Parenthood and Passports - international traveling with babies and toddlers

Traveling with babies and toddlers: Differences you’ll notice abroad

When you travel internationally, you learn to adapt to your environment.¬† But when you are traveling with a baby or toddler who hasn’t yet learned how to adapt to change, you come to appreciate the small things… and at times you miss those comforts from home that make life easier. Changing tables, playgrounds, high chairs,…

Parenthood and Passports

Equal and Opposite Vacation Rule

We have a rule in our marriage. For every winter vacation, there must be an equal and opposite warm weather vacation. This is something we decided a long time ago while Damon and I were still dating. You see, my husband loves to ski and I, on the other hand, love sunshine, tank tops, and…

Parenthood and Passports - Carry on bag for a baby

Why layovers can be a good thing

Flying home from Canada this September our family had a three hour layover in Salt Lake City. Prior to children, a layover meant sitting on the floor somewhere next to a power outlet, charging my phone and utilizing the free WiFi. (Side note: airports, if you don’t offer free WiFi, get with the program). In…

Parenthood and Passports - Traveling with a baby

Where we go, she will go also

Many of our friends have told us we’re insane for traveling with an infant. But I tend to think we would be insane not to.

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