What is Slovenia Known For? | 11 Fascinating Claims to Fame

Slovenia is one of our favorite countries. Still somewhat off the radar for many, Slovenia has breathtaking scenery, culture, history, stunning scenery, medieval towns, jaw-dropping scenery, quirky urban areas, great food… and did I already mention the scenery? It is so beautiful and truly a dream destination for outdoor lovers, nature enthusiasts, and adventurers who enjoy a nice hike.

But what is Slovenia known for? The small country in the Balkans may be famous for its landscapes but that isn’t its only claim to fame.

a cute white house with window boxes of flowers with a green field, forest, and the Julian Alps in the background.
Slovenia’s beauty rivals that of Switzerland, in our opinions.

Top Things Slovenia is Famous For

If you’re planning a trip to Slovenia and want to know more about this lesser-known country before your visit, we’ve compiled a list of the top things that put Slovenia on the map and make it a must-visit destination.

Natural beauty and outdoor adventures

the rugged julian alps in slovenia
The Julian Alps are among one of the most scenic areas of Slovenia.

You’re probably well aware of this by now – at least if you read the first paragraph above. Perhaps what Slovenia is most known for is its exceptional natural beauty. It is simply a stunning country with mountains, turquoise blue lakes, pristine forests, and even beautiful coastal areas along the Adriatic Sea.

The country is relatively compact, so you can explore and experience multiple landscapes in a short amount of time – like one week in Slovenia. And for outdoor lovers who love activities like hiking, you’ll find no shortage of adventure here.

What is even greater about Slovenia is that the country has made huge efforts in conservation to preserve this natural paradise for future generations. 


a dragon statue on the Dragon bridge in Ljubljana
The Dragon Bridge in Ljubljana.

The dragon has become the official symbol of Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. The mythical creature holds a significant and beloved place in Slovenian folklore. 

According to some legends, a Greek mythology hero fought and slayed a dragon in the marshland around the Slovenian capital – laying the foundation for the city and its official mascot. Overtime, the dragon has evolved to symbolize resilience, power, and protection. 

Affectionately known as the ‘City of Dragons” you’ll find this prominent symbol throughout the city – most famously adorning one of Ljubljana’s main bridges crossing the Ljubljanica River. The Dragon Bridge features 20 dragon statues, including larger sculptures at the 4 corners of the bridge. 

Its War-Torn Past

guns used during the Slovenian War for Independence on display in a museum in Ljubljana
You can learn about the Slovenian Independence War at the museum inside Ljubljana Castle.

Slovenia is a relatively new country, only officially becoming an independent nation in 1991. Following the dissolution of Yugoslavia, Slovenia along with other Balkan countries, declared independence. 

Of course, gaining independence wasn’t without challenges and tensions. There was a brief armed conflict. However, today, the country is thriving and well worth visiting.  

Having an Autonomous Community

street art in Metelkova Art Center
Metelkova Art Center is more than just an area covered in street art.

Only a few blocks from the central train station in Ljubljana is a quirky neighborhood often called the Metelkova Art Center. At first glance, you would think this run-down block covered in colorful, yet strangely disturbing murals is nothing more than an area of artistic expression. But the area, sometimes referred to as Metelkova Mesto, is actually an autonomous or self-governed community which considers itself separate from the municipality of Ljubljana. 

The social center has a messy and entangled history that dates back to the early 1990s when Slovenia declared independence. 

One of the more disturbing art installations in Metelkova Mesto.
One of the more disturbing art installations in Metelkova Mesto.

The center consists of about 7 buildings and is celebrated for its street art, live music scene, and acceptance of societal nonconformists and eclectic populations. Even if you only have one day in Ljubljana, it’s worth walking through this unique area to experience its somewhat sketchy vibe that is so different from the rest of Slovenia.

Being budget friendly

our family posing for a photo on a bridge along the Vintgar Gorge Hike in Slovenia
Slovenia offers lots of outdoor activities that are free or inexpensive, like Vintgar Gorge, which has a small admission to hike.

Slovenia is considered a relatively affordable country to visit, particularly compared to many of the other destinations in Europe. Hotels, dining costs, and transportation are typically lower than in some of the neighboring countries like Italy or Austria, making Slovenia an ideal destination for families on a tight budget. 

Additionally, Slovenia boasts an abundance of natural attractions like the breathtaking Vintgar Gorge and other hiking trails that have a low admission fee or even no fee to visit. While Slovenia is known for being economical on the wallet, as more people are discovering what a true gem this country is, tourism is growing quickly, and ultimately the cost to visit Slovenia will grow, as well.  

