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It has happened again… Another plane crash, and all signs are pointing to terrorism. EgyptAir was the unfortunate target this time. Sixty-six innocent victims, including three children, were senselessly killed.

I hate that this happened yet again. My heart breaks for those families, and especially for those babies who were robbed of the chance to grow up.

This latest incident comes on the brink of the busiest travel season of the year, as a high number of tourists are expected to take to the skies for summer holidays and vacations.

How will the possible terrorist attack on EgyptAir affect the tourism industry?

Ultimately, it won’t… or at least not long term. Sure, there will be a slight decrease in tourism during the next month. The airline will likely see fewer passengers. And Egypt as a destination will take yet another hit as visitors’ concerns over safety grow. There will certainly be some families who cancel or postpone travel out of fear or apprehension. There will be others who will continue to travel as if nothing happened. And still there will be those families, like us, who will be extra vigilant but travel anyway.

Historically, tourism has not taken a major hit after a terrorist attack. The impacts are felt, but only briefly. By summertime, when travel typically peaks, the media will be focused on something else… Likely some absurd statement or shenanigans of a certain US presidential candidate. Sadly, people will forget about the tragedy that happened just a few short weeks earlier. Certain areas, like the Middle East have likely suffered the most from the threat of terrorism. But Europe, Asia and the Americas probably won’t see a drastic drop in sightseeing visitors this summer. I think you’d have to see repeated attacks on the same destination before it has a notable long-term impact on that area’s tourism industry.

In fact, you may see certain destinations, like Brussels, or airlines, like EgyptAir, slash prices to encourage tourists to travel. For example, shortly after the bombings in Brussels, we found airline tickets to Europe routed through Brussels for several hundred dollars less than usual. Today, I checked flights from Paris to Cairo for a random date in mid-June and found round trip flights for $425.00. I’m not sure how that compares to the average rate, but it seems fairly inexpensive for an international flight booked less than one month out.

Should you cancel your vacation after a terrorist attack?

We all have our opinions on this subject. I know fellow travel bloggers who admittedly have hesitation about traveling right now. The majority, however, feel the same way I do. I personally do not feel like you should cancel your travel plans. Unless your plans include a visit to a war-torn country or terrorist breeding ground, you’ll probably be safe. Maybe consider postponing any trip to Syria though indefinitely.Parenthood and Passports

As a family, we have decided to continue to travel, even given the current circumstance our world is facing.

Each family needs to have that conversation individually. Ultimately, your safety and the safety of your family is the most important thing. It is 100% the most important thing to me. I still feel comfortable traveling to most areas. But if you do not, don’t do it.

Who knows if things will ever get better in our world. War, violence and religious conflict have been around since the beginning of time. I don’t see those atrocities going away this side of heaven. While I wish we lived in a peaceful world, I will not live in fear of the world as it is.

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