Ah, the internet… A place where we can be who we want and reveal only what we want, and showcase our fabulous lives so all of our friends are jealous. That is the sole purpose of the world wide web, right? Seriously, just scroll through any Facebook feed and you will see perfect pictures of other people’s kids, vacations, or food. But come on, who are we kidding? How many gratuitous pictures of your feet by the ocean did you take before you finally decided your calves looked skinny enough to post on social media? Parenthood and Passports - Traveling family

Sure, I will probably leave a comment on the cute picture of your kid you posted on Instagram, but be honest, how long did your toddler truly keep that giant bow on her head before yanking it off and throwing it at you? Parenthood and Passports - ChristmasFor me, the answer to the aforementioned questions would be as follows: Approximately four. And less than one minute.

Kids throw fits, sometimes for no particular reason; vacations don’t always turn out as expected, and quite often the meals I prepare are hardly even edible.

No one likes a show off. That’s why I strive to be as real as possible when I talk about our travels and our life at home. Whether it’s a missed flight, a meltdown on an airplane, or the upcoming confession, I want to be truthful and transparent.

That’s why I have decided to reveal this small nugget of information. Here it goes… I, Melissa, wife to Damon and mother to Avery……. drive a mom car. (Pause for dramatic effect.) It’s a reasonably affordable sedan. A Nissan to be exact. Nothing expensive or flashy. Nothing trendy or sexy. But it’s in great shape, and I’ll probably drive it until it isn’t.

 I like my mom car. It’s quite spacious, actually. So spacious, in fact, that if we ever have a second kid, we could probably make it through an entire road trip without having to listen to the age-old “she’s touching me!” argument. I really don’t think tiny kid arms could physically reach across the entire backseat to touch another kid. It’s that spacious!  Did you know, I once fit three full-sized car seats in my backseat without any difficulty? Like I said, spacious… My mom car also has a big trunk (like any great mom car should), and it’s crammed full of baby gear. There’s a giant stroller back there, a smaller one too, there’s one of those puffy things you put in shopping carts to prevent your kid from licking the handle and contracting some shopping cart-borne virus, and there’s also a random push toy that Avery can ride on. (I really need to take that out.) Yet, even with all that crap back there, I still have plenty of room for grocery sacks when we do our weekly shopping. Again, spacious!

“So what’s the big deal?” You ask. “You’re a mom? Aren’t you supposed to have a mom car?”

Not necessarily. I know plenty of moms that drive cute, sporty cars. They are usually the same moms that brag about kale salads and swear their kids are sweet angels who never throw tantrums. They probably also don’t wear the same yoga pants for three days in row. And then I know moms who took the mom car way too far and bought a mom VAN. (I vow to never!) But here’s the shocking part of my mom car confession… I drove this car long before I was a mom. (GASP!) That’s right, I was driving around in the mom-mobile way before there were Cheerios stuck to the backseat or KidzBop programmed into my Sirius radio. Why? Because I like it!

I’m telling you all of this because I want to give you a glimpse into our everyday lives.

Hanging out at home in sweat pants and pajamas and no makeup

People seem to think we live some kind of crazy, adventurous life because we like to travel. I’ve gotten comments from people on social media and even this blog about how exciting our lives must be. So I just wanted to be transparent and let you in on a little secret… We are just as normal as the next family… Mom car and all.  It may seem like we are traveling constantly because I blog about it, but that isn’t the case. Our normal days living in Oklahoma far outnumber our traveling days. I blog about our travels because it’s fun for me. Plus, I’m fairly certain no one wants to read about my failed attempts to transition my kid to a sippy cup, or how Sundays are always laundry days in our household. However, if you are still reading this, you’ve made it through a nearly 800-word blog entry about my mom car. (For that, I thank you!)

Truth be told, traveling and adventure only happen in short bursts. The rest of the time, which is most of the time, we live a very ordinary life. At home, we are, in every sense of the word, “average”. We live in the suburbs with one kid, two dogs, a mortgage, jobs, and a mom car… Oh, and a rescue fish. I saved him from a tragic death many years ago, and that dang fish just keeps living. But I will save that story for another blog entry.


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