15 UNIQUE Souvenirs from the Netherlands

The Netherlands promises to be a memorable European vacation. Whether you’re admiring the rows of narrow canal houses in Amsterdam, strolling beneath the windmills in Zaanse Schans or navigating the waterways in Giethoorn, the village with no roads, the Netherlands will leave a lasting impression. What better way to treasure the essence of your Dutch adventure than by bringing home unique souvenirs from the Netherlands?

souvenir shop in Volendam Netherlands
You’ll find lots of souvenir shops in Dutch cities, towns, and even small villages where you can find unique gifts.

This travel guide to the best Dutch souvenirs includes 15 awesome gifts from the Netherlands that make for great keepsakes, edible presents, or usable crafts that both first-time visitors and seasoned travelers are sure to love. 

The best Netherlands souvenirs you can eat or drink

The Netherlands has some truly unique foods, and some of those foods make for the perfect souvenir. 


a Dutch cheese shop in Amsterdam
Cheese is one of the most popular Dutch things to bring home from the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is known for its many different cheeses that have gained global acclaim for quality and variety.

One of the most iconic Dutch cheeses is Gouda, a semi-hard cheese with a mild, nutty flavor which is from the town that gives the cheese its name. 

Edam is another renowned Dutch cheese, known for its distinctive round shape and mild, slightly sweet taste. Visiting the cheese market in Edam is one of the best things to do when visiting Volendam, Edam, and Marken.

Additionally, Maasdam, and Leerdammer are other popular choices among cheese enthusiasts. Many Dutch cheeses are wrapped in a thick wax which allows you to carry it around for up to a month without needing refrigeration.

Pair your Dutch cheeses with a cheese slicer and you’ve got one of the best souvenirs from the Netherlands you can buy!

Dutch Chocolate

Dutch chocolate is another great edible gift from the Netherlands, renowned for its exceptional quality and rich flavor. While Dutch chocolate may not be as famous as the chocolate that neighboring Belgium is known for, the Netherland’s chocolate-making tradition dates back centuries.

Dutch chocolate is often crafted with high cocoa content, resulting in a deep, robust flavor profile all while maintaining a very smooth texture.

Whether in the form of artisanal truffles, pralines,  classic chocolate bars, or even chocolate sprinkles, when seeking a sweet souvenir, Dutch chocolate proves to be an ideal choice.


a stroopwafel dipped in chocolate and covered in M&Ms
Stroopwafels are delicious and unique souvenirs from the Netherlands.

Stroopwafels are a beloved Dutch treat and make for delectable souvenirs from the Netherlands. These wafer-thin, sweet waffles are sandwiched with a gooey caramel-like syrup, or “stroop”. The waffles are often dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with candy, cookie crumbles or other irresistible toppings. 

The result is a heavenly combination of crispy and chewy textures. You can buy stroopwafels from street markets or local bakeries throughout the country to eat there, bring home as Dutch gifts or souvenirs. 

These baked treats are best enjoyed warm, placed atop a hot beverage like coffee or tea, allowing the syrup to soften and create a melt-in-your-mouth experience. 



a bottle of Smeets Jenever
Jenever Is A Belgian And Dutch Spirit. | Photo By Geoffrey Feitsma From Unsplash

If you are looking for a unique beverage to bring back from the Netherlands, Jenever, is a juniper-flavored spirit that makes for an exceptional souvenir from the Netherlands.

Originating in the 17th century, jenever is often considered the precursor to gin. It’s best known for its distinct flavor that is unlike any other spirit you’ve likely tried. 

Whether enjoyed by itself or mixed in classic cocktails, jenever allows you to savor a piece of Dutch heritage as you sip on your drink. 

Other popular souvenirs from the Netherlands

While the Netherlands has no shortage of delicious edible gifts, here are a few of other best Netherlands souvenirs to look for during your travels or find online after your trip.

Whether you’re visiting just the Netherlands, or combining a trip to Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, here are a few gift and souvenir ideas.

Wooden Tulips or Tulip Bulbs

wooden tulips
Wooden Tulips At The Bloemenmarkt In Amsterdam. | Photo By PublicDomainPictures From Pixabay

The tulip is the flower most often associated with the Netherlands. In fact, the tulip fields near Lisse and Keukenhof Gardens are among the most popular day trips from Amsterdam during spring when the flowers are in bloom.

You can buy actual tulip bulbs to take home and plant so a little part of Holland will bloom at your home, or you can buy wooden tulips. These colorful wooden alternatives to fresh flowers or flower bulbs never wilt and make for an attractive souvenir that you can display in any room of your house to add a pop of color. 

Pair a few wooden tulips with a Delft Blue vase, and you’ve got the perfect souvenir from the Netherlands.

Delft Blue Pottery

delft blue plates
Delft Blue Is One Of The Primary Crafts The Netherlands Is Known For and Therefore Makes for a Great Souvenir. | Photo By Ellen From Pixabay

Delft Blue, also known as Delftware or Delft pottery, is a distinctive style of ceramics that originated in the city of Delft, one of the best places to visit in the Netherlands.

Dating back to the 17th century, Delft Blue ceramics are renowned for their elegant blue and white designs often depicting intricate patterns, scenes, motifs, or the famous kissing couple. Delft Blue has evolved into a cherished and iconic form of Dutch craftsmanship and has become one of the most beloved souvenirs from the Netherlands. 

