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I’ll be the first to admit I’m a horrible gift giver. Most of the time I am that practical person who buys the extremely unexciting gift. But when it comes to buying a Father’s Day present for my adventure-loving husband, I want it to be special, unique, and reflective of his interests and personality. For this reason, I’ve put a lot of thought into creating a list of unique travel gifts for men that are perfect for travel-loving dads this Father’s Day!

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Unique travel gifts for men

Here are eight unique travel gifts that are sure to inspire and capture the interest of the travel-obsessed dad in your life.

Craft beer gift basket

unique travel gifts for men-craft beer
A craft beer basket from different breweries around the US or world is an easy, unique travel-themed gift for men.

Does the man in your life like to try different beers from around the world? A craft beer gift set is a great gift for a craft beer connoisseur.  You could buy a pre-assembled set or simply head to the liquor store and create your own.  Pair it with a book like, The United States of Craft Beer or The Beer Bucket List and a cool beer cap map and you’ve got a great gift that any beer lover would go crazy for.

Monthly international snack box

Is your travel-loving dad more of a foodie instead of a craft beer guy? How about a subscription to a monthly food box. Universal Yums makes a box of international snacks and candy that will be delivered to your mailbox each month. If you’d prefer to buy a one-time gift instead of a subscription, or your dad isn’t really a sweets guy, choose a gourmet international food set like this Italian gift basket or a sushi making kit.

Hobby shirt

What is your traveling dad’s favorite hobby? Does he ski? Does he hike? Instead of getting him one of those lame World’s Greatest Dad shirts, getting him something he will actually be proud to wear… a shirt that reflects his personality and interests. Here’s one for the avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time in the mountains, doing activities like skiing, snowboarding, or hiking. Or invest in a shirt that invests in nature. Purchasing a shirt from the Parks Project supports the planting of native plants and trees inside national parks.

If he isn’t really a graphic tee kind of guy, he might actually prefer a Father’s Day gift for travel purposes. REI has a variety of shirts that are lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying. But even better, they have an SPF protection guard and some even have an insect shield, which is perfect if traveling to places that are mosquito or bug prone.

Hiking Child Carrier

Parenthood and Passports - Great Wall of China with kids
On the practical side, a hiking child carrier is a great and very useful gift for traveling dads.

Here I am getting practical again.
If the dad you are buying for has young children, a hiking backpack to carry the baby or toddler would make a great gift. This Deuter Child Carrier is easy to use and comfortable for both the baby and the parent. Our daughter absolutely loves the hiking carrier. She gets so excited when we pull it out of the closet. (Bonus for mom: it means dad carries the kid! Bonus for kid: it comes with the little teddy bear.)

Check out our full review on the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 HERE or buy it HERE.


Most men already have some type of camera, or like many, they just use a smartphone for pictures. But a true travel lover won’t settle for pictures taken on a phone. To help document family trips and outings, this Sony mirrorless camera with lenses bundle is amazing! The camera is small, compact, and the picture quality is great. We bring this camera on every trip. It is much easier to carry and travel with than a larger DSLR camera, plus it has built in WiFi so you can sync and transfer the photos directly to your phone to be shared immediately on social media. The bundle comes with lenses, a camera bag, editing software, compact tripod, and SD card.

23 and me DNA test

Chances are if the man in your life loves travel, he is also interested in his heritage and ancestry. The 23 and Me DNA test not only gives you a detailed breakdown of your ancestry, but you’ll get some fascinating facts about your health and conditions you may be prone to based on your genetic heritage. The fact that this DNA test is now available on Amazon (and Prime eligible) makes it even more appealing to buy!

Photo book

photo book -gifts for travelers
One of the most thoughtful travel gifts for men is a photo book of your adventures together.

There is no better way to document your travels or your adventures in parenthood than a photo book. We have a whole shelf of photo books that we created using one of several companies out there that allow you to design a book online. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you also have access to Prime Photos and prints, where you can design a book using one of their awesome templates. Or, test out your scrapbooking skills and make your own family adventure book. Either way, this is a personal and unique travel gift that any dad would love to receive on Father’s Day.

Scratch off map

The scratch off map lets you track and display your own unique journeys around the world. I bought one of these unique travel gifts for my husband shortly after we got married. It has been fun to scratch off each place we visit together. In some small way, it helps tell the story of our adventures. This is a perfect gift for any travel-loving dad. You can also buy a scratch off maps of the United States if domestic style is more your travel speed.

These are just a few unique travel gifts to help you find the perfect present for Father’s Day or any special occasion. From the expensive to the budget-friendly, there is something on the list in every price range. But ultimately, it isn’t the price that matters. As any parent will tell you, it’s the thought that you put into it. And chances are, if you have read this far, you have already put a lot of meaningful thought into your travel-loving man.

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What are some other unique travel gifts for men? We’d love to know! Leave us your ideas in the comments below!

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