27 AWESOME things to do in Oklahoma City with kids (or without)

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UPDATED AUGUST 2020 – Oklahoma City is one of those places that is surprisingly REALLY cool. For some, the capital of the state of Oklahoma is an overnight stop along Route 66. But for many, it isn’t even on their radar… but it should be. As OKC locals, we’ve spent years exploring Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas and still feel like we’ve only scratched the surface. There are so many fun things to do in Oklahoma City with kids or without. From museums to water activities and rope courses, OKC is the perfect destination for a long weekend getaway from Dallas or Fort Worth, Tulsa, Wichita, Kansas City, or Little Rock.

Planning a family trip to OKC with kids? There are so many attractions and activities in Oklahoma City for kids. Here are 25+ awesome things to do in Oklahoma City with kids - or without -- written by a local, who's done it all!

Things you should know about Oklahoma City before you visit

Oklahoma City is located right in the center of the state and is the largest city in Oklahoma. There are roughly 1.4 million people that live in the metro area. The city and it’s surrounding suburbs cover more than 6,000 square miles… which means it is spread out. The greater Los Angeles area, for example, only covers about 4,800 square miles despite having nearly 18 million residents. So at times, you will feel like you are driving forever.

And speaking of driving, that is something you will have to do. Although Oklahoma City has a lot of great things, public transportation is not one of them. There are public bus lines within the city itself, but I wouldn’t recommend them as a way to get around the city as a tourist. Traffic is not usually bad in Oklahoma City. Sure, the city has it’s peak rush hour times during business days, but even then it is not as daunting as traffic in cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, or New York.

downtown Oklahoma City skyline

A few other details about Oklahoma

While in Oklahoma City, you will likely hear locals call it “OKC” or “the Metro”. People also love college football in Oklahoma, and treat it as a professional sport. Finally, Oklahoma has a rich Native American history, which is visible throughout the city. There are several museums, statues, and shops that showcase this great history, if you are interested in learning more.

Top things to do in Oklahoma City with kids – or without them!

We have lived in Oklahoma City for the past seven years, and we’re still discovering great activities to do on weekends. If you are looking to plan a trip to Oklahoma City or just looking for a few things to do while passing through on a road trip, this is a list of some of the best things to do in Oklahoma City.


Bricktown is OKC’s tourist district. It is filled with restaurants, bars, awesome street art, an arcade, and even a putt-putt golf course. At the heart of Bricktown is a man-made canal that you can take a boat ride on, or if you prefer you can take a walking tour or street car tour. It is one of the more scenic areas of the city and the atmosphere is lively and vibrant. Visiting Bricktown is definitely one of the more fun things to do in OKC with kids. Check out our full post on Bricktown here

A canal ride in Bricktown OKC one of the best things to do with kids in Oklahoma City.
Bricktown is one of the most popular places to visit in Oklahoma City with kids.

Wheeler Riverfront Plaza

Along the Oklahoma River, just southwest of downtown, you’ll find an area of Oklahoma City that is quickly growing and development. Wheeler Riverfront Plaza is home to a 10-foot tall OKC sign, a few food trucks, and a semi-famous Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel used to sit on California’s iconic Santa Monica Pier, and has been featured in 28 movies, including Iron Man.

OKC sign at Wheeler Riverfront Plaza
The OKC sign at Wheeler Riverfront Plaza is one of the best photo spots in Oklahoma City.

Frontier City

From roller coasters to water rides, Frontier City is a fun place to spend the day especially if visiting OKC with older kids and teens. The Wild West-themed amusement park on the city’s northeast side has been a favorite family activity in OKC for 60 years. The park has rides and entertaining shows suitable for toddlers to adults. The whole family will have a blast!

RIVERSPORT Adventure Park

Another awesome family activity that tops my list of things to do in Oklahoma City is the RIVERSPORT Adventure Park. This is a particularly great activity for adrenaline seekers and those traveling with older kids. From white water rapids, to kayaking, zip-lining, and a ropes course, this is definitely a fun way to spend the afternoon. RIVERSPORT Adventure Park is located just south of Downtown along the Oklahoma River in an area called the Boathouse District.

RiverSport Adventure Park - one of the best things to do in Oklahoma City with kids
A super fun and adventurous experience in OKC with kids

Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum

Oklahoma City is probably most notable for being the site of a horrific terrorist attack in 1995. In April of that year, 168 people, including 19 children, senselessly lost their lives when a man by the name of Timothy McVey parked a moving truck full of explosives next to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and detonated it. The area where the building once stood is now a memorial dedicated to the victims. The museum is also one of the most powerful and moving museums I have ever been through. While the museum may not be suitable for young children, the memorial itself is free to visit and is OK for families.