Visitors to the Netherlands often choose Delft Blue pieces as gifts due to their timeless beauty and recognizable artistry. You can buy Delft pottery in the form of plates, platters, mugs, vases, tiles, and even jewelry. 



Wooden Clogs hanging on a wall in a souvenir shop - One of the Most Popular Souvenirs from the Netherlands
Wooden Clogs Are One of the Most Popular Souvenirs from the Netherlands. | Photo By Wieger Waardenburg From Pixabay

Traditional Dutch clogs, or wooden shoes, make for unique souvenirs from the Netherlands due to their symbolic representation of Dutch tradition. The wooden shoe dates back centuries and is a nod to the country’s agricultural roots. 

Carved from a single block of wood, Dutch clogs showcase the artistry and skill of Dutch artisans. While they once served practical purposes, as souvenirs, they are a memorable piece of Dutch craftsmanship that make for an eye-catching and conversation-starting display piece.

Often painted in vibrant colors, you can visit a wooden shoe workshop in Zaanse Schans, and bring home a pair of clogs as a memento from your travels.

Dutch Doll in Traditional Costume 

a plush doll wearing a traditional Dutch costume
Our daughter’s doll we bought from Netherlands in a traditional Dutch costume.

This one is a great Netherlands souvenir for little girls, particularly little girls who love dolls. A doll dressed in traditional old Dutch attire not only celebrates the country’s cultural heritage and history but it makes for a beautiful keepsake. 

Traditional Dutch costumes consist of a long, full skirt paired with a blouse, apron and pointy or winged lace bonnet for women. Men traditionally wear a pair of trousers with a button-down shirt, waistcoat, and  a flat hat or newsboy-style cap. Wooden shoes, known as “klompen,” are a quintessential accessory to complete the traditional Dutch ensemble. 

Whether you buy a doll that kids can play with or a collector’s item, the unique attire that the doll is dressed in will always remind you and your little ones of your Netherlands adventure. 

Sinterklaas ornament 

The Netherlands is one of the best places to celebrate Christmas in Europe, primarily because of the legend of Sinterklaas, which is deeply ingrained in Dutch culture. According to tradition, Sinterklaas, also known as Saint Nicholas, arrives in the Netherlands from Spain by steamboat on December 5th. 

Similar to Santa Claus, Sinterklaas is depicted as a tall, bearded figure wearing a red bishop’s robe and a mitre, carrying a staff and a large book containing the names of all the children and their deeds throughout the year. He is believed to bring gifts and treats for well-behaved children. 

The legend of Sinterklaas is a cherished part of Dutch folklore, making an ornament of Sinterklaas a popular Dutch souvenir during the holiday season.

Canal houses magnet 

Damrak in Amsterdam
Some of the most famous canal houses in the Netherlands are found at Damrak, right across from the Central Train Station in Amsterdam. This scene is often displayed on magnets and other souvenirs.

Bring home the picturesque view of Amsterdam’s famous canal houses to forever keep on your refrigerator or magnet board. A magnet is always a popular souvenir. In fact, we buy a magnet from every new place we visit and keep them on a magnet board to reminisce about our travels from time to time.

You’ll find so many shops throughout Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, or any other city in the Netherlands where you can buy trinkets and souvenirs, particularly magnets. While you’ll find magnets of windmills and tulips, a magnet of the colorful canal houses is one of the most popular choices. 

Jigsaw puzzles 

Another great way to remember the country’s picturesque landscapes and iconic landmarks is by buying a jigsaw puzzle of the Netherland’s stunning scenery. From the windmills dotting the countryside to the charming canal houses with their gingerbread-style architecture, these images are often depicted on jigsaw puzzles. 

This souvenir from the Netherlands will serve as a delightful reminder of the beauty and charm of the Dutch landscape as you put your puzzle together piece by piece. 

Heineken Glass

a man holding up his Heineken glass
A Heineken glass is a great souvenir so you can enjoy a Heineken at home.

Ireland may be known for its Guinness, but the Netherlands has its own world famous beer brand. If visiting Amsterdam without children, you can tour the original Heineken brewery and buy Heineken glassware to take home as a souvenir. 

Founded in 1867, Heineken has become one of the most notable names in the beer industry. The beer is no longer brewed at the original brewery. Instead, it is now a museum where you can learn about the history and brewing process of Heineken. 

It’s important to note that children are not allowed to accompany parents on the Heineken Experience tour, so if visiting with kids, you may not be able to include this on your Amsterdam itinerary. But nothing can stop you from buying a Heineken beer glass or stein to take home as a Netherlands souvenir.

Bicycle trinkets

a decorated bike along a canal in Amsterdam
Buying souvenirs from the Netherlands that remind you of the country’s bicycle culture is a great way to commemorate your trip.

Bicycles are popular means of transportation in the Netherlands. In fact, even in the large cities, you’ll find more bicycles on the roads than cars. So, if you rent a bike to get around and decide you love it and want to incorporate cycling into your life back home, why not bring home a bicycle bell, basket or other accessory as a souvenir from the Netherlands. 

Even if you don’t plan to cycle at home, you can always bring home a bicycle trinket, shirt, or decor item to remind you of your time in the Netherlands. 

Miffy Plush

a Miffy bunny plush
Miffy is an adorable Dutch character that makes for a popular souvenir for kids.

Visiting the Netherlands with kids? