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Some might say we’re crazy. Others say we’re brave. Whatever you’d call us, you’ve probably whispered it under your breath as we boarded the plane next to you with our kid in tow heading to (or from) another adventure around the world. We’re first-time parents who love to travel. It’s a passion we want to instill in our daughter, so while it isn’t always the easiest option, where we go, she goes. This family travel blog all started as a way to document our family travels and adventures for our daughter.

Full-time Parents. Part-time Travelers. A family travel blog written by normal parents - just like you!

Our daughter was born February 2015 and has been collecting passport stamps and experiences ever since. From the cobblestone streets of Europe to the dirt roads in Central America, we are teaching our daughter the ins-and-outs of traveling, respecting the planet, and embracing new cultures.

We are an ordinary working family who has simply made travel a priority. We budget, we save, and we work really hard so we can afford to show our daughter the world.

This little corner of the internet is basically a look into our lives as we travel the world with a kid in tow. It’s a place where we share stories of our adventures in parenthood, tips and lessons learned from traveling, reviews of destinations we find to be exceptionally family friendly, and itineraries for those who are also interested in traveling with a pint-sized passenger.

Thanks for visiting our blog! I hope this inspires you to explore the world and bring your kids along for the adventure!

Interested in collaborating with us on an adventure? Contact us at [email protected]!

Who we are

Damon (Dad)

Melissa (Mom)


We currently live in Oklahoma, USA. Damon is from Virginia and is an Emmy-award winning, professional meteorologist (hence why we live in the severe weather capital of the world). Melissa is from Texas. She is a former television journalist turned public relations consultant and is the primary trip planner and writer at Parenthood & Passports. Avery is along for the ride! Our goal is to visit all 7 continents as a family by the time our daughter is 10.

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