25 Awesome Travel Gifts for Dad in 2024

Are you looking for the best travel gifts for dad? Whether you are buying for your own father, a husband, brother, or another travel-loving dad in your life, we’ve compiled a list of 25 unique travel gifts for men that are perfect for dads who are always on the go. These travel gift ideas for dads are great for the business traveler or the leisure traveler. They make for perfect Father’s Day gifts for travel lovers, birthday gifts or even a great “just because” present.

This guide to the best travel gifts for dad includes 25 unique gifts for male travelers that go beyond a coffee mug or a tie. These are actual incredible travel gifts dad will love! 

Prague - Father and toddler on Charles Bridge.

Unique travel gifts for men

Here are 25 unique travel gifts for men that are sure to inspire and capture the interest of the travel-obsessed dad in your life.

a front pocket wallet which is a great gift for travelers

Front Pocket Cash and Card Case

When you are traveling, carrying a wallet in your back pocket isn’t always practical, especially in areas prone to pickpocketing. A cash and card case lets men carry the essentials, like money, a credit card and an ID card in their front pocket. That way dad can ditch the bulky wallet as the family wanders through a new city. 

With a slim design and rounded edge, it fits nicely into a front pocket to prevent the case and its contents from hanging out and possibly getting stolen. It is also made from soft, bendable leather that won’t dig into the skin or be uncomfortable when sitting down at a cafe to eat or out exploring a new place.

Google Pixel Watch with Fitbit Activity Tracking

A smartwatch can act as a personal assistant for any traveling dad, providing notifications for flight information, hotel bookings, and even the weather at their destination. This can help travelers stay on top of their schedule without constantly having to check their phone. 

Additionally, smartwatches also offer fitness tracking, making them a great companion for active travelers who want to monitor their steps, heart rate, and sleep quality while on a trip. 

Some smartwatches even have GPS capabilities, making them ideal for adventurers who want to explore new places without worrying about getting lost. It’s a versatile gift that can be used on a daily basis even after the trip has ended.

portable charging device

Portable Power Bank

Dads who travel with their kids know firsthand how many devices often have to be charged at once. And the Sherpa portable power bank allows you to charge several devices at once. This portable device can charge a smartphone, tablet, and laptop all at the same time. It is slim, lightweight and also offers wireless charging. It’s perfect for a camping, hiking, or overseas trip to keep the whole family connected on the go.

Electronic Cable Organizer

An electronic organizer can be a great gift for travelers, but especially for dads who love to travel. It helps keep all of your important electronic devices and accessories in one place. 

Many people travel with multiple devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, and headphones, and it can be difficult to keep track of all of the cords, chargers, and other accessories.

This small, compact electronic organizer has compartments and pockets for all of these items, making it easy for travelers to find what they need when they need it. Easy to pack and transport, it is particularly useful for those traveling carry-on only or trying to conserve room in their luggage.

toiletry bag for men

Leather Toiletry Bag

Women aren’t the only ones who need toiletries when they travel. That’s why this simple yet luxurious leather toiletry bag is a perfect travel gift for dad. It’s the ideal size for shaving and grooming products, a toothbrush, and other toiletries needed for any trip.

The side handle strap adds another layer of convenience. It can be used to carry your toiletry kit or to anchor it to your luggage or carry-on bag by looping a strap from your luggage through the toiletry bag’s handle.

Passport and Card Holder Combo

Nowadays, a passport holder is more important than ever. A passport holder not only keeps your passport from getting damaged, but in the days of traveling post-COVID, it makes for the perfect place to store your vaccination card or even a credit card.

The clear interior pocket is also the ideal place to store your entry visa, if the country you are visiting requires one. 

a travel amenity set that makes for a great travel gift for men or women

Amenity Kit

Unless you’re traveling first class, airline travel is never comfortable. But this amenity kit will at least make a cramped seat in economy more bearable. With a neck pillow, slippers, an eye mask, and ear plugs this complete set makes getting a peaceful sleep on an overnight flight easier and keeps jet lag at bay.

So, even if you aren’t flying first class you can give dad the first-class treatment! What travel-loving dad doesn’t deserve that?!

Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is one of those gifts dad may not even realize he needs, but after receiving it, he will wonder how he ever traveled without it! A quality pair of noise-canceling headphones is a travel gift dad will use both on trips and at home.

These make watching a movie on a plane or simply tuning out the ambient noise while you work so much easier. They’re designed with comfort in mind, so dad’s ears won’t be sore even after hours of wearing them.

large luggage for men

Rolling Gear Bag

Although we often travel minimally and carry everything on our backs when we are on trips, sometimes it just makes more sense to bring one big rolling bag.

