’s possible to wander the narrow labyrinthine streets for days and still find something new. 

Visitors can see artisans beating copper into pots, sewing leather into slippers, weaving carpets into rugs, and, of course, selling the fez hats that are named after the town.  

Fes is also famous for its tanneries. There are dozens of circular dye pits containing a kaleidoscope of bright colors used to tan and dye the hides that Fes’ famous leather goods are made from. It is fascinating to see the centuries-old dying process in action.

The dye pits and tanneries are very pungent though! Visitors can take a sprig of mint to hold under their nose to help counteract the worst of the smell.

Also not to be missed are the famous Blue Gate / Bab Boujlod, a beautiful arched gateway to the medina; the incredible Bou Inania Madrasa, a former school resplendent with intricate hand-carved woodwork; and the royal palace. 

But perhaps Fes is at its best when you are just relaxing on a rooftop terrace or sidewalk café enjoying the views or people watching over a sweet mint tea or freshly squeezed orange juice.

It is easy to get lost in the market, but this is no reason to panic. It’s easy to get lost in the medina, but travelers who get lost can always ask a shopkeeper to help them find their way back to their hotel.

Staying in a riad or dar, a traditional Moroccan home turned into a boutique guesthouse, is strongly recommended. There are plenty to choose from, and they will really enhance your experience. Two to three days is a good amount of time to spend in Fes.

Explored by James Ian from Travel Collecting

Top things to do in Fes

  • Tour the tanneries
  • Shop for crafts in the souk 
  • Enjoy a sweet mint tea on a rooftop terrace
  • Time needed in Fes: 2-3 days

Meknes and Volubilis – The Best Hidden Gems in Morocco

Arch of Caracalla in Volubilis Morocco
Arch of Caracalla in Volubilis – Photo by Ania from The Travelling Twins

Meknes and Volubilis are two off-beat places to visit in Morocco if you want to see something different. Meknes is a city that was founded by the Merenids dynasty in the XI century. It was the capital of Morocco from the 16th century to 1925.

Being a capital and one of the royal cities in Morocco, Meknes has a number of architectural and historic sites worth exploring.

Bab Mansour is one of the most beautiful gates in all of Morocco. Just next to it you will find Pace Hedim which is similar to Djemaa el Fna but smaller and less chaotic and more friendly. 

Located just 30 km outside Meknes, Volubilis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s a perfect day trip from Meknes. You can get there by taxi, bus.

Volubilis site dates back to around 28 BC! It’s known for its intricate mosaics and the Arch of Caracalla which was used as a gate to protect this ancient Roman city from pesky invaders.

Volubilis site is truly an impressive site you can almost feel here like you are somewhere in Italy. 

Explored by Ania from The Travelling Twins 

Top things to do in Meknes and Volubilis

  • Take in the beauty of Bab Mansour Gate in Meknes
  • Explore the Ancient Roman ruins of Volubilis
  • Wander through Pace Hedim
  • Time needed in Meknes and Volubilis: Day trip from Fes

Rabat – The Capital City of Morocco

view of Rabat from the sea
A beautiful view of Rabat from the sea – Photo by Noel from California and Beyond

Of all the most unknown or least visited cities to explore in Morocco, it would be Rabat, which is also the capital of the country. Located right on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat has so many beautiful areas to explore.

From the French era district, the medina, and then some of the more modern areas of the city, Rabat is fun to explore.

Needless to say, the capital of Morocco actually has a lot of cool things to do and see – from its historical attractions, to cool new hang out spots, and even outdoor adventure along the coast.

Popular attractions to visit include the Challah, or walled city and fortress to the historic district and ancient necropolis, to the beautiful Kasbah to the city, ans the ancient medina of Rabat.

Be sure to visit the historic Hassan Tower, Les jardins exotic de Bouknadel (exotic garden), the French quarter, and some of the important museums all around the city that showcase the culture, artifacts and varied collections of Moroccan art and treasures. 

Rabat is very photogenic as a city located right on the ocean. There are so many lovely views and places with such beautiful architecture, ancient sites, and vistas around the city looking to the ocean, coastline, and the city skyline.

