The 14 Best Souvenirs from Morocco 

Morocco is a wonderful cultural experience, with maze-like narrow streets that wind through ancient historic cities, and busy outdoor markets where aromas, sounds, and constant activity come together to create a sensory encounter.

Among the best places to visit in Morocco, these busy markets, called souks, are great places to find eclectic Moroccan souvenirs. But what should you buy in Morocco? 

This guide lays out the 14 best souvenirs from Morocco to buy on your trip or bring home as gifts for loved ones. 

Moroccan souvenirs to buy on your trip

If you’re looking for the perfect souvenir to buy in Morocco, we’ve compiled our favorite finds from the North African country.

Rugs and textiles

Moroccan rugs hanging in Chefchaouen
The Moroccan rugs hanging in the Blue City of Chefchaouen are a vibrant contrast to the pale blue walls of the medina.

Perhaps the most popular souvenir from Morocco, a Moroccan rug or hanging tapestry is a great choice for a handcrafted keepsake from your trip. 

Moroccan rugs are renowned for their exquisite beauty, rich colors, and intricate designs. These textiles are handwoven and reflect a mix of Berber, Arab, and Andalusian influences. 

Because a rug or large woven wall hanging is not something you can fit in your luggage, most vendors will ship your rug internationally to your home upon purchase. If you prefer to buy a small textile item that can fit in your suitcase, a handwoven blanket is also a popular choice. 

Beyond their beauty, purchasing handwoven items directly supports local communities and preserves this artisanal tradition in Morocco.

Tea and tea sets

Moroccan Mint Tea, The National Drink Of Morocco, being poured from a silver teapot
Moroccan Mint Tea, The National Drink Of Morocco.

One of the interesting facts about Morocco is that tea is the national drink. Not just any tea though, Moroccan tea is heavily infused with fresh mint and cooked with lots of sugar making it sweet and very aromatic. 

But it isn’t just the taste of the tea that sets it apart, it is how this drink is served that has made it a staple in Moroccan culture and hospitality. 

Traditional mint tea is often served in ornate tea sets, crafted with the finest metalwork and poured from at least 12 inches above the tea glass to entice your sense of smell and elevate the tea-drinking experience. 

If you love the taste, smell, and experience of drinking Moroccan tea, a bag of Moroccan tea and a tea set makes for one of the most unique gifts from Morocco or even an heirloom to pass down.  

Argan oil 

bottles of argan oil surrounded by argan kernels
Argan oil is a popular product made in Morocco.

Argan oil is one of the products that Morocco is best known for. Often referred to as “liquid gold,” argan oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins and is used in many beauty products for both the hair and the skin. 

Extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to southwestern Morocco, this oil is known for its nourishing properties that are said to help hydrate the skin, reduce signs of aging, and strengthen and smooth hair follicles. 

For the natural beauty and wellness lover, buying argan oil products from Morocco is a great way to pamper yourself back home while also reminding you of your trip to the North African country.


moroccan spices in bags
Moroccan spices are equal parts flavorful and colorful.

Moroccan food is known for its flavorful and colorful spices like turmeric, saffron and paprika. If you fall in love with Moroccan cuisine during your travels, one of the best ways to bring back that feeling of travel at home is to learn to cook your favorite meals from your trip. 

While you can buy these spices in many grocery stores in the United States and elsewhere, buying spices in Morocco is a fun experience. 

One of the best things to do in Chefchaouen, Fes, Marrakesh, or other Moroccan cities is to shop and haggle in the souks, or outdoor markets. Here you’ll not only find lots of great souvenirs from Morocco, but you’ll also find a colorful display of spices laid out in sacks or clear containers to showcase their colorful profiles. 

You may also want to invest in clear spice jars that are both decorative and utilitarian – so that your spice rack will always bring back memories of the foods and the exciting markets of Morocco. Spices are also a popular souvenir from Spain, particularly the spice Saffron.


a medina lined with leather items and other souvenirs from Morocco
You’ll find lots of vendors selling leather goods throughout Morocco.

Leather goods make for one of the best souvenirs from Morocco – particularly in the city of Fes, after touring the leather tanneries to see how Moroccan leather products are dyed and crafted.

Whether you’re investing in a leather purse, belt, or a pair of shoes, Moroccan leather products are esteemed for their high quality and durability. 

Be sure to bargain when shopping for leather goods or any other Moroccan souvenirs, as haggling is part of the purchasing experience in Morocco.


ceramic bowls hanging on a wall in a pottery store in Morocco
Moroccan ceramics come in all different patterns and colors and make for great gifts from Morocco.

It isn’t just Moroccan textiles acclaimed for their complex patterns and designs. Moroccan tiles and ceramics – like dishes and bowls, are also great choices if you want to bring home a colorful piece of the country’s artistic heritage. 

Whether it’s the iconic blue and white motifs of Fes pottery or the colorful geometric designs of zellige tiles, you are sure to find a ceramic piece that will make for a statement piece in your home. In Fes, you can even book a pottery painting workshop or learn how to make and shape Moroccan pottery at a workshop in Marrakech.

Whether purchased as gifts or souvenirs from Morocco, ceramics and tiles add a touch of exotic charm to any home and will be the perfect conversation starter at your next dinner party.

Babouche Shoes

boubouche hanging on a wall in a store in Morocco
Bobouche, or bobouch, are pointed shoes that are made in Morocco.

