Parenthood and Passports - Canmore vs. Banff

Canmore vs. Banff, Canada

Canmore is located just outside of Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Much like the town of Banff, Canmore is a cute, family-friendly mountain community surrounded by some of the most stunning nature on the planet. It has paved walking and cycling trails, family-friendly breweries, unique restaurants, and local shops that make it a great place…

Parenthood and Passports - Niagara Falls Canadian side

Niagara Falls: American vs Canadian side

Niagara Falls is one of those tourist destinations that children in the United States learn about in school. Growing up, you read historical accounts of crazy adventurous people going over the falls in a wooden barrel, or suicidal people choosing to end their life by leaping from the side into the mist below. So, as an American, the…

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