Prague, Czech Republic is a wonderful city. It’s full of romance, culture, and diversity. It isn’t as popular among westerners as some of the other major European cities. In fact, most Americans completely miss out on this Eastern European gem, choosing to visit the more iconic cities of Paris, London, and Rome. We visited Prague last September on a road trip across central and eastern Europe, and this phenomenal city completely stole my heart. 

5 things I love about Prague, Czech Republic

Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic


Food is such an important part of a place’s culture and an experience. From soups and sausages, to the Czech dessert, Trdlnik, or chimney cake. The yummy dough is twisted onto a cone shaped rolling pin, covered in sugar, then cooked over a warn oven. It’s sometimes dipped in chocolate or filled with ice cream to add an extra sweet touch to this heavenly pastry. We ate one every single day while we were in Prague. My only regret when it comes to the food in Czech Republic is not eating more of it.
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Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic

Family-friendly options

When it comes to cities that truly embrace those traveling with kids, Prague tops my list. The city is full of well-maintained playgrounds and parks. And even some of the breweries had indoor play areas for those visiting with kids. The people of Prague also seem to embrace families traveling with children. At the hotel where we stayed, the hospitality staff in the breakfast room would bring our daughter, Avery, numerous complimentary treats and snacks each morning. Those came in very handy during long days of sightseeing.Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic
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Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech RepublicPrague is a mix of old meets new. It’s a city where historic charm collides with modern chic in the most beautiful way. Iconic elements like the astrological clock and the famous Charles Bridge are surrounded by whimsical and modern structures like the dancing building and bizarre, yet incredibly cool statues. Two notable ones are Franz Kafka’s turning head and the statue of two men peeing below, which is suitably named Piss.Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic


Prague, Czech Republic is a bustling and vibrant city. Though large in size, it has a small town charm. It’s filled with outdoor cafes, hip breweries, lively markets, and cheesy street performers. Prague has so much to offer regardless of your tastes or interests. You can easily find yourself getting caught up in the atmosphere of the city and never wanting to leave.Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic

Love and romance

Although we visited Prague as a family, it was easy to see that it is also a perfect city for lovers. You’ll always find couples stealing a kiss in front of the John Lennon wall. The colorful wall has become a famous landmark and a symbol of hope, love, and peace. Lovers can be seen strolling hand-in-hand at night across the Charles Bridge, or watching the sunset around Prague Castle. Although Paris may claim to be “the city of love”, I would argue Prague gives Paris a run for its money.
 Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic
With so much to love, it still baffles me that more westerners don’t frequent Prague, Czech Republic.
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Parenthood and Passports -Prague, Czech Republic

13 thoughts on “5 Reasons Prague, Czech Republic stole my heart”

  1. I was so disappointed that we didn’t have more visitors while living in Prague. It is definitely one of my favorite cities in Europe for tourists. (And great for kids.) Everyone should book a ticket and go ASAP!

  2. Family friendly is so important when looking for new and exciting places to visit. Looks like you had a great time.

  3. I visited Prague back in 97 at the very end of a LONG 6 months in Europe. I dont think I experienced the city to its fullest and would love to go back!

  4. I have never been to Prague! I haven’t been to much of Europe actually even though I’m from England so it’s all so close! You’ve got some lovely pictures of the place! I’m definitley tempted to visit soon.

  5. Prague stands out as one of the few cities in Europe that emerged from WWII with its medieval old town almost entirely intact ! But there is so much more to see… The picture of a twisty building is amazing ! Follow a path of Prague sights with pauses for fresh Czech beer: a brewery with a playground ? That’s awesome for traveling parents ! You catch a glimpse of the real Prague along the way. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  6. Prague is one of my favourite cities in the world. I agree that the atmosphere makes it. You should have done an extra tab for Absinthe though! Haha it is so cheap there and I tried some really nice testers made locally.

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