Bled Cake

bled cake
Bled Cake is one of the most famous Slovenian foods.

Slovenia is famous for a particular delicacy known as Bled Cake. This delicious dessert hails from the town of Bled – particularly created at the historic Hotel Park on the shores of Lake Bled. 

The pastry features layers of sponge cake, vanilla custard, and whipped cream. It is creamy and sweet, and fluffy and flaky. Not only is it a must-try food in Slovenia, but it has also practically become a symbol of the country.  


Slovenia is considered one of the safest countries in Europe. Taking it one step further, the Balkan nation is even ranked among the safest countries in the world! Sure, in tourist destinations you need to watch out for crimes like petty theft and pickpocketing. 

But in general, the country’s low crime rate makes it a destination that families can explore without worrying about their safety. 

Beautiful Lakes

looking out at Lake Bled with Bled Castle perched on a cliff in the background
Slovenia’s beautiful turquoise lakes are renowned throughout Europe.

Slovenia is home to some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, so it is no surprise that the country has risen to fame for its clean and picturesque bodies of water. 

Among the most noteworthy, Lake Bled looks like the setting of a fairytale, with a castle towering over it on a cliff above, and a small church built on an island in the center of the lake. Only accessible by boat, the church has become one of the most famous in Europe.

the church on Bled Island
The small church on the island in the center of Lake Bled is one of the most recognizable churches in Europe.

Less crowded yet no less beautiful, Lake Bohinj offers a scenery surrounded by mountain peaks and seemingly untouched wilderness. Even Slovenia’s smaller lakes like Lake Jasna near Kranjska Gora offer opportunities for swimming, kayaking, hiking, or simply admiring the natural beauty. 

Hard to pronounce capital

ljubljana looking down the river at Presnen Square
Ljubljan, the capital of Slovenia is built up around the River Ljubljanica.

For native English speakers the capital city of Slovenia looks like a mouthful. But it really isn’t hard to pronounce once you hear it said out loud. 

Ljubljana, pronounced LOO-BLEE-AH-NUH, gets its name from the Slovene word “ljubljena”, which means “beloved”. The city’s name is a direct reflection of the affection its residents have for their city and could very well reflect your feeling for the charming capital after visiting it.

The name is also associated with the River Ljubljanica that runs through the heart of the city – adding to its beauty, its atmosphere and its overall allure. Many of the best things to do in Ljubljana are along or near the river. 


a stalagmite in Postojna cave
Postojna Cave is one of the top tourist attractions in Slovenia. | Photo by Shpetim Ujkani from Unsplash

Slovenia is perhaps as beautiful under the ground as it is above. The country is famous for its vast network of caves featuring naturally formed stalactites, stalagmites, and complex mazes of underground passages. 

Slovenia’s most famous cave, Postojna, is one of the largest caves in Europe and makes for an easy inclusion on a Slovenia road trip. Another notable cave, Škocjan, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia.


Beekeeping and environmental conservation efforts 

the eco-friendly bus in ljubljana
Ljubljana’s tourist buses are eco-friendly and run off methane.

Slovenia is renowned and praised for its environmental conservation efforts. Among those efforts – beekeeping is a way of life for many in Slovenia – with around 200,000 colonies of Carniolan bees kept around the country. The country’s beekeeping practice is even recognized by the UNESCO organization for its preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

In addition to beekeeping, Slovenia has implemented numerous initiatives to preserve their forests, rivers, and lakes and to promote eco-friendly tourism. From Ljubljana’s public buses that run on methane to its zero-waste strategy the capital city even claimed the title of the “European Green Capital” in 2016 and is considered one of the most sustainable destinations in the world.

A Quick List of famous landmarks in Slovenia

  • Vintgar Gorge 
  • Lake Bled
  • Predjama Castle 
  • Vršič Pass
  • Postojna Cave
  • Škocjan Cave
  • Tolmin Gorge
  • Soča Valley

Conclusion: What is Slovenia known for?

So, there it is – our list of the things Slovenia is best known for. While I’m sure there are plenty of other important attributes and claims to fame that Slovenians would add to this list, this post is intended to give you an outsider’s perspective. It’s an introduction to the country and what visitors to Slovenia know and remember it for. As you start planning your Slovenia travels, keep this list in mind. After your trip, come back and let us know if there is anything else you’d add to this list!

Do you have a comment or question about any of these things Slovenia is famous for? We’d love to hear from you. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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