Dining in Jackson Hole | 10 Best Restaurants in the Wyoming Region

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is a world-class destination that draws adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and foodies eager to sample authentic western cuisine. The charming mountain town of Jackson, while small, offers a surprising culinary scene that rivals the valley’s breathtaking landscapes.

From upscale dining establishments to casual eateries great for those visiting Jackson Hole with kids, dining in Jackson Hole offers a taste of Western influence, with farm-to-table concepts and international flavors mixed in.

This guide to the best places to eat in Jackson Hole, includes the top 10 restaurants to consider adding to your trip itinerary.

a portabella mushroom burger at one of the best restaurants in Jackson Hole
While Wyoming may be known for its game cuisine, you’ll find plenty of vegan and vegetarian options at the many great restaurants in Jackson Hole, as well.

About Wyoming Cuisine

Wyoming cuisine reflects the rugged nature of the state’s landscape. Known for its hearty and flavorful dishes, Wyoming’s culinary heritage is a celebration of local ingredients. 

Dining in Jackson Hole embraces the spirit of the Old West with a strong emphasis on game meats like buffalo, elk, and venison. These meats are often prepared in a variety of ways, from succulent steaks to savory stews and sausages. 

Additionally, Wyoming’s many ranches provides high-quality beef and lamb, while fertile lands yield fresh produce like potatoes, corn, and root vegetables.

10 Best Restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming

Whether you are staying in the cute and charming downtown Jackson or in the Teton Village Mountain Resort famous for its skiing and snowboarding, there are several great restaurants in Jackson, Wyoming where you can enjoy authentic Wyoming cuisine and a great Wyoming atmosphere. 

Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, you can find plenty of places to eat in Jackson Hole that will suit your tastes. Here are a few of our favorite Jackson Hole restaurants.

Gun Barrel Steak and Game House

Elk chops from Gun Barrel Steakhouse while dining in Jackson Hole
Elk chops from Gun Barrel Steakhouse are worth trying while dining in Jackson Hole/

If Wyoming game is what you seek, The Gun Barrel Steak and Game House is probably the best fine dining game option in town. The food is wonderful, and the atmosphere screams Wyoming.

This iconic restaurant embraces the spirit of the Old West, with its rustic ambiance adorned with taxidermy mounts and wood accents throughout the dining room. It is a family-friendly restaurant, but it is on the pricier side. An average entrée is about $35 a person.

While you can find a traditional steak here, game is the specialty at The Gun Barrel. Red meat lovers should try the elk chops or the buffalo prime rib. Both dishes are best cooked rare or medium rare.

The Rocky Mountain Rainbow Trout is a wonderful alternative to red meat. Trout is a native fish in Wyoming, so you can guarantee what you are eating is as fresh as it is delicious.

If you’re a vegetarian or simply in the mood for something of the vegetable variety, go for the vegetable lasagna, topped with marinara and Parmesan cheese. Unfortunately, The Gun Barrel Steak and Game house doesn’t have much in the name of vegan cuisine. The spinach leaf salad would be your best bet if you are a strict vegan.

Bin 22

The bottle shop at Bin 22, one of the best places to eat in Jackson Hole
The bottle shop at Bin 22, one of the best places to eat in Jackson Hole. | Photo by Sydney from Sydney to Anywhere

A touch of European sophistication and New York City energy in the heart of Jackson Hole? This unexpected combo is exactly what you’ll find at Bin22, a bottle shop, grocer, wine bar, and restaurant, all in one.

Drawing inspiration from his experiences in Tuscany, owner and sommelier Gavin Fine embarked on a culinary endeavor that would bring a little bit of the Italian countryside home to Jackson Hole. 

Remaining true to its origins, the restaurant boasts an enticing selection of small plates, with value wines, spirits, and craft beers.

The bottle shop is a wine lover’s dream come true with a meticulously selected and extensive wine inventory with hundreds of options, catering to both connoisseurs and casual patrons. You’ll find exceptional variety, quality, and value. Anyone wanting to grab a bottle to drink with their meal can do so by paying a small corkage fee.

Start your meal with a charcuterie board featuring a selection of high-quality meats and cheeses like Italian prosciutto and Spanish Manchego or choose from 3 varieties of mozzarella. Next, dig into a round of shareable plates and mouthwatering Spanish tapas. 

The menu features a seafood paella, spicy patatas bravas, and juicy mussels. The hardest part will be choosing what to get! 