Whether you are on an extended holiday or a short ski trip that requires a lot of ski clothing and gear, this bag is great for those times when you need larger luggage. It is extremely durable, and we have taken it on countless trips. Yet, it still looks brand new! For its size, this rolling travel bag is lightweight, seemingly waterproof, and can hold a lot of gear!

GoPro HERO 10 Bundle

Most dads already have some type of camera, or like many people, the special man in your life might just use his smartphone to take pictures when traveling. But a true travel-lover needs something more. To help document family vacations and outings and to make sure dad makes it in the picture too, The HERO10 GoPro bundle is amazing!

The camera is small, compact, and the picture and video quality is great. It can be handheld or mounted, it is waterproof and is perfect for capturing all your outdoor adventures including snorkeling and water activities. Much easier to carry and travel with than a larger DSLR camera, this GoPro also has built in GPS.

Deuter kid comfort carrier

Kid Comfort Carrier

On the practical side, a child carrier is a great and very useful gift for traveling dads.

If the dad you are buying for has young children, a hiking backpack to carry the baby or toddler would make a great gift. This Deuter Child Carrier is easy to use and comfortable for both the kiddo and the parent.

Our daughter absolutely loved being in the hiking carrier, and we took it with us to more than a dozen countries, and countless hikes, without so much as a thread coming loose. (Bonus for mom: it means dad carries the kid! Bonus for kids: it comes with a little teddy bear.)

Check out our full review on the Deuter Kid Comfort 3 HERE.

Men’s Packable Lightweight Water-Resistant Puffer Jacket

A lightweight puffer jacket offers warmth and versatility without taking up too much space in luggage. Puffer jackets are known for their insulating properties, making them ideal for colder destinations or for layering in unpredictable weather conditions. However, a lightweight puffer jacket won’t weigh travelers down, making it easy to pack and transport. 

Additionally, many puffer jackets are designed to be compressible. This makes them perfect for travelers who want to pack light or who have limited luggage space. This one is available in a range of colors, so you’re bound to find one that suits your dad’s taste. 

Overall, a lightweight puffer jacket is a practical and stylish gift that can help keep the dad in your life comfortable and prepared for any weather.

collapsible water bottle, one of the best gifts for minimalist travelers and backpackers

Collapsible Water Bottle

Whether backpacking through the wilderness or backpacking across Europe, every inch of space counts. That’s why this collapsible water bottle is the perfect gift for dads who travel.

The HydraPak collapsible water bottle allows you to downsize your hydration. When empty, it collapses and packs tightly, unlike traditional water bottles, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your bag. Then, it can be expanded when you need to fill it up. It is perfect for an afternoon of sightseeing or a family hike in the mountains.

Hobby T-Shirt

What is your traveling dad’s favorite hobby? Does he ski? Does he hike? Instead of getting him one of those lame World’s Greatest Dad shirts, getting him something he will actually be proud to wear… a shirt that reflects his personality and interests. Here’s one for the avid outdoorsman who enjoys spending time in the mountains, doing activities like skiing, snowboarding, or hiking.

Or invest in a shirt that invests in nature. Purchasing a shirt from the Parks Project supports the planting of native plants and trees inside national parks.


If he isn’t really a graphic tee kind of guy, he might actually prefer a Father’s Day gift for travel purposes. REI has a variety of shirts that are lightweight, moisture wicking and quick drying. But even better, they have an SPF protection guard, and some even have an insect shield, which is perfect if traveling to places that are mosquito or bug prone.


Top Rated Beer Gift Basket

Does the father in your life enjoy trying different beers from around the world? A craft beer gift set is a great gift idea for a craft beer connoisseur.  You could buy a pre-assembled set or simply head to your neighbor liquor store and create your own.  

Pair it with a book like, The United States of Craft Beer or The Beer Bucket List and a cool beer cap map and you’ve got a unique gift that any beer lover would go crazy for.

Global Cocktail Kit Mixer Mini Sampler

Whether dad wants to feel like he is having a Pina Colada in Puerto Rico or a Margarita in Cancun or Playa del Carmen this global cocktail mixer kit includes 12 different premixed global flavors of popular specialty drinks. This kit doesn’t include alcohol, so make sure dad has the liquors he needs in his liquor cabinet at home, or include bottles of rum, tequila, and vodka to complete the gift! 

A quick mixed drink after a long day, and he will feel like he is on vacation at home.

scratch off travel map

Scratch Off World Map Poster with US States and Country Flags

Plan your family travel bucket list or track where your family has been and where you want to go with a scratch off world map. This one comes with US state and country flags, as well. So, you can showcase your adventures around the world and within the United States in a unique and fun way.

We personally have this map and love to scratch off new places that we have visited and dream about where we will go next.

Google Smart Display

Another great way to display your family’s adventures is through a digital photo frame. But don’t just get any digital frame. A Google Nest Hub is so much more than a photo frame. It connects directly to your Google Photos so recent and previous photos will automatically sync. 

