Know a mom who is always traveling? Why not satisfy her wanderlust this Mother’s Day. You don’t have to splurge for a trip to an exotic location to make her smile, although I’m sure she would appreciate it. There are plenty of budget-friendly gifts that will peak her interest while making travel more comfortable and enjoyable. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten Mother’s Day gifts for traveling moms.

Mother’s Day Gifts for Traveling Moms

Airport Tag Coffee Mug

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day Gifts for traveling momsAirport Tag makes great travel-themed gifts that are unique and customizeable. Coffee is a staple in my life as a mom (probably because I haven’t slept in two years), so it only makes sense that a coffee mug would make this list of Mother’s Day gifts for traveling moms. Choose a mug with your mom’s favorite travel quote, airport code, or even customize a mug to make it extra special.

Kiddy Adventure Pack Child Carrier

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day gifts for travelTraveling moms who always have a kid in tow will appreciate the Kiddy Adventure Pack child carrier. It’s perfect for parents who love to discover the world with their young children. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and positions the weight of your child on the hips, so it’s easier on your back. We don’t leave the house without our child carrier. It’s perfect for long walks and hikes, or just keeping your kid contained when exploring a new city.

23 and Me

If she’s passionate about traveling the world, chances are, she also has an interest in her heritage and genetic history. Genetics are fascinating! And with 23 and Me, the travel-loving mom in your life can learn a lot about herself with just a little spit. Here’s how it works, you spit into a little tube, then send it off to be analyzed. The company then sends you the results. You not only get to find out more about where you come from, you can also learn other valuable information about your DNA, like medical conditions and genetic health risks.

Magnetic Travel Games by The Purple Cow

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day Gifts for traveling moms

Long flights, road trips, and train rides can all get boring quickly. Magnetic travel games by The Purple Cow are not only extremely compact and chic, they’re also extremely affordable. The games come in a slim tin case and are printed on both sides with magnetic pieces (so no worrying about pieces shifting during turbulence or when on bumpy roads). They have numerous games to choose from, including Magnetic Sudoku, Secret Code, and Magnetic Tanagram. They are also great to take to a restaurant to keep squirmy children entertained.

Compass Necklace

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day gifts for traveling moms Turn her love for travel into a fashion statement with a simple, understated necklace, ring, or bracelet. A compass, an airplane, or even the coordinates of one of her favorite places all make unique and fashionable jewelry that any traveling mom would cherish for Mother’s Day.

Travel T-shirt

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day gifts for traveling momsA soft, comfortable t-shirt that fits well can make even sitting in a cramped seat in coach a little more bearable. Every woman needs a go-to travel shirt. Traveling moms will love the fun designs and customized options available at (once again) Airport Tag. Here’s another one she might like.

Selfie Light

Mother's Day gifts for traveling moms

Call me vain, but no one wants to look like crap in a picture when standing in front of an iconic landmark or scenic backdrop. I am not one to wear a ton of makeup, style my hair (or even wash it), and dress snazzy when I travel. So a selfie light can do wonders to make you look a little more “Instagrammable” when you’ve been sightseeing all day. The small circular light reflects in your eyes giving them a really cool illumination. Instant sparkle and bye bye under eye circles!

Travel-themed Coloring Book

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day Gifts for traveling momsColoring is a great way to unwind and let your mind wander when you cannot. Plus, it’s another great way to pass the time on a long flight. I have several travel-themed adult coloring books that always give me the itch to explore somewhere new. Don’t forget the gel pens! I prefer them over markers or pencils.

Yankee Candles World Journeys

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day gifts for traveling moms

Longing for the beach? Bring the familiar scents of your favorite places into your home with Yankee Candles World Journeys Collection. Choose from fragrances like Malaysian Palm, South African Vineyard, Alaskan Lights, and numerous others.

Fish eye lens for phone

If you want to capture the perfect landscape photo with your smartphone, you’ll need a tool to give it some additional depth. Enter the fish eye lens. This quick, inexpensive add on can take your photo from this:

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day gifts for traveling moms

To this:

Parenthood and Passports - Mother's Day gifts for traveling moms

Need I say more?

Too late to buy one of these Mother’s Day gifts for traveling moms? Then get a jump start on Father’s Day by checking out our gift guide for traveling dads.

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  1. There are many things I love on this list. The fish eye lens I found fascinating and is something that we could all use. And this is the first time I’ve seen the selfie light. The Compass Necklace though is probably something my mom would like.

    1. I can thank Kim Kardashian for the discovery of the selfie light. ๐Ÿ™‚ A lot of production companies use circular lights, too when shooting interviews.

  2. Great list – not just for travelling mums but there’s a few things on here that I’d buy for myself – The genetics kit would be great as I’m quite keen to learn about my heritage. I haven’t seen the selfie lights before, although maybe it’s best I don’t light up my face or selfie, no one wants to see that!

  3. This is a great list for gifting something to travel moms which they can relate to and can make the most use out of. The compass necklace looks like a lovely gift.

  4. I love the ideas here. However, my motherโ€™s day gift to my mother is that I have decided to spend 20 days with her at her home. I live in another city. I also keep taking them for travels to exotic locations as a gift.

  5. Loved these gift ideas. The child carrier sounds like a great idea for mother’s traveling with their toddler. The sudoku and the coloring books sounds fab too to keep the kids entertained during the journey, would help the moms a great deal.

  6. I’m always running out of ideas of what to give my mom. This post has given me some great ideas what to buy for next year! I think my mom would particularly love the selfie light to make her look a little younger ๐Ÿ˜›

  7. I totally thought about getting my mom the DNA test kit!! She is always on so I think she would love it. We are celebrating in a couple weeks actually so I still have some time!! I wish my mama could travel more with me though…she would love all of it.

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