My husband is in Montana this week doing what he loves most… Skiing. It’s a guys’ trip so Avery and I (are jealous) decided to head south to my parents’ house in Texas. My parents live in the city of Odessa. Located in West Texas, surrounded by tumble weeds and oils derricks, there is not much of a view to speak of. In contrast, this is my husband’s view right now.

Big Sky, Montana, where Damon spent the week after Christmas

Damon had plenty of snow to ski on, but sunny skies. That is pretty much a perfect ski day to me.

However, the night Avery and I arrived in Odessa, which is historically always seems to be in a drought, it started snowing. Several inches of snow fell overnight, along with just enough freezing rain to make it icy and keep us home-bound (and stir crazy) for a couple of days. Who would have thought we would see more snowfall then Damon?
While cold weather isn’t really my cup of tea, we bundled up anyway and headed outside to play.

I wanted Avery to experience snow for the first time. Luckily, I planned ahead and brought her snow suit and boots (thanks to my meteorologist husband, I knew what to expect), but I forgot a key component to any winter wardrobe: gloves.  Total mom fail.

At first Avery was curious about the blanket of white stuff covering the ground… But upon further inspection, she was not a fan. She wanted out of that stuff. “No, not after you take some pictures, mom… I want you to pick me up now or I’ll scream.” That pretty much sums up Avery’s sentiment toward snow. We lasted two minutes. It took longer to get her dressed than we actually spent in the snow.

In a couple of weeks we will be in Steamboat Springs, Colorado where she will be forced to give snow a second chance. Don’t worry, I’ll remember to bring the gloves next time.


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