Check out our full post on the OKC Bombing and the Oklahoma City National Memorial here.

okc bombing memorial
One of the most moving memorials and museums in the United States.

White Water Bay

If you prefer water parks over amusement parks or museums then spend a summer afternoon at White Water Bay. Located in far west OKC, White Water Bay boasts numerous water slides and raft rides, as well as a wave pool, kiddie area, and lazy river. Summers in Oklahoma City can get hot, so White Water Bay is the perfect place to cool off.

Myriad Botanical Gardens

In Downtown Oklahoma City, check out the Myriad Botanical Gardens. The 15-acre urban nature escape is mostly free and open to the public. You will find beautiful gardens, a playground and splash fountains, a dog park, and walking trails. There is a charge to enter the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory at the center of the gardens. The 13,000 square foot tropical greenhouse houses more than 750 different plants and multiple waterfalls. As of 2017, price of admission is $8 for adults and $4 for kids 4+.

Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge

Scissortail Park

This 70-acre public green space just south of downtown is a must-visit attraction for kids in Oklahoma City. With a world class playground, splash pad, paddle boats, dog park, outdoor roller rink, and plenty of green lawn areas for picnics, you could easily spend a full day at Scissortail Park. Don’t miss Skydance Bridge near the park. This pedestrian bridge crossing over I-40 is designed to resemble the wings of the scissor-tailed flycatch, the state bird of Oklahoma. At night, the bridge is colorfully illuminated, making for a great photo spot in OKC.

Catch an OKC Thunder game

Depending on the time of year you visit Oklahoma City and the NBA schedule, this may or may not be a feasible activity. But if you happen to be in Oklahoma City when the OKC Thunder basketball team are playing a home game, I would definitely recommend it. Oklahoma City went many years without a professional sports team, so when the Thunder finally came to town Oklahomans showed their support. The atmosphere at a Thunder game is electric! It’s loud, it’s exciting, and the fans really get into the game. If you are planning to attend with a baby or toddler, I would recommend bringing them a set of noise reducing headphones to protect their tiny ears.

OKC Thunder game is a great activity for kids in Oklahoma City
Seeing a professional basketball game is always a great activity for kids in OKC.

Watch a Dodgers game at Bricktown Ballpark

This is another fun option that is also dependent on the season. If professional basketball isn’t your thing, perhaps you would enjoy the slower pace of a minor league baseball game. The OKC Dodgers are the Triple A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers. If you happen to be in Oklahoma City on a Thursday evening when the Dodgers are in town, you can enjoy $1 beers, sodas, and hot dogs at the ballpark. The ballpark is located right in the heart of Bricktown, too, making it convenient to other major attractions.

OKC Dodgers game- a great sports activity to do in OKC with kids

Devon Ice Skating

Visiting OKC in winter? Don’t worry there are plenty of family things to do in OKC when the weather isn’t ideal. Winters in Oklahoma are typically mild. Although the state has its fair share of cold weather, you don’t usually see extreme temperatures that would warrant staying inside for days on end. In fact, if visiting OKC with kids during wintertime, head downtown to the Devon Ice Skating rink. This winter time experience is fun for even the clumsiest among us.

Visit the Oklahoma State Capitol

I have always loved visiting state and national capitol buildings. The buildings always seem so grand with their ornate domes and portraits of past lawmakers hanging on the walls. One of the things that stands out about the Oklahoma State Capitol is the giant ugly oil derrick in front of the building. This is the only capitol in the world surrounded by working oil wells. Only in Oklahoma. You can take a free self-guided tour of the Oklahoma State Capitol any day of the week, or take a free guided tour on weekdays.

Oklahoma City capital building
The only state capitol in the USA with an oil derrick on the property.

Factory Obscura

One of the funkiest places in all Oklahoma, Factory Obscura isn’t just for kids. Adults will also love this immersive art installation. It’s vibrant and weird, hands-on, and kind of feels like you’re in some sort of psychedelic dream world. Located in Automobile Alley, the 6,000 square foot immersive museum is worth visiting and may be one of the most memorable experiences for kids in Oklahoma City.


