Travel Gifts for Kids 2021 | 50+ Genius Travel-Inspired Gifts for Children of All Ages

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Travel is a great way to teach children about the world. Through travel, we’ve been able to introduce our daughter to the many different cultures, people, and ways of life that make this world great. And even when we aren’t traveling, we like to feed our child’s curiosity with toys, books, and other items that fuel her love for the world. We’re constantly looking out for travel-inspired gift ideas for kids. We’ve created a list of the best travel gifts for kids of all ages that your little globetrotter will be sure to love! Hopefully, these gifts will bring that travel feeling into their everyday lives.

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Awesome gift ideas for kids who travel

The Ultimate List of Travel Gifts for Kids

To help you find the perfect present for your young traveler, we’ve broken this list into several categories and created a table of contents to take you directly to the category that is best suited for your child’s age and interests.

Travel gifts for babies (0-18 months)

Travel doesn't have to stop when you have a baby. In fact, why not start developing a love for travel as soon as your little one is born? These travel gifts for babies are sure to start molding your tiny traveler's wanderlust from the very start.

Travel gifts for toddlers (18 months - 4 years old)

Toddlers are at the perfect age to truly start developing their unique interests and building upon those learning experiences they get during travel. Pretend play is important during this stage of development, and these travel gifts for kids ages 1 1/2 to 4 years old are perfect to help them expand their minds and develop a worldly perspective.

gifts for traveling kids
Looking for great travel gifts for kids? There are lots of travel-inspired toys and travel gifts for family vacations that your little globetrotters will love!

Travel-inspired toys and gifts for kids (5-12 years old)

Grade school kids are at the perfect age to learn through imaginative play. Nurture their love for the world with these awesome travel-inspired gifts for kids ages 5-12 years old.

Travel gifts for kids ages preteen and teen

Buying for preteens and teenagers can be a challenge, especially if you are trying to buy them anything educational. But even the hard-to-buy-for preteen or teenager will like one of these awesome travel gifts for older kids and teenagers.

Edible kids travel gift ideas

There is something great about a gift you can eat. And these edible gifts are even better because they are travel inspired!

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This post was originally published in November 2018 and was updated in September 2021 to include the latest and best travel gifts for kids in 2021.

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