Burano was my absolute favorite Venetian island, and I highly recommend taking the water taxi over from Venice to visit this exquisite, colorful island.Parenthood and Passports - Venice Book Report

Burano is a small fishing village, and the homes are all brightly painted. I’ve read the vibrant colors were originally to help fisherman returning home in the fog find their home. But now, this sleepy village is more of a tourist attraction than anything.Parenthood and Passports- Burano

With that said, it is WAY less crowded than the streets, walkways and canals of the main portions of Venice.Parenthood and Passports- Burano

You will find plenty of small restaurants and shops in Burano. The small island also sells some beautifully crafted lace products, but the main draw is simply for those looking to take lovely, colorful pictures.Parenthood and Passports- Burano

I would recommend spending a few hours in Burano, have lunch, and walk around. The island is small so even if you get lost, you will quickly find your way back to the main canal and eventually the water taxi stop.

The best way to get to Burano is by water taxi. A day pass is reasonably priced, and the taxis run fairly regularly. You could visit both Burano and Murano in one day.

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