Pops is an old-fashioned soda shop and restaurant located just east of Oklahoma City along Route 66. It is in a small town called Arcadia, and is a unique pit stop along the historic highway. You can’t miss it. There is a giant spiraling neon soda bottle along the road that just begs you to stop and check it out. You can literally find hundreds of different flavors of soda in the store. One of our favorite things to do is to build our own six pack of different sodas to take home and try.

Pops OKC, a fun place to visit in Oklahoma City for kids

Prefer your fizzy beverages with alcohol? Check out our post about the best breweries in Oklahoma City!

Stroll around Lake Hefner

Lake Hefner is located in the northwest part of Oklahoma City. It is a lovely lake that is popular among kite surfers during the summer months. There are well paved and lit walking and cycling trails around the entire lake and convenient parking. After a stroller around the lake, stop in for dinner and some live music at Red Rock Canyon Grill, one of several great restaurants located right on the water.

Lake Hefner lighthouse
Lake Hefner is a beautiful place to spend a warm day. With safe walking and biking trails around the lake, it makes for a great activity for kids in OKC.

Bowling at Hey Day

Bowling at Hey Day is a great way to pass time on a rainy or cold day. This isn’t just your ordinary bowling experience though. With giant big screen TVs over the bowling lanes and friendly waitstaff that take your order and deliver your food right to your lane, Hey Day is a state-of-the-art family experience. There are locations in both Bricktown and Norman, and each one has a fun arcade attached.

Okc for kids - hey day bowling lanes

Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is one of the top zoos in the country. It is well laid out and has nearly 1,500 animals. I know not everyone supports zoos, but if you love them, this is a good one to visit. My daughter particularly likes the giraffe exhibit. You can hand-feed the giraffes for an additional fee. A visit to the Oklahoma City Zoo could easily take half a day, at least, but it is one of the best things to do in Oklahoma City with kids. There is a lot of walking at the zoo, so if visiting with young children, a stroller is a must.

Oklahoma City Zoo - a great attraction for kids in Oklahoma City
The Oklahoma City Zoo is one of the best zoos in the country to visit with kids.

Science Museum

The Science Museum will bring out the kid in everyone. From space and weather to physics and the human body, the Science Museum has two stories of fascinating hands-on activities that kids and adults will love. Located right next to the Oklahoma City Zoo, you could easily spend a full day in this area of the city alone. Even toddlers will have a blast at the Oklahoma City Science Museum.

Science Museum

Orr Family Farm

Here I go again with another seasonal activity. If you happen to visit Oklahoma City in fall, definitely check out Orr Family Farm in the suburb of Moore. Moore is located just 20 minutes south of downtown. If you are looking for things to do in Oklahoma City with kids, Orr Family Farm has a lot to offer for children of all ages. From a pumpkin patch and petting zoo, to a train, carousel, playground, and bounce houses, Orr Family Farm is a favorite for our family. Orr Family Farm is also open during the spring season, but  check their website before planning your visit, as the hours may vary.

Orr Family Farm is one of the best attractions in Oklahoma City for kids

Watch an IMAX movie at the Moore Warren

While in Moore, you can also check out a movie at the Moore Warren Theater. I wouldn’t typically list a movie theater as a top attraction, but this theater is definitely better than most. The 3D digital IMAX screen at the Moore Warren was once said to be the largest in the world, although I don’t know if that remains true. One of the great things about the IMAX at the Moore Warren is there is also a family room, so you can bring a baby or toddler without having to worry about disrupting the movie if your child cries. Outside the IMAX, there are also private director’s suites with balcony seating, recliners, and food service from the bar and restaurant just outside the suites.

IMAX in Moore Oklahoma

Visit The University of Oklahoma campus

Remember how I said Oklahomans treat college football like a professional sport? About 30 minutes south of downtown lies the reason… Oklahoma University. OU is a state university with a highly renowned football program. If you want to instill excitement for education and build up a desire to go to college in your children, I always recommend visiting college campuses when you travel. Universities are usually very picturesque places with amazing architecture, and OU is no different. In fact, the University of Oklahoma library is the closest thing resembling a castle in the entire state.

Library at OU

Tour the National Weather Center

The National Weather Center is located on the University of Oklahoma campus, so you could also tour this government building while in Norman. There is nowhere more fascinating to learn about weather than Oklahoma City, the heart of tornado alley! Tours of the National Weather Center are free, but you need to book in advance, and if you are visiting from another country, there is a special form you must fill out two weeks prior to receive clearance.