It’s easy enough to explore on foot. Just grab a map or set up an app to track all the main sites and attractions to visit around the city.

Rabat also offers fabulous meals, seafood dishes, and other local food and street foods. If you are exploring the northern parts of Morocco, make sure that you also put Rabat in your bucket list of wonderful places to explore in the country.

Explored by Noel from California and Beyond

Top things to do in Rabat

  • Explore the French Era District
  • Tour Challah
  • Visit Les Jardins Exotic de Bouknadel
  • Time needed in Rabat: 1-2 days

Tangier – The Best Place to Visit in Morocco on a trip from Spain

The old medina in Tangier
Tangier – Photo by Mayuri from ToSomePlaceNew

Located in the northern part of Morocco is the city of Tangier. Known for its port, and its close proximity to Spain, Tangier is a unique mix of the old and the new in Morocco. 

You can easily visit Tangier as part of a Spain, Portugal, Morocco itinerary, given its close proximity to the Iberian Peninsula.

The city has a large port, a lively promenade where families and couples are free to walk and enjoy balmy weather in the evenings. Tangier is also home to a lot of beaches.

Unlike most places in the Iberian peninsula, beaches in Tangier are not crowded and are perfect for family picnics and kid-friendly activities. 

Tangier was the birthplace of Ibn Battuta, an explorer from the 14th century. Art and history enthusiasts can visit museums and archives for a very culturally immersive experience.

One of the best things to do in Tangier is to explore the Kasbah Museum. This museum was the Royal Palace of the Sultan in the 17th century, and today it houses art and textiles from different parts of Morocco. 

Kasbah Museum is located in the heart of medina. Spend some time here exploring the historical quarters, eat Moroccan cuisine, and buy Moroccan souvenirs to take back home. Tangier Medina is not expansive like Fes, and can be easily explored in 1-2 hours, and is kid-friendly. 

Further away from the medina are the Hercules Caves. These caves are touristy, and safe for children and groups to enjoy. The inside of the cave is uneven but manageable enough to see the waters and the opening of the cave – in the shape of Africa.

Explored by Mayuri from ToSomePlaceNew

Top things to do on in Tangier

  • Tour the Kasbah Museum
  • Explore Hercules Caves
  • Play at the beach
  • Time needed in Tangier: 1 day (can be done as a day trip from Spain)

Essaouira – The Best Beach Destination in Morocco

View of Essaouira from the port
View of Essaouira from the port – Photo by Eva from Not Scared of the Jet Lag

Essaouira is a great place to visit in Morocco. Close to Marrakech, you can easily visit for a day trip, but it offers enough for a few days exploring too. The city is small and safe, you can just wander around and explore. And if you prefer, you could also just head down to the beach.

The medina in Essaouira is very picturesque with whitewashed walls and many cute shops, selling souvenirs. Contrary to Marrakech, you won’t get bothered by the sellers while you browse. And you will also be offered better prices!

If you are interested in the city’s history, pay a visit to the Museum Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah.

Only a short walk from here you can find the Skala de la Kasbah with many old cannons pointing out at sea. This is the best place in town to watch the sunset.

Make sure you head to the port as it hosts the fish market and a few small restaurants. You can watch the boats return with their catch and unload to directly sell the fish.

The beach starts just around the corner from here. As the part close to the city center is very protected, the water is calm enough for swimming.

The further along you walk, the higher the waves get, making it perfect for surfing and kite surfing.

Explored by Eva from Not Scared of the Jet Lag

Top things to do in Essaouira

  • Wander through the medina 
  • Visit the Museum of Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah
  • Swim at the beach or watch fishing boats come in to port 
  • Time needed in Essaouira: 1 day (can be done as a day trip from Marrakech)

Atlas Mountains – The Best Mountain Vacation in Morocco

Traditional Berber lunch with a view of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Photo by Lori from Fitz5 on the Go

Marrakech is a bustling and occasionally chaotic city that makes a great base for many families who travel to Morocco. By spending time just in the city and not venturing out, visitors miss some fabulous experiences.

Just outside of Marrakech are wonderful opportunities to see a very different side of Morocco.

The best way to get outside the city of Marrakech is to take a tour to the Atlas Mountains.

