Summer in Jackson is what I would imagine any day in heaven would be like. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold. Wildflowers are in bloom. Babbling creeks and rivers run through the valley. Wildlife roams freely and everywhere you look you are surrounded by the picture-perfect mountains that seem to jut straight up out of the valley floor.Parenthood and Passports -Summer in Jackson Hole

Doesn’t it sound like paradise?

Why you should visit Jackson in Summer

During the summer, locals and visitors alike take advantage of the three months when the weather is actually warm and spend a lot of time exploring the great outdoors.

Hiking is one of the most popular activities. Jackson Hole has some of the most accessible hiking trails in the country. The trails are well marked and defined and range in length and difficulty. You can do a simple day hike, spend a couple hours hiking as a family, or buy a permit and spend several days hiking and camping out in one of the national parks.

Parenthood and Passports -Summer in Jackson Hole

If you plan to hike in this area of the country, bear spray is definitely recommended. You can buy it at the Grand Teton National Park Visitors Center. Word of warning: you cannot fly with bear spray, even if it is in your checked luggage. So buy it when you get there, and if you don’t use it (which hopefully you won’t) you can donate it back to the national park.

Cycling is also a popular summer time activity. The roadways have great biking trails alongside to protect cyclists from oncoming traffic. The varying terrain makes for some exciting, yet difficult rides.

Trout fishing in the Snake River is also widely popular in all seasons. We have not personally done this, but we have eaten the locally caught trout. And it’s yummy! 🙂

Paragliding is also widely popular at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. You can take the tram up to the top of the mountain for spectacular views of the valley. And if you are brave enough, para-glide over it. Parenthood and passports - Jackson Hole

And no trip to Jackson in the summer is complete without making the drive (about an hour) to Yellowstone National Park. Not only can you witness Old Faithful erupt, but you can view numerous geysers and beautiful waterfalls up close. yellowstonegnp2013-186Plan to spend at least a full day, if not a few days, exploring Yellowstone. It is huge and there is a lot to see and do. There is a hotel in the national park if you do not want to make the drive back to the town of Jackson or camp out for the night.

Parenthood and Passports -Summer in Jackson Hole

Children will love Yellowstone, just watch them closely, and make sure they stay on the trails around the geysers as the ground can be soft and dangerous (if not fatal) if they fall through. As always, respect the wildlife for what it is: wild. It’s best to stay in your car or keep your distance if you see a wild animal in the area. This area of the country is a playground for adults and children alike, definitely visit, but play by the rules so your family stays safe and protected.

Looking for more information? Check out our family-friendly guide to Jackson Hole here.

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