Fort Worth: A big city with cowboy roots

For five years, I called Fort Worth ‘home’. I lived and worked there in my 20s and loved it! Since moving away from this amazing city, I’ve come to realize I took for granted all of the great and FREE things that Fort Worth has to offer. If you are looking for ideas on what to do in Fort Worth, the city has plenty of budget-friendly options which make for a fairly inexpensive getaway with kids. So our family decided to take a short weekend trip to Cowtown.Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth

How to Get There:

For those who have never been, Fort Worth is located about 45 minutes (depending on traffic) west of Dallas. If you are flying into the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, it’s about a 35 minute drive to downtown Fort Worth. It’s about a one hour drive from Dallas Lovefield Airport. Traffic is quite congested in the DFW metro area, and road construction on the freeways can slow things down quite a bit.

How much Time to Spend:

If this is your first visit to North Texas, I would recommend spending a week there and visiting Fort Worth, Dallas, Grapevine and Arlington. But on this particular trip, we decided to stick strictly to Fort Worth since we only had one weekend.Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth

Where to Stay in Fort Worth:

Because traffic in Fort Worth can be a bit of a headache, I recommend staying somewhat close to downtown, if not in downtown. Most of the attractions you will want to visit are within a few miles of the downtown area. Plus, Fort Worth has a great downtown area that is both safe and walkable. Sundance Square is in the heart of downtown. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants (and bars: if traveling sans kids) and a lively, fun nightlife so staying downtown gives you convenient access to that without having to worry about having to find parking.

What to Do in Fort Worth:

Without further adieu, here are my recommendations for what to do in Fort Worth if you are looking for a great, budget-friendly family trip.
Click the images below for individual reviews and family-friendly recommendations.


Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth StockyardsStockyards

Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water GardensWater Gardens

Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Botanic GardensBotanic Gardens

Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Sundance SquareSundance Square

Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth BluebonnetsA springtime bonus: Bluebonnets!


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