There are several tour groups with very good ratings and consistent histories. Tours usually include several stops and options. Tour guides can pick visitors up from our hotels and riads in Marrakech. Many guides are fluent in several languages.

Stops usually include camel rides. The camels are very sweet and much taller than expected. Rides usually include a small scenic loop and are super fun. Tours usually drive very scenic routes and guides are a wealth of information.

Many of the towns are photogenic. Many tours also have the option of stopping at a local market. Popular stop is a women’s collective that makes Argon products. The kids can even help crush the nuts.

Argon products are one of Morocco’s top exports. Read about it in our fascinating facts about Morocco post.

The tours generally continued precariously up the small road on the side of a mountain. It can snow at times in mid-winter but is not common. When taking a tour in January the main road can be closed due to snow.

Drivers are generally fabulous and reasonably safe – but the road can be pretty sketchy, amazingly beautiful but in January can be steep and covered in snow. Local children hiking the same path.

The highlight of these tours are the traditional Berber lunch at the top. The snow can make everything so much prettier and the weather is generally perfect for an outdoor feast. 

The food is not only beautiful, it is delicious too. Booking an Atlas Mountain day trip can be the best part of a Moroccan vacation.

Explored by Lori from Fitz5 on the Go

Top things to do on an Atlas Mountains Day Trip

  • Camel ride
  • Enjoy a traditional Berber lunch
  • Help crush argon nuts used in popular Moroccan products
  • Time needed in Atlas Mountains: Can be done as a day trip or multi-day trip from Marrakech

Aït Benhaddou – The Best Village in Morocco

Aït Benhaddou, one of the best sites in Morocco to visit because it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The UNESCO World Heritage site of Aït Benhaddou is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Morocco. – Photo by Walkerssk from Pixabay

The historic UNESCO World Heritage village of Aït Benhaddou is located in the southern desert and is one of Morocco’s most impressive historic landmarks. Dating back to the 12th century, this fortress village is located along the ancient caravan route between Marrakech and the Sahara.

It is a great family friendly day trip. The drive to Aït Benhaddou from Marrakech is around 3 to 4 hours long, so a visit there will take a full day.

The easiest way to reach this top Morocco travel destination is by joining a tour group which will pick up and drop you off in Marrakech.

The village is made from red clay and mud-brick and is a striking example of authentic Moroccan architecture.

Located on the slopes of a hill next to the Ounila River, the dwellings range from modest houses to tall structures with towers, and there are cafes and souvenir stalls dotted throughout the village.

The short walk up to the top of the hill is totally worth it for incredible and beautiful views of the valley, palm groves and mountain villages.

Aït Benhaddou has been significantly restored in modern times and Ait Benhaddou is now a popular filming location.

Many film fans will recognize Ait Benhaddou as a key location for the movies Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy and Gladiator, plus the Game of Thrones TV series.

Explored by Caroline from CK Travels

Top things to do in Aït Benhaddou

  • Climb the hill for views of Ounila Valley
  • Explore the movie set village
  • Admire the local crafts
  • Time needed in Ait Ben Haddou: Can be done as a day trip from Marrakech

Ouarzazate – The Most Famous Filming Location in Morocco

A film set inside CLA Studios in Ouarzazate, Morocco
Inside CLA Studios in Ouarzazate – Photo by Lahbabi Abdelmoughit from Pexels

Ouarzazate is quite close to Ait-Ben-Haddou, which is one of the most surreal spots in Morocco.

It is rightfully nicknamed ‘the door of the desert’ as it is one of the first locations that will give you a glimpse of the endless sea of sand waiting in store for you if you’re on your way to Merzouga, where the Sahara is located.

Ouarzazate is one of the most famous film locations in all of Morocco. Ideally, it is good to spend at least two days here, and it takes about four hours to get here from Marrakech.

The Kasbah of Taourirt is one of the top places to see here.

In addition to this, there’s, of course, the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou and Kasbah Aksar. The Oasis of Skoura and Fint are very picturesque and worth paying a visit to, as well.  

CLA Studios is the mini Hollywood worth paying a visit to, as well. All these activities are family-friendly and should definitely keep the kids entertained! 