Bobouche are traditional Moroccan slippers that have gained popularity for their comfort, unique style, and fashionable colors. 

Made from soft leather, these backless shoes feature a pointed toe and a collapsible heel, making them easy to slip on and off. Some have embroidery or embellishments on the leather while others add a touch of flair with patterns in the leather.

Bobouche shoes pair great with a pair of linen pants or long skirt, which is typical attire in conservative Morocco, or can add a pop of color to a pair of jeans or slacks back home. 

You can wear them indoors as house slippers or wear them out. These shoes are so popular in Morocco, you can even take a Babouche making workshop in Marrakech.


lanterns glowing in a lighting shop in morocco
Moroccan light fixtures create a mesmerizing mix of light and shadows.

Walk through the medina of any Moroccan city and you’re sure to come across a small shop with decorative gold lamps and lanterns hanging from the ceiling. 

These lanterns cast a mesmerizing glow as the light shines through the many small holes and geometric patterns. Metalwork is a celebrated craft in Morocco and these lamps are proof of that.

Whether you select a lantern that is suspended from ceilings or a lamp that is to be placed on tabletops, Moroccan lighting adds a touch of exotic elegance and warmth.


Dates are one of Morocco’s largest exports. So, naturally, you’ll want to buy this sweet fruit while you are in Morocco.

Moroccan dates come in several varieties. You can find locals selling dates at the local markets. They’re typically displayed in piles, and some vendors will even invite you to sample one in hopes of luring you in for a sale. 

Dates are a staple in Moroccan cuisine, often featured in traditional dishes like tagines, pastries, and desserts. But they also make for a healthy snack or a great culinary gift from Morocco.


straw handbags in morocco
Straw handbags are equally as popular in Morocco as leather ones.

When in Morocco, investing in a handcrafted bag is a fun way to carry your memories home with you. 

Of course, Moroccan leather bags make for popular choices if you are looking for something elegant, but you can also opt for a handwoven or straw bag for more casual outings or beach trips for kids.

From sleek crossbody bags to spacious totes and intricately embellished clutches, you’ll find lots of options in boutique shops lining the medinas in any major tourist city or village.


A magnet may not be one of the most unique souvenirs from Morocco, but we collect them from every place we visit, and in general, magnets make for an inexpensive memento. 

We tend to travel carry-on only, so on our 2 week Spain, Portugal, Morocco trip we had very little room for souvenirs. This is where a magnet is the most practical souvenir. 

So, if you’re like us and want to bring home a small, inexpensive memento from all your trips, be sure to stop by a souvenir shop or even one of the shops in the airport to buy a Morocco magnet to display on your fridge or magnet board

Fun Moroccan Souvenirs for kids

If you’re visiting Morocco with kids, a rug or ceramic bowl souvenir probably won’t win them over. But there are a few fun and unique souvenirs from Morocco that your kids will love. 

Moroccan Berber Hat

a straw hat from morocco
Berber hats and Moroccan straw hats make for fun gifts for kids.

A Moroccan Berber hat is a colorful gift from Morocco that kids will love. 

A symbol of Berber culture and tradition in Morocco, there are several types of Berber hats crafted in Morocco. 

The most popular Berber hats are knit from cotton or wool and look similar to a beanie. You can also buy straw hats, that are great for the beach, that are often decorated with colorful tassels, yarn or pom poms. 

While the hats serve both practical and cultural purposes, providing protection from the sun and wind while also signifying identity within the Berber community, they also make for a fun souvenir from Morocco that kids can wear, display, or show to their friends. 

Musical Instrument

musical instruments displayed in a store in morocco
Moroccan musical instruments like the guembri make for unique gifts or souvenirs from Morocco.

Younger kids, or those who are simply musically inclined, may prefer a souvenir that can be used to make basic rhythms and beats. 

When considering musical instruments for kids in Morocco, the gnawa guembri is one of the most unique. The three-stringed lute is often used in sub-Saharan African, Berber, and Arab music. 

Additionally, the bendir, a small traditional drum with a goat skin head, is another fantastic option. We bought one for our daughter that had a simple design, like a monkey drum, with a handle that was more suitable for children.

Moroccan Beads

Does your child love to make bracelets and jewelry? Be sure to bring home some Moroccan beads to kick their jewelry-making up a notch. 

Moroccan beads are made from materials such as glass, metal, and clay and come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

You can string them together to create more elaborate jewelry pieces or use one or two as decorative accents. They make for great Moroccan souvenirs for your little fashionista who wants to make her own fashionable jewelry for herself and her friends.

Tips for finding the best souvenirs from Morocco

woman shopping for Moroccan souvenirs in the souk in chefchaouen
The souks are the best places to hunt for Moroccan souvenirs.

There are two main things to know when buying souvenirs in Morocco. Most importantly, get comfortable haggling. This is part of the shopping experience. You have to negotiate the price, or you’ll end up paying significantly more than what an item is worth and what others would pay for it. 

Secondly, be sure to hit up an ATM at the airport or ferry port and take out some Moroccan Dirham. This is the currency of Morocco, which, as of publication, one Dirham is worth about .10 cents USD. Most vendors do not take credit cards, so you will want to have enough Dirham to buy souvenirs in cash. 

Do you have a question or comment about any of these souvenirs from Morocco? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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