25 Awesome Travel Gifts for Dad in 2023

Are you looking for the best travel gifts for dad? Whether you are buying for your own father, a husband, brother, or another travel-loving dad in your life, we’ve compiled a list of 25 unique travel gifts for men that are perfect for dads who are always on the go. These travel gift ideas for dads are great for the business traveler or the leisure traveler. They make for perfect Father’s Day gifts for travel lovers, birthday gifts or even a great “just because” present.

This guide to the best travel gifts for dad includes 25 unique gifts for male travelers that go beyond a coffee mug or a tie. These are actual incredible travel gifts dad will love! 

Prague - Father and toddler on Charles Bridge.

Unique travel gifts for men

Here are 25 unique travel gifts for men that are sure to inspire and capture the interest of the travel-obsessed dad in your life.

Tips for Shopping for the Best Travel Gifts for Dad

The list above includes just a few unique travel gifts to help you find the perfect present for Father’s Day or any special occasion. From the expensive to the budget-friendly, there is something on the list in every price range. But ultimately, it isn’t the price that matters. As any parent will tell you, it’s the thought that you put into it. And chances are, if you have read this far, you have already put a lot of meaningful thought into your travel-loving man.

When determining the best gift for your travel-loving dad, consider what his travel style is, what his interests are, and what items would be most beneficial or appreciated. Then, consider your budget. For example, you might not have the budget to buy him a new top-of-the-line tent for your next camping trip, but a dad who loves the outdoors might still appreciate something like the collapsible water bottle above or one of the other items on our family camping gear guide.

In the end, remember, as my own father always used to say, it’s the thought that counts.

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Have a question or comment about any of these unique travel gifts for dad? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us your thoughts or your own favorite travel gift ideas for dad in the comments below!

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This list of travel gifts for dad was first written in June 2016 but was most recently updated in April 2023 for current information and travel trends. 

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