Explored by Lavina from Continent Hop

Top things to do in Ouarzazate

  • Tour the Kasbah of Taourirt
  • Explore a desert oasis
  • Visit CLA Studios
  • Time needed in Ouarazazate: 1-2 days. Can be done as a day trip along with Ait Ben Haddou from Marrakech, but more time is preferred, especially if traveling with kids. Also makes for a good overnight stop on the way to the Sahara Desert.

Dades Valley – The Best Hiking Destination in Morocco

Zig Zag road in Dades Valley – Photo by Jürgen & Martina from PlacesofJuma

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Morocco, and a real highlight that certainly not everyone knows, is the gorgeous Dades Valley. It is located on the road of 1,000 Kasbahs, about 320 kilometers (198 miles) south of Marrakech.

The valley is famous for its spectacular rock formations, which form a breathtaking backdrop along the so-called Dades Gorge.

Hikers and climbers also get their money’s worth in this region, where there are plenty of mountain routes.

As you drive through the valley, which is about 45 kilometers (28 miles) long, you’ll experience countless picturesque viewpoints. You will also discover ancient buildings and fortresses and make fantastic stops along the way.

The highlight of the route, however, is the impressive zigzag road that leads up into the mountains over dizzying heights. At the top, there is then a fantastic restaurant from where you can enjoy the spectacular view of this winding road.

But the exciting ride continues as you cross another canyon and marvel at the high rock walls. At the top, a plateau awaits you, which is perfect for hiking, by the way.

Also great are the many pretty Kasbahs, which are ideal for one or even several overnight stays. Especially recommended is the Maison d’Hôtes La Vallée des Figues, where the traditional Berber architecture creates a cozy ambience.

Explored by Jürgen & Martina from PlacesofJuma

Top things to do in Dades Valley

  • Hiking and Climbing in the Dades Gorge
  • Drive the scenic zigzag road
  • Stay in a traditional Berber hotel
  • Time needed in Dades Valley: at least 1 day/ 1 night

Valley of Roses – The Best Off-The Beaten-Path Destination in Morocco

Rose Valley in Morocco
Rose Valley – Photo by Haley Blackall

Located just east of the southern foothills of the expansive Atlas mountain range is the Valley of Roses in Morocco.

This African destination boasts arid landscapes colored with deep red-orange soil, snakelike rivers with lush green embankments, and stark rock formations. The exotic nature of these terrains comes to life in the Valley of Roses, one of the best places to visit in Morocco. 

The Valley of Roses surrounds the small town of Kalaat M’Gouna, and is well known for producing the quintessential Moroccan product of rose oil. The valley has much more to offer though.

Fun things to do include walking amongst the rose bushes on the valley floor, driving the winding road to the historic Bou Tharar village, or visiting a rose water distillery and learning how to make the precious tonic.

If you are visiting in May, make sure to explore the Festival of Roses where roses are pouring out of every crevice in the valley.

But, one of the best things to do in the Valley of Roses is to stay 1-2 nights at Kasbah Itran. This traditional Moroccan accommodation is perched on the edge of the valley with stunning views.

At night, the kasbah comes alive with local musicians who invite you to dance and enjoy the exotic nature of Moroccan culture, which includes mint tea and dates.

Explored by Haley Blackall from

Top things to do in the Valley of Roses

  • Attend the Festival of Roses (if visiting in May)
  • Take a stroll among the fragrant rose bushes 
  • Visit a rose water distillery
  • Time needed in Rose Valley: 1 day/1 night

Sahara Desert – The Best Guided Tour Destination in Morocco

Sahara Desert in Morocco best places to visit
The Sahara Desert is one of the top places to visit in Morocco. Image by celsoclaro from Pixabay

One of the best places to visit in Morocco is actually one of the most desolate. Portions of the Sahara Desert, the largest hot desert in the world, are located in Morocco, near the border with Algeria.

Guided tours through this massive stretch of sand dunes are perhaps one of the most popular activities among visitors to the country.

While some travelers will take a jeep or quad tour of the desert, you can also opt for a camel ride through the Sahara.

