20 best travel gifts for moms who love to travel

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Know a mom who is always traveling? Why not satisfy her wanderlust with a travel-inspired gift. You don’t have to splurge for a trip to an exotic location to make the mom in your life smile. There are plenty of budget-friendly travel gifts for women that can make a trip more enjoyable or help create that feeling of traveling at home. We’ve compiled a list of our top travel gifts for moms who love to travel.

The best travel gifts for moms

While a mom will love any gift from her child or spouse, these thoughtful gifts for moms who love traveling are sure to be a hit on Mother's Day, her birthday, or any other holiday or special celebration.

Need more ideas? Checking out our gift guide for traveling dads and our travel-inspired gifts for kids, too.

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This list of travel gifts for moms was originally published in 2017 but was updated in March 2021 for accuracy and current product information.

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16 comments on “20 best travel gifts for moms who love to travel”

There are many things I love on this list. The fish eye lens I found fascinating and is something that we could all use. And this is the first time I’ve seen the selfie light. The Compass Necklace though is probably something my mom would like.

Great list – not just for travelling mums but there’s a few things on here that I’d buy for myself – The genetics kit would be great as I’m quite keen to learn about my heritage. I haven’t seen the selfie lights before, although maybe it’s best I don’t light up my face or selfie, no one wants to see that!

This is a great list for gifting something to travel moms which they can relate to and can make the most use out of. The compass necklace looks like a lovely gift.

I love the ideas here. However, my mother’s day gift to my mother is that I have decided to spend 20 days with her at her home. I live in another city. I also keep taking them for travels to exotic locations as a gift.

Loved these gift ideas. The child carrier sounds like a great idea for mother’s traveling with their toddler. The sudoku and the coloring books sounds fab too to keep the kids entertained during the journey, would help the moms a great deal.

I’m always running out of ideas of what to give my mom. This post has given me some great ideas what to buy for next year! I think my mom would particularly love the selfie light to make her look a little younger 😛

I totally thought about getting my mom the DNA test kit!! She is always on Ancestry.com so I think she would love it. We are celebrating in a couple weeks actually so I still have some time!! I wish my mama could travel more with me though…she would love all of it.

Hi I was looking for last minute gift ideas, I really like your list. I feel like I always end up getting a spa card or flowers or making dinner.

This year I did something different and went with a wine gift on Amazon. Thoughtful but will be used for a long time, good gift for guys to get their wives/monthers. Thought I would share this for those looking for last minute gifts, if you want to add it to your list of ideas!

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