The Hub also serves as a help center for your household. Connect it with other Google products like your Nest thermostat, Nest cameras, doorbell, and even lights and dad can control the entire house from his device. He can also connect it to his Google Calendar and smart device, and verbally ask it anything he would ordinarily Google!

23 and me dna tests make great travel gifts for men or women who want to know more abotu their heritage

23andMe Health + Ancestry DNA Test

If the dad in your life is into genealogy or heritage travel, a DNA test like 23andMe is a great travel gift for him. One of the wonderful things about 23andMe is that it not only gives you a full genetic report that will help you understand your heritage and family lineage, but it also comes with a health and traits report.

The health and traits report will give you personal insight into any predispositions while the genealogy report will give you a better understanding of where your family originated. It’s a gift to help the father in your life plan a more personal trip to explore the area of the world from which his family hails!

Try Treats – International Snack Subscription Box

Is your travel-loving dad more of a foodie instead of a craft beer guy? How about a subscription to a monthly food box? Try Treats makes a box of international snacks and candy that will be delivered to your mailbox each month, or you can order a single, one-time gift box filled with treats.

If dad isn’t really a sweets guy, choose a gourmet international food set like this Italian gift basket or a sushi making kit so your foodie dad can feel like he’s traveling the world with his taste buds – even in the comfort of home.

Professional Vacation Photography Session

A Flytographer photo shoot makes an excellent gift for dads who frequently travel with their families. Not only does it provide the opportunity to capture precious memories with your loved ones, but it also takes the stress of taking photos off dad’s shoulders. 

The Flytographer service connects travelers with professional photographers in over 300 cities worldwide, ensuring that dads and their families can enjoy their travels while also having beautiful photos to cherish for years to come. With Flytographer, dads can sit back, relax, and enjoy their travels while knowing that they have professional photos of their family’s adventures to take home.

DJI Mini 2 Ultralight Drone

Take your family photos and videos up a notch with a compact, easy-to-operate drone. Gone are the days of selfie sticks, dad can now capture videos of the family walking along the beach or hiking in the mountains using a small drone that is compact enough to fit in a carry-on or day bag. If a drone seems a bit too intimidating, a gimbal is a great handheld option that shoots drone-like footage with motion stabilization.

Parenthood and Passports- ziplining Costa Rica

Experience Gift Card

An experience gift card is an excellent choice for dads who love to travel because it offers them the opportunity to explore new places and try new things -without having to fork over the cash to fund an entire trip. 

Rather than giving a physical gift, an experience gift card to a company like Get Your Guide allows dads to create lasting memories and have unique experiences that they may not have considered before. 

From hot air balloon rides to wine tastings, cooking classes to adventure tours, an experience gift card lets the traveling dad in your life book the type of experience that suits his interests and travel style.

Camping gear

One of the best travel gifts for dad you could give to an adventure and family-loving father is the gift of time spent together. And what better way to spend quality time than a camping trip? But in order to make camping fun and safe for the family, you’ll need to invest in some camping essentials.

Camping can be an intimidating way to travel but don’t worry, we’ve laid out everything you need for a family camping trip in our camping gear guide. This will make it easy for you to find the perfect gift for a dad who loves to travel outdoors! We also have lots of family camping tips to make those nights spent in a tent more comfortable for everyone!

adventure scrapebook travel gifts for men

Our Adventure Book DIY Family Scrapbook Photo Album

While most men are not really into scrapbooking, any travel-loving father would adore a scrapbook that you put together for him. Print out photos of your favorite trips together and get to scrapbooking!

The best travel gifts for men or women are the ones that have sentimental value. And what better way to show dad how much he means to you, then with a gift that comes straight from the heart and lets him recount the great memories from some of your family’s favorite adventures.

Tips for Shopping for the Best Travel Gifts for Dad

The list above includes just a few unique travel gifts to help you find the perfect present for Father’s Day or any special occasion.

From the expensive to the budget-friendly, there is something on the list in every price range. But ultimately, it isn’t the price that matters. As any parent will tell you, it’s the thought that you put into it. And chances are, if you have read this far, you have already put a lot of meaningful thought into your travel-loving man.

When determining the best gift for your travel-loving dad, consider what his travel style is, what his interests are, and what items would be most beneficial or appreciated. Then, consider your budget.

For example, you might not have the budget to buy him a new top-of-the-line tent for your next camping trip, but a dad who loves the outdoors might still appreciate something like the collapsible water bottle above or one of the other items on our family camping gear guide.

In the end, remember, as my own father always used to say, it’s the thought that counts.

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Have a question or comment about any of these unique travel gifts for dad? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us your thoughts or your own favorite travel gift ideas for dad in the comments below!

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This list of travel gifts for dad was first written in June 2016 but was most recently updated in March 2024 for current information and travel trends. 

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