Visiting Czech Republic with kids is a wonderful experience. Czech Republic is a country in Eastern Europe. It is probably one of the most visited Eastern European countries by western tourists. Still, you likely won’t encounter many Americans while you’re there. Most of the tourists to Czech Republic come from the surrounding countries of Germany, Slovakia, and Poland. You will have no problem communicating though, as long as you know English. As with most European countries, the majority of people in Czech Republic speak English very well.

Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is the capital, and the most popular city for visitors to Czech Republic. Tourism in the city continues to rise, but there are definitely other parts of Czech Republic you should consider visiting, too.

Czech Republic with Kids

Parenthood and Passports - Prague, Czech Republic with kidsVisiting Czech Republic with kids is easy. It is a very family-friendly country, and there is a lot to do and see with kids. We visited Czech Republic with a toddler, so fortunately, we were able to visit most of the tourist sites that we wanted to see without too much complaint from our daughter. We found a park or a playground on occasion to give her a break from sightseeing, but for the most part, our itinerary was mostly a reflection of our interests.  Even along the sightseeing route, you will find plenty to entertain a child. From street performers to ice cream shops, Prague especially caters to tourists… including young tourists. If you are planning a trip to Czech Republic with kids, Prague is the logical city to visit. However, we found road-tripping across Czech Republic to be a pleasant drive. Southern Czech Republic is beautiful, and the second largest city in the country, Brno, is a lesser crowded alternative to Prague.

If you’re planning a visit to Czech Republic, here are our reviews and recommendations from our stay.
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