To take a Sahara Desert tour, plan on anywhere from one night to four days. At least one of those nights should be spent at a nomads’ desert camp near Erg Chebbi.

You will have a chance to eat a traditional Moroccan meal cooked over a camp fire, go sandboarding, and experience the nomadic life of the Berber people of Morocco.

Top things to do in the Sahara Desert

  • Ride a camel
  • Stay in a nomad camp and watch the sunrise over the dunes
  • Take part in a drum circle by the campfire
  • Time needed for a Sahara Desert Tour: At least 2 days

Agafay Desert – The Best Alternative to the Sahara Desert in Morocco

Woman walking in Agafay Desert in Morocco
Agafay Desert – Photo by Cazzy from Dream Big, Travel Far

Seeing the desert is a must when visiting Morocco, which is why the Agafay Desert can be the perfect detour when you’re in Marrakech. It’s only 30 minutes away and a popular day trip destination from the city. While it is not the Sahara Desert, Agafay is just as impressive and stunning.

The white dunes and sandbanks cascading over vast landscapes is a sight to behold, and definitely one that the kids will not forget anytime soon. There is a verdant oasis right in the middle of the desert.

You can see frogs, turtles, and lush greeneries thriving in this small slice of paradise. Even more interesting is the smattering of Berber villages across the desert.

The Agafay Desert is also a great way to escape the bustles of Marrakech. Most tours last around 6 hours or less, which is just perfect as it won’t leave you feeling exhausted.

Another great thing to do while you’re here is enjoy a cool lunch. There are plenty of spots to sit and enjoy the view, with some even having a swimming pool!

With older children, going on a buggy tour would be an even more exciting way to experience Agafay.

It’s very fun and unique to Morocco, as racing through endless sands isn’t something you can easily do elsewhere, making this one of the most exciting and memorable Morocco destinations.

Explored by Cazzy from Dream Big, Travel Far

Top things to do in the Agafay Desert

  • Relax in a desert oasis
  • Take a buggy tour over the sand dunes
  • Visit Berber villages
  • Time needed in the Agafay Desert: Can be done as a day trip from Marrakech or as an overnight stay

Ourika Valley – The Best Morocco Destination for Waterfalls

The Ourika Valley is a colorful destination where restaurants and cafes line the river. | Photo by Matthew Fainman from Unsplash

Ourika Valley, located 60 km (37 miles) from Marrakech with stunning views of the imposing snow-capped Atlas Mountain, is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of the busy city. 

Picture a fertile valley with endless fields of wildflowers, different color mountain ranges. and blossoming almond cherry orchards in the spring. It is the perfect escape from the scorching heat of Marrakech.

It can be reached within about an hour and is an ideal destination for a day trip.

The perfect way to enjoy Ourika Valley is a private tour with a flexible itinerary. 

Setti Fatma is the heart of the valley, with a range of restaurants and cafes set by the riverbed of Ourika running through the valley.

Chilling by its shore with feet dipped in its refreshing stream is an excellent way to relax in this beautiful Morocco destination.

There are said to be seven waterfalls in the valley. You can discover them with a local guide which is also a nice way of finding out about the local village life.

The first two waterfalls only take about 30 minutes to get to and are suitable for children, too. Don’t forget to sample the strong and sweet minty tea, which is the local specialty. 

Other things to do in the valley include visiting a traditional Bedouin house, learning about the local customs and traditions, and strolling through some interesting shops like the perfumery shop where everything is made from scratch using herbs and flowers.

Explored by Mal from Raw Mal Roams 

Top things to do in the Ourika Valley

  • Relax by the shore in Setti Fatma
  • Visit one of the seven waterfalls in the valley
  • Visit a traditional Bedouin house
  • Time needed in Ourika Valley: Can be done as a day trip from Marrakech

The best places to visit in Morocco mapped out

Anytime we begin planning a trip to a new country, it is always helpful for us to look at a map as we create our itinerary and transportation plan. We’ve saved you that extra step and have mapped out all of the best places to visit in Morocco.

Best places to visit in Morocco map

Have a question or comment about the best places to visit in Morocco? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts, questions, or suggestions for other magical places in Morocco below.

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