Little Wranglers Child Care in Jackson Hole

As a stay-at-home mother of a 13-month-old daughter, child care is the single most important aspect for me when I am skiing. I want to know that our daughter is well taken care of and happy in day care. With that said, child care in Jackson Hole set the standard for exceptional day care.

It is expensive, as are all ski resort day cares. It will cost roughly $150 a day. That does include their snacks and meals, however, if your child is still on formula, expressed breastmilk, or pureed foods, you will obviously need to supply that.

Parenthood and Passports - child care in Jackson HoleWalking into the Kids Ranch, located inside the Cody building, up the stairs adjacent to the gondola, I instantly got a great vibe. For one, there were a lot of staff members. I think I counted at least five people in the Little Wranglers room. Two, there wasn’t a single baby who was upset or crying. They were all playing, being held or happy. When we picked up Avery at the end of the day, she was always smiling and happy, and we got a detailed report of her day, what she ate, when she ate, her diaper changes, her naps, how much she drank, what she did and who she played with.

The staff was super attentive, and I could tell Avery enjoyed her time there. Her face says it all!

Ski School and Lessons

The children’s ski school area is located in the same building. It has a magic carpet for beginners that is separated from the rest of the slopes. Once kids are old enough and experienced enough to venture onto a chair lift, they will spend most of their time on the greens at the base of the mountain, until their ski instructor feels they are ready for greens.

Parenthood and Passports - Ski School in JacksonI actually learned to ski at Jackson Hole as an adult. The instructors are very cautious and will not take you or your children outside their skill or comfort level. They are also very knowledgeable. Within a couple days of lessons, I was skiing blues. And within the same ski season, I was handling black runs with caution but ease.

And once you know you or your child can ski in Jackson, every other mountain will seem much less intimidating!

Looking for more information? Check out our Family-friendly Guide to Jackson Hole here.


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  1. I just stalked both of your baby skiing/daycare posts because I’ve been charged with planning our family ski trip (first time!) for January 2017! But my mom has a bum knee, so she’ll be in charge of Luke while Chad and I hurl ourselves down a mountain with reckless abandon.

    1. Built in childcare is GREAT because it is crazy expensive at ski resorts. Skiing is fun… Now. But when I first was learning how to ski I fell A LOT. I would recommend taking a lesson if I were you.

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