Navigating an airport is often a stressful scenario, especially when it comes to going through security. You have to remove your shoes and belt, separate liquids, and take your laptop out of its case. Then you pass through a body scanner or get subjected to an intrusive pat down just to get on an airplane. Throw a baby or toddler into the mix, and things instantly get more stressful. But there is one thing that can make the process easier when traveling with a baby or toddler. Babywearing at the airport makes traveling with little ones much more manageable. My ErgoBaby Organics Baby Carrier is my number one travel necessity.

If you haven’t discovered babywearing yet, you’re missing out. If you are planning a trip with an infant or toddler, do not travel without a baby carrier!Parenthood and Passports - Holiday Travel Tips

Babywearing at the airport: what to know

  • TSA/Security

    Perhaps the most convenient part about babywearing at the airport is passing through security checkpoints. When you go through security, you do not have to remove your baby or your baby carrier. The TSA agents will allow you you go through the metal detector while still wearing your baby. After walking through the metal detector, the agent will swab your hands to test for gun powder or explosive residue. It takes all of five extra seconds. Way less time than taking the baby out of the carrier and putting it back on. You also get to avoid the body scanner of which many people aren’t a fan.

  • In the terminal

    Babywearing at the airport not only keeps you hands free to hold your carry-on bag or to scarf down a quick snack, but it keeps others’ hands off of your baby. I get it, people love babies. They’re adorable with their ankle rolls and chubby fingers and tiny toes. But it’s a pet peeve of mine when strangers come up and touch my child without asking. I’ve found people are a lot less likely to do so if your child is snuggled up to your body in the confines of a carrier.

    Babywearing also keeps your baby or toddler from putting their hands all over everything.¬† This is especially an issue once your little one becomes mobile. Let’s face it, airports aren’t the cleanest of places. It will make even the most chill parent cringe to watch their tiny human crawl around in the floor where thousands of people have just walked.

  • On the plane

    Once you are on the plane, you will need to take your baby or toddler out of the carrier during the flight. I’m not sure why they consider this safer, but I don’t argue. It’s an inconvenience, especially when you are flying with an infant who is sound asleep in the carrier. If your baby is sleeping, most flight attendants will make an exception. But I’ve encountered some who strictly follow the rules, so be prepared to take your baby out of the carrier while in flight, even if they are asleep.

  • Nursing

    I have never been one of those moms who could breastfeed in public without a nursing cover or a blanket draped over me. More power to you if you are one of those moms who doesn’t have a problem with it. I fully support your right to feed your child at any place or any time without having to cover up. Breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful thing.

    Personally, I was never comfortable pulling my boob out in public to nurse my baby. But as much time as we spent in an airport when my daughter was still nursing, it was bound to happen. If you’re planning to travel with a breastfed baby, there will come a time when you have to nurse in the airport, on the plane, or out in public at a crowded tourist attraction. If you’re like me and don’t want the world to see you do so, babywearing comes in quite handy. It takes some practice and the right type of clothing, but I was able to figure out how to nurse my baby without ever taking her out of the carrier, and without strangers even realizing I was doing it.

    Babywearing at the airport - Parenthood and Passports


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