Costa Rica is an adventure seekers playground. The country is world-renown for its zip-lining courses, and the Sky Adventures Canopy Tour at the Arenal Volcano did not disappoint.Parenthood and Passports- zip-lining in Costa Rica

Age Limitations

This is NOT an activity you can do with a baby or toddler. Kids ages five and older can participate. However, the young kids will be required to go zip-lining with one of the guides.

Parenthood and Passports -Traveling together
Zip lining in Costa Rica

Although we were traveling with an infant, my parents watched our baby so we could do this excursion. I would highly recommend trying it. The views can’t be beat! You feel like you’re flying high above the ground, buzzing through the trees, and reaching speeds of about 30-40 miles per hour. Zip-lining is exhilarating, but not as scary as you may think. We had young kids in our group as well as older people, and all of them loved it. The system they use is very safe and the guides are there to assist. The zip-lining guides are also very friendly and funny which makes the experience even better.

Fitness or Physical Limitations

Parenthood and passports - Ziplining in Costa RicaThis particular zip-line course is not at all strenuous and there are very few stairs to climb. People of all activity and fitness levels can do this. Once you start the zip-line course, there is no turning back. There are approximately 7 different zip-lines that will zig zag back and forth across the rain forest. Ultimately, the course returns you to the starting point. It takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours to complete the course depending on the size of the group accompanying you in your time slot. There is a stopping point halfway through where you can use the restroom, get a drink, and take a few photos. As you are approaching this platform, a professional photographer will also take your photo. You can view and purchase that picture immediately afterward.

Clothing Recommendations for Zip-lining in Costa Rica

I would recommend clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, long pants and closed toed shoes. During the rainy season, the zip-line course is still open. Although, they will stop the course if it is pouring rain and lightning, under most circumstances, a light rain will not result in a canceling or postponement of your activities.Parenthood and passports - Ziplining in Costa Rica

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