You know that feeling you get when you finally book your plane tickets to somewhere you’ve never been?Parenthood and Passports - plane tickets booked

Sure, you may have been talking about your upcoming trip for weeks, or maybe even months, but it doesn’t actually become real until your plane tickets have been purchased and paid for. Once you get that confirmation email with your departure information, though, it hits you right in the feels.

I still get that giddy school girl feeling in my stomach when I start planning another trip. And this week was a special one because I got to experience that feeling twice! That’s right, we booked two trips this week… well, at least the plane tickets.Parenthood and Passports - Where would you go?

This was a great week for airfare deals. Not sure why, but we found prices hundreds of dollars cheaper than they were just last week, so we didn’t waste any time and booked.

Our next trip

Now, I get to start planning our next trip. We will head to Belize in June. I’ve been researching the country, activities you can do with children in tow, where to stay, transportation options, safety and the possibility of visiting Guatemala’s World Heritage Site, Tikal, while we are in Central America.

Parenthood and Passports - Mayan RuinsI’ve never been one to use a travel agent, so I put a great deal of personal time and effort into planning our trips. I’m kind of a nerd in this way. I love reading about other countries, skimming through travelers’ reviews, and plotting our itineraries. My husband jokes about how much time I spend on TripAdvisor and similar websites. But when you travel with a kid, you have to be prepared.

So, while we are stuck in Oklahoma for a couple more months, I’m daydreaming of warm beaches, waterfalls, mysterious caves and Mayan ruins. And I’m probably driving all my friends crazy talking about it. (Sorry, friends… you know who you are.)

For those who have been to Belize or Guatemala, feel free to leave any tips or advice in the comment section. I’d love to hear your personal experiences!

Update: you can find information and review for our trip to Belize and Guatemala here.

5 thoughts on “Plane tickets booked!”

  1. I went to Belize about 12 years ago as a single to do some diving. It was gorgeous. I look forward to reading about your experiences traveling there with a child. Have fun researching and planning.

    1. We would love to dive in Belize while we are there, unfortunately with a toddler, that won’t happen. We definitely have to be creative in our planning with a little one in tow. Adventure activities that we would have done prior to having a child (diving, spelunking, cave tubing, rappeling, etc.), she is still too young to do. But someday we will take her to do all of those things, and I’m sure that day will be here in a flash. Time flies with little ones!

  2. I think Zika virus has scared a lot of people from traveling to the Caribbean. I would just bring a ton of bug spray if I were you. We found $49 one way tickets to Martinique from BWI for March (Norwegian Air) but decided to go to Iceland instead. My husband wasn’t so sure about Zika so we will wait to travel to the Caribbean again until they have the mosquitoes under control.

    1. I think you’re right. That would definitely explain the cheap airfare. The Zika Virus is definitely concerning for those who are or want to get pregnant. Even still, we will certainly be using repellant religiously.

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