Spring is my favorite time of the year! You literally see Mother Nature change our land from a winter brown to a vibrant color right before your eyes. And we see it all over. Ireland has the shamrock and everything turns green. Texas has fields of Bluebonnets where suddenly the brown grass turns purple and blue. Oklahoma takes it up a notch too in the spring as fields of yellow and red seem to pop up overnight. Sure, most people associate spring in Oklahoma with severe weather and tornadoes, but the state has so much more to offer. In fact, Oklahoma wildflowers are my favorite thing about spring in this flyover state.

Oklahoma Wildflowers: The Indian Paintbrush

If the weather is good in the fall then you can have some incredible fields of Indian Paintbrushes the following spring. What is incredible about the Indian Paintbrush is that on average only 40% of the available seeds bloom every spring. That means in most years you’re only seeing about half of the available flowers. If the weather is perfect then the beauty you see could look even better.

Parenthood and Passports - Oklahoma wildflowers

Imagine the field in the image above being 60% fuller.

Oklahoma Wildflowers: Canola Fields

Who could forget the fields of canola? Technically, this isn’t a wildflower; it’s a crop. But in spring, canola fields paint the Oklahoma landscape a vibrant shade of yellow.

Parenthood and Passports - Oklahoma wildflowers

Canola fields bloom rapidly so you only have about a week or two to see them at their peak. But they’re tough to beat. These fields are awesome. So awesome, in fact, that you can see them from space.

Parenthood and Passports - Oklahoma wildflowers

Another thing that makes Oklahoma wildflowers so great is that they don’t bloom until after Texas flowers have bloomed. Since Oklahoma sits north of Texas, the growing season begins later and ends later, too.

Texas wildflowers peak in early April whereas Oklahoma wildflowers peak mid-to-late April or in early May. It all depends on the weather.

So if the Texas Bluebonnets aren’t enough for you, take a quick drive north to Oklahoma a few weeks later, and you’ll experience even more beautiful wildflowers. Oklahoma can leave you breathless just like Texas did.

Best places to see Oklahoma wildflowers

So where should you go to find wildflowers in Oklahoma? The Enid-Guthrie region has some fantastic canola fields. Around Guthrie, you’ll find some off of West Prairie Grove Road. You’ll also find some beautiful canola fields blooming north of Enid.

oklahoma canola fields

If you’re looking for Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush fields then you’ll want to head north from Oklahoma City a little bit. The Oklahoma City metro has a few big roadside areas, particularly along I35 just north of the Kilpatrick Turnpike and along I44 between I235 and I35. But you can also head south on I-44 from OKC to Chickasha. You’ll find some good blooms along the road in areas that are safe to pull over. Also, things get colorful near Turner Falls. You’ll even find wildflowers sprouting up in the highway median.

Oklahoma has a lot more to offer than just severe storms. And the fields prove it!

That right there should make you say, ” Sweet Mother Oklahoma….”

Parenthood and Passports - Oklahoma wildflowers

Where is your favorite springtime place to experience nature in full bloom? Drop us a comment and let us know where you have found the most vibrant, colorful spring flowers. Or if you have a question or comment about Oklahoma’s wildflowers, we are happy to help!

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17 thoughts on “Oklahoma Wildflowers: Visiting the flyover state in spring”

  1. I love the wildflowers. I know Lady Bird Johnson had a lot to do with all the different wildflowers in Texas. And I think she had a highway beautiful highway program.

  2. I always picture myself exploring a vast field of blooms. Your photos have showcased while I’ve always fantasized about such a scene. It seems like you visited on a perfect day! Those tips are so handy too, so that visitors who wanted to see these wildflowers can time their visit!

  3. These are such beautiful flowers and I have not really thought of Oklahoma as a flower place. I can’t believe that is only 40% blossom, can you image if they all bloomed πŸ™‚ I also like the fact you can explore these without paying a fee. Really pretty..

  4. Very beautiful impressions! What can be more relaxing but also exciting to have such a nice trip into mother nature with the whole family.
    This is what I love about spring – nature is bursting and representing itself from such a beautiful perspective. Oklahoma as I can see here now is no exception to this and I really love the “wild” component in it.

  5. I pictured myself between the wildflowers field <3! It's just so beautiful. I love the color so much! I would love to see when they are 100% bloomed.

  6. I agree, Spring is also my favorite season. Love how everything starts blooming and your pictures are so lovely. Never been to Oklahoma but will try to visit during spring so I can explore these places.

  7. Beautiful pics! I’ve never been to Oklahoma before but might have to make a trip now! I just saw the yellow canola fields in China – they only bloom for a few weeks each year so I felt pretty lucky that I got to see it. Thanks for sharing about this hidden gem!

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