Recommended by Sydney from Sydney to Anywhere

The Silver Dollar Bar and Grill

Silver Dollar Bar one of the best experiences for Dining in Jackson Hole
The bar top at the Silver Dollar Bar and Grill is covered in Sliver Dollars, which gives the Jackson Hole restaurant its name.

The Silver Dollar Bar and Grill is a must visit and one of the best dining experiences in Jackson Hole! 

It is located inside The Wort Hotel, which conveniently is one of the best places to stay in Jackson

In the grill there are large windows and outdoor seating which offers great people watching, especially in summer when Jackson is most popular. In the showroom or bar area, there is live music several days of the week. Be sure to check out the bar top while you’re there. It is covered in old silver dollars, giving the restaurant its name.

You’ll find wonderful beef and game options at The Silver Dollar Grill. The Buffalo Filet Mignon is a favorite at the restaurant. It’s served alongside sun-dried tomato Moroccan couscous and grilled broccolini.

Fish lovers will love the Porcini dusted Idaho Steelhead. Steelhead is a type of Rainbow Trout native to the region. The dish is topped with lump crab and served with grilled asparagus.

If you are vegetarian, order the vegetarian mac n cheese which has wild mushrooms, peppers, and greens on top. It is delicious! Or go for the vegan spaghetti squash, which is equally yummy!

The Mangy Moose

a vintage airplane hangs from the ceiling at Mangy Moose at Teton Village in Jackson  Hole
Mangy Moose is one of the best restaurants in Teton Village, the mountain resort in Jackson Hole.

Mangy Moose is one of our favorite places to eat in Jackson Hole. Located in Teton Village, also known as the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, it is a popular place to grab a quick beer after a day on the slopes, if visiting Jackson Hole in winter.

There is usually live music in the saloon section, which is non-smoking and kid friendly until 10 p.m. There is also a quieter restaurant side completely separated from the saloon. The restaurant offers more variety in their menu, which is moderately priced and is filled with vintage décor that is super cool.

You can’t go wrong ordering their buffalo burger which is served with white cheddar, jalapeno jam, and hand-cut fries. You can also order this on a gluten-free bun.

For pescatarians, The Mangy Moose has a daily seafood selection in the restaurant. Or go for the lump blue crab cake appetizer, one of our favorite dishes on the menu.

Don’t eat meat? No problem! The Mangy Moose has a variety of salads, including a spring vegetable risotto and a green bowl, which includes quinoa, brussels sprouts, and fresh vegetables. On the appetizer menu, you can find a large fruit plate and avocado toast with red pepper flakes.

Snake River Brewing

kids playing miniature gold at Snake River Brewing
It may be a brewery, but Snake River Brewing is a family-friendly establishment.

If you’re a craft beer lover, plan to visit Snake River Brewing while in Jackson Hole. 

It is located within walking distance to downtown Jackson and a few blocks away from the town square. The brewery has a wide variety of great craft beers made on site while the restaurant offers everything from pizza to salmon and game.

While waiting for a table, there are yard games, like cornhole and miniature golf, that you can play to pass the time. There is a bar section for those who are 21 and up and a restaurant side which is family friendly. 

If you haven’t had enough game to eat yet, you’ll find a few options at Snake River Brewing. A good game option here would be the Wild Game Ragout which is a rigatoni pasta dish with braised elk.

A popular fish dish on the menu is the Skuna Bay Salmon. It’s served with sherry braised mushrooms and fennel, potato hash and sweet pea puree. This dish is also good for those with gluten sensitivities.

Vegetarians and vegans might have a harder time finding something to eat here. Try the warm beet salad without the bacon or goat cheese (another great gluten-free alternative, as well), or the California pizza without the goat cheese.

Hatch Taqueria

the outside of Hatch Taqueria - one of the best places to eat in Jackson, Wyoming
Hatch Taqueria is a great place to eat in Jackson Hole for Mexican fusion food.

Hatch Taqueria brings the vibrant flavors of Mexico to the heart of the Tetons. Located in downtown Jackson, this casual eatery offers an authentic yet upscale taqueria experience. 

As you step inside, the colors and lively atmosphere add to the ambiance of this Jackson Hole dining experience. 

The menu includes tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, each bursting with fresh ingredients and lots of unique flavors. From the al pastor and tender carne asada to the flavorful vegetarian options, Hatch Taqueria is a good place to go if you are traveling with people who have different dietary needs or preferences. 

The homemade salsas and tangy guacamole pair perfectly with any of the restaurant’s meals, as do their margaritas and handcrafted cocktails.

