Along the drive to the Arenal Volcano from Liberia is Cafe y Macadamia… A great place to stop for lunch or just a cup of coffee.Parenthood and Passports- Cafe y Macademia Costa Rica


It is located on Lake Arenal, and offers beautiful views of the lake, which is known for extreme water sports, when it isn’t cloudy or raining. There are about 4 million signs for the restaurant along the way, so I promise, you cannot miss it.

Parenthood and Passports - Cafe y Macadamia
Lake Arenal

This is a wonderful little all-organic, family-owned, restaurant, coffee bar and shop that has great food.

What to order

I had the Gallo Pinto, which is a typical Costa Rican lunch consisting of beans and rice served alongside an egg. Ours came with a salad, cheese, and meat, as well. The desserts at Cafe y Macadamia are amazing and made with only fresh ingredients! You will see them and want to order one of everything. (Seriously, I think we did, in fact, ordered one of everything.)

Parenthood and Passports - Cafe y Macadamia Costa Rica
Gallo Pinto – Traditional Costa Rican cuisine

One important thing to note if you plan to visit this great little restaurant… They do not accept credit cards, but like most places in Costa Rica, they do accept US Dollars.

There is also a little souvenir shop inside and free WiFi for guests. So if you didn’t pay for an international data plan, Cafe Y Macadamia is a great place to stop for a nice lunch and check your email or post on social media.

This was yet another place where the waitress offered to hold our baby while we ate. She was so sweet with our daughter, showing her all the little toys and stuffed animals in the shop, and of course, making sure she was never out of our sight, so we didn’t panic or freak out. (First time parents tend to do that.)

Parenthood and Passports - Cafe y Macadamia Costa Rica
Our lovely waitress showing our baby around the souvenir shop
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