Like many ski towns, Steamboat Springs is a quaint and charming town with a western feel and a lot of dining and shopping options that will appeal to tourists.

Steamboat Springs Town – Distance from Mountain

It’s approximately a 5-10 minute drive from the mountain resort to the town of Steamboat Springs. While there is always a lot to do at the base area, it’s also worth making the short trek into the town at least one night for dinner or for a day of shopping.

Steamboat Springs does a very good job of maintaining the streets, plowing them every night during the winter when they have a big snowfall, so the drive from the resort to the town is quite easy.

Parenthood and Passports -Steamboat Springs townWhere to eat in Steamboat Springs

There are some really great restaurants for foodies and craft breweries for beer lovers.

I’d recommend having dinner at Mahogany Ridge Brewery. If you are a craft beer lover, you will enjoy their Alpenglow beer. Mahogany Ridge is not only a brewery but a restaurant too, and it is family friendly. The food is wonderful and the atmosphere is equally great.

Shopping in Steamboat Springs

Every ski town typically has a variety of charming boutiques and unique shops. Steamboat is no different. You’ll find plenty of stores carrying winter and ski apparel. Gourmet candy shops and souvenir stores offer plenty of keepsakes if you are looking for a gift or just want something to take home with you to remember your trip.

Planning a trip to Steamboat Springs? Check out our complete guide to visiting Steamboat in winter, including lodging, information on the mountain and terrain, the base area, and more!

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