Hand Fire Pizza

the exterior of Hand Fire Pizza in Jackson Wyoming
Hand Fire Pizza is housed in the historic Teton Theater. | Photo by Jess from Uprooted Traveler

After a long day of hitting the trails in Grand Teton National Park, like the Delta Lake Trail or Inspiration Point, nothing quite hits the spot, like some good pizza. Luckily, Jackson Hole is home to a fantastic place to grab a pie—Hand Fire Pizza, right in the heart of downtown Jackson.

This quirky gem is worth visiting for a couple of reasons. For one, it’s housed in the historic Teton Theater, originally built in 1942 as an old single-screen movie house. 

For the last several years, though, it’s turned into a cozy pizza restaurant, dishing up perfect pizzas cooked in two massive wood-fire ovens

Besides having that perfect chewy, yet crispy wood-fired crust, the restaurant makes all of its pies out of locally and sustainably sourced ingredients. Additionally, there’s options for all kinds of travelers, including gluten-free and vegan.

The restaurant also demonstrates its commitment to bettering the community with “Pizza for a Purpose”, a weekly event where, every Tuesday, a portion of the sales for every pizza sold goes to support a local non-profit.  

Recommended by Jess of Uprooted Traveler

Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse and Bar

The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar - one of the most iconic buildings in Jackson.
Million Dollar Cowboy Bar has a restaurant downstairs, which is one of the best places to eat in Jackson, Wyoming

Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse is a legendary dining establishment in Jackson Hole located downstairs from the iconic Million Dollar Cowboy Bar – one of the most recognizable buildings in Jackson.

This steakhouse has been a staple of the Jackson Hole culinary scene for decades. As you enter, you’re greeted by a rustic, yet elegant ambiance adorned with Western décor, including the famous saddle barstools. 

The menu showcases a selection of prime cuts of beef, including ribeyes, tender filet mignons, and juicy T-bones. Aside from steaks, you’ll find seafood options and creative side dishes that perfectly complement the main course. 

The Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse also boasts an extensive cocktail and wine list to pair the perfect drink with your meal.

Jackson Lake Lodge

The view from Jackson Lake Lodge
The view from Jackson Lake Lodge is one of the best things about dining at this Jackson Hole establishment. | Photo by Erin from The Simple Salty Life

Jackson Lake Lodge is an exceptional lodge located within the Grand Teton National Park. The lodge is open seasonally from mid-May through the beginning of October and is known for its iconic views of the jagged Teton Mountain Range.

Dining at the Jackson Lake Lodge is an incredible experience in and of itself. Diners can enjoy beautiful views right from their table in the Mural Room with sweeping views of the Teton Range from every table. 

Freshly baked bread from the in-house bakery, organic produce, local beef, wild game, and sustainable seafood are all on the impressive menu.

Alternatively, the Pioneer Grill at the lodge offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a classic 1950’s diner style. The famous huckleberry milkshakes are a must when visiting! 

The main draw when dining at the Jackson Lake Lodge however is the outdoor patio. From here it is easy to spend a few relaxing hours with a cold drink while enjoying an idyllic vantage point of the Willow Flats, one of the best spots on a scenic drive in the Tetons

If you are patient, you could possibly even see a few elk or the elusive moose grazing through the marsh!

Recommended by Erin from The Simple Salty Life

Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream 

a child eating a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone at Moo's Gourmet Ice Cream
Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream is a popular creamery in Jackson with homemade, old-fashioned ice cream.

Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream is not necessarily a Jackson Hole restaurant where you’ll be able to have lunch or dinner. But this beloved local institution is definitely a must visit. Moo’s serves up a delightful array of frozen treats. 

The old-fashioned ice cream parlor makes homemade, all natural, organic ice cream, sorbet, and gourmet coffee. From classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla to unique creations like huckleberry swirl and salted caramel pretzel, Moo’s offers a diverse range of flavors that change daily. 

The ice cream is made in-house using premium ingredients, resulting in a rich and creamy texture that is simply irresistible. During the summer months, you’ll always find a line outside this popular creamery. 

With its nostalgic charm and delectable frozen delights, Moo’s Gourmet Ice Cream is a must-stop destination in Jackson Hole for families.

 Have a question about any of these great places to eat in Jackson Hole, Wyoming? Leave us a comment below and let us know your favorite restaurant for dining in Jackson Hole.

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This guide to dining in Jackson Hole was first written in March 2016 but was most recently updated in April 2024 for accuracy and current travel information.

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