In a few weeks our little family heads out on another adventure. (Yay!) It’s the last trip we will take until summer. (Sigh.)

We’re going to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, my husband’s favorite place on earth. And we are skiing, his favorite activity to do on earth.

We’ve been to Jackson several times before, and each time Damon says the same exact thing.

“This is the year I’m going to ski Corbet’s.”

For those of you who aren’t into extreme snow sports and don’t have a desire to die in an incredibly stupid way, you probably don’t realize how insane that statement is… So let me just pause right here and show you the ski run known as Corbet’s Couloir.

Corbet’s Couloir in summer


Parenthood and Passports - Corbets Coulior
This is Corbet’s Couloir!

Yes, my friends, Corbet’s is a cliff. Granted, it is usually covered in about 8 feet of snow when people ski down it, but that does not change the fact that it is a cliff. In order to go down this run, you have to ski jump off a steep, rocky cliff into a narrow funnel-like opening surrounded by even more steep, rocky cliffs. Crazy, right?! Corbet’s has actually been coined “America’s scariest ski slope.”So why would Damon want to ski that? Your guess is as good as mine. Why would anybody want to ski that?! There are some crazy people out there… Some very brave souls, who either don’t mind a broken leg or two, or have an adrenaline addiction so intense that skiing off cliffs is the only way to get their fix.

The same cliff covered in snow

Parenthood and Passports - Corbets Couloir
The view of Corbet’s Couloir from the tram in Jackson Hole

You have to be an expert skier or certifiably insane to actually go down Corbet’s. I’m fairly certain Damon is not the latter, he is however, the former. He has been skiing since he was a young child and can handle almost any run with ease. But I would think even expert skiers pee in their pants a little when they coast up to the edge of Corbet’s and glance down. It’s pretty intimidating, especially once you’ve seen it without snow. (You can never unsee that.)

That’s probably why Damon has yet to ski Corbet’s Couloir. He’s seen it when it wasn’t covered in snow. He’s seen the sharp, jagged rocks that lie just below winter’s seemingly inviting, fluffy powder. He knows the mangled mess that could become of his body with just one wrong turn.

So year after year, Damon pledges to ski Corbet’s, and year after year he skis up to the top, peers over the edge of the cliff, calculates his turns and plans his decent down the extreme ski run… Then he wistfully turns around and skis away, telling himself that he’ll do it next year… Next year will be the year he skis Corbet’s.Parenthood and Passports -Corbet's Couloir

The day my husband will go down this ski run

One day, Damon will actually go down Corbet’s Couloir. Because, you see, I’ve also made a pledge. I’ve pledged that when Damon dies, I will take his ashes and toss them over the edge of the cliff so he can brag to all of his friends in heaven that he went down “America’s Scariest Ski Slope.” God willing, I have another 65 years with my amazing husband, and at least another 55 years of listening to him pledge that this year will be the year he skis Corbet’s.

So what do you think? Have you skied it? Would you ski it? And if so, on a scale of one to straight jacket, how crazy would you say you are?


One thought on “My husband’s crazy death wish”

  1. Not crazy enough to risk my life, not crazy enough to risk a serious spinal cord injury, not crazy enough to risk leaving your wife and sweet child without you. I would say put the Straightjacket back on Damon, you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. 🤔

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