National Weather Service in Norman Oklahoma

Historic Stockyards City

The Oklahoma City Stockyards is one of the best places in Oklahoma to learn about the state’s western heritage and to find western clothing, souvenirs, and food. Try on some cowboy boots and western wear in one of several shops and stores, then have dinner at the famous Cattlemen’s Steakhouse. Cattlemen’s is the oldest continuously operating restaurant in Oklahoma City, but don’t expect many vegetarian or vegan menu options. As the name suggests, Cattlemen’s is a steakhouse. However, there are plenty of incredible vegan restaurants in Oklahoma City if you follow a plant-based diet.

Oklahoma Stockyards City

Museum of Osteology

The Museum of Osteology is one of the more interesting museums in Oklahoma. The museum, which houses more than 350 skeletons from animals around the world, is one of two osteology museums in the United States. It’s a cool experience for both kids and adults. Where else can you see the actual skeleton of a giant hump back whale? Fun fact: The founders of the two museums own the largest privately held collection of bones in the world.

Museum of Osteology - one of the must unique things to do in Oklahoma City
Courtesy: Museum of Osteology

People watch in the Plaza District

The Plaza District is one of those things to do in Oklahoma City that isn’t as well known. It’s a trendy area just north of downtown that boasts colorful murals, funky restaurants and coffee shops, and plenty of bearded, man-bun wearing hipsters. It’s a fun place to hang out, people watch and pass the time. You can enjoy a craft beer on a patio or have a homemade slice of heaven at the locally pie shop, Pie Junkie.

OKC mural in the Plaza District

Charles B. Hall Airpark

Another one of the lesser known AND FREE things to do with kids in Oklahoma City is the Charles B. Hall Airpark. Not far from the Museum of Osteology, the airpark has a variety of restored aircraft on display. Aviation enthusiasts will love walking through the airpark and viewing the different planes. There are also a number of sculptures and memorials located at the airpark, including one of Charles B. Hall, the first African American airman to down an enemy aircraft.

Charles B Hall airpark

Take photos in wildflowers

Your kids may groan at this one, but what parent doesn’t want an adorable photo of their child in a field of wildflowers. Luckily, Oklahoma has some of the most beautiful wildflowers in the country. From vibrant red Indian Paintbrush fields to acres of canary yellow canola, you don’t even have to drive all that far from the city limits to find some of the best Oklahoma wildflowers.

Oklahoma wildflowers

Have you been to OKC with kids? If so, leave us a comment and let us know your favorite things to do in Oklahoma City with kids. What would you add to this list?

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Tomorrow we will be in Oklahoma City. Been there before to the Alfred P. Murrah Memorial. Now I will watch out for a few more things!

I’ve never been to Oklahoma City, so this is a real treat to read. Thanks for the not using public transport tip, that’s an important one. All the museums look fun, and so does Riversport waterpark. This is my kind of city to explore.

I’ve never been to Oklahoma City, but this post definitely gives me some good reasons to go. OKC seems like it’s a bit of an underrated city in the US, and sometimes visiting those underrated cities can be the best. I’m not a huge baseball fan, but going on a Thursday with $1 beer and hotdogs seems like a great way to spend an evening.

Being a basketball fan, I’d definitely check out a Thunder game. I hear the atmosphere is pretty amazing. That aside, didn’t realize how many things you could do there. Sure sounds like a place you’d discover a really great time

To be honest, Okhlahoma was a not one of the top cities which I would like to see when I go to US for the very first time. But this seems like a beautiful city and I would add it my bucket list, maybe that way I’ll cross that off some day!!

Certainly no shortage of things to do on Oklahoma! And a variety of activities too – from adventure parks to visiting old Capitol buildings and other landmarks, to a soda shop! I love the idea of visiting the soda shop. It seems like a very American thing to do!

Quite an interesting list of places to cover in Oklahoma City . I loved the Lake Hefner and the lighthouse. It looks so peaceful and serene. Apart from that I would like to stop by at that colorful soda bottle shop. Now this is on my life. Your kid is too adorable.

Loved your elaborative guide on Oklahoma. Surely it doesn’t look that the place has shortage of things to do. You have detailed out quite a lot and I loved it more because it seems like a my kinda place totally.

Museum of Osteology is amazing, my kids loved it so much. It is the only skeleton museum in whole United States. I visited OKC with my family last week and it was a wonderful experience. Thanks for sharing this amazing post 🙂

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