The Fort Worth Water Gardens are a concrete playground in the middle of a concrete jungle. And this playground is amazing! It is both adventurous and serene.

The main attraction at the Fort Worth Water GardensParenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water Gardens

You might feel nervous at times, like when you are making your way down into the large bowl-shaped water feature pictured above with cascading water running down all around you… The active pool, as it’s called, will definitely be the highlight of your visit to the water gardens. I’ve always had a fascination with waterfalls and rushing water, so descending into the active pool and hearing the rush of the water as it fell all around me was both beautiful and captivating.Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water Gardens

Go early in the morning to beat the crowds and take some cool pictures before the active pool fills up.

Other pools at the Fort Worth Water Gardens

There are two other pools located in the water gardens, as well as a large, open courtyard, and a stone mountain feature that older kids (and adults that still act like kids, occasionally) will love to climb on. Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water Gardens

The second pool is the tranquility pool. You will feel completely at peace while sitting next to the tranquility pool. With large trees and tall walls surrounding the entire pool, you will almost forget that a busy downtown area, complete with freeways, is just yards away. This is a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and sit and reflect, meditate, or simply pause for a moment to enjoy the silence.Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water Gardens

The third pool is the aerating pool. With spraying features that rise out of the water, it’s also a peaceful place to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Word of warning for visitors to the Fort Worth Water Gardens

As with any attraction, specifically those with water present, pay close attention to children and always keep them within arms reach. This beautiful concrete garden isn’t without tragedy. In 2004, 4 people died, including three children. One of the children jumped or fell into the active pool, and the three others jumped into save her. All four drown. Although the city made safety modification following the tragic accident, the water gardens are definitely a place where you will want to closely supervise curious children.Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens are free, fun and beautiful. It is a must see for visitors to Cowtown!Parenthood and Passports - Fort Worth Water Gardens

The Fort Worth Water Gardens are located on the southeastern edge of downtown, directly across the street from the Convention Center (although it’s easier to find street parking on the east side. There are entrances at all four corners of the gardens.

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