My husband has a problem… Some might call it an obsession, a fixation, or even an addiction. I’m a bit embarrassed to address this problem so openly because from the outside Damon appears to be a well-balanced, seasoned traveler.Β But I feel like it’s best to bring this issue to light instead of hiding it in the dark cabinets of our master bathroom. Damon is a hotel toiletry hoarder.

My husband’s toiletry obsession

Sure, I’ve been known to pocket a small bottle of shampoo and conditioner when I stay in a hotel that uses Aveda products, but his uncontrollable desire to take the hotel toiletries goes far beyond the expensive brands. Damon will take any and all of the hotel products… The soap, the shower gel, the shampoo, even the body lotion, which is typically runny, watery and practically useless.

hotel family travel In fact, before housekeeping comes to our hotel room each morning he will pack up all the toiletries so that they will leave new fresh bottles for him to add to his collection.

And I just pray we never again have to walk by an unattended housekeeping cart filled with products. It is like taking an alcoholic into a liquor store… He can’t control his urges to snatch up as many of those tiny, sleek bottles as his pockets will hold.

It’s time to normalize hotel toiletry hoarding

I don’t know if this is a common problem that just goes undisclosed. Perhaps there is a hotel toiletry hoarder in every family, but no one talks about it. I think it’s time to bring this issue out into the open, so people like Damon don’t have to hide their addiction… So they’ll have the support of fellow hotel toiletry hoarders along the long, difficult road toward overcoming this obsession.

hotel toiletry stash
Damon’s secret stash of hotel toiletries

I propose we all open up our bathroom cabinets and normalize hotel toiletry hoarding once and for all. If you or someone you know is a hotel toiletry hoarder, there is no need to be ashamed. This blog is a safe place where we can discuss your fixation with miniature soaps without fear of judgment or ridicule.

As for Damon, he has come a long way. On our last vacation, he didn’t take a single bottle of shampoo, conditioner or overly runny lotion… That I know of. I was incredibly proud of him.

As the wife of a hotel toiletry hoarder, I feel it’s my duty to keep our bathroom cabinets from looking like the hotel housekeeping cart. So I’ve started pouring all of the tiny hotel shampoos into his larger shampoo bottle in our shower. Mainly because we’ve run out of room in our bathroom drawer. But who knows, maybe Damon’s stockpile of hotel products will end up saving us a lot of money in personal grooming expenses. Perhaps, we will someday save enough money to pay for an entire vacation, where inevitably he will replenish his supply of tiny toiletries.


22 thoughts on “The Secret Life of a Hotel Toiletry Hoarder”

      1. Is included on your tab so is very okay if he takes them…and you can make little packagess and donated to homeless or safehouses when he is not looking and just tell him you used them…so he always has space for more…

      2. Omg my Dad is a hotel toiletry hoarder as well!! But I don’t think he’s ever thought of it like that. For the last ten years before he retired his job entailed a lot of travel and hotel stays, so he’d always bring home the toiletries. Now when he comes to visit us for a week he’ll leave behind a bunch of Neutrogena toiletries in the bathroom — as if we may want to use them at some point!! LOL. I’ll have to show him your article.

  1. Well, Damon is not alone. Some times are better than others as I fight the urge of this addiction. I’ve got two guest bathrooms that are well stocked, and a plastic 3-Drawer shelf container chocked full of these little toiletries. Yes Damon, I just knew we had a secret connection besides my Daughter. It’s a dirty little job, but someone has got to rescue these pretty little toiletries from the lonely life of a Hotel bathroom. Hi! My name is Anna, and I’m a Hotel Toiletries Hoarder. Geezzz, I feel better already.

  2. I travel a bunch and keep it all for a year and then donate to a homeless shelter. They can always use it for their guests and/or give it to people they help or on missions in the streets for the homeless. The Salvation Army and many others would be happy to receive it, I’m sure!

  3. Damon is not alone..I do the same thing, except I go further, I take the scratch pad and ink pen, the cups or glasses that are wrapped, and the kleenx and and toliet paper…

  4. Damon is not alone! We too have a stash in the hall closet in a shoe storage bin or two! My husband is the exact same. We travel frequently with our sons competitive baseball team so you can imagine the “stash”. When staying somewhere, i find myself getting rid them before he can take them. He has even been known to take the coffee pods that are useless without that tiny coffee maker! It’s so funny there are more hotel toiletrie hoarders out there!

  5. I take them and when I get a gallon zip local full I drop off at homeless shelter or battered women’s shelter. I saw a lady giving them to the homeless on the street with a gift card for fast food. No shame the hotels want you to take them, free advertising

  6. It’s okay Damon! I hoard the toiletries as well. Then I sort them into goody bags with other stuff and hand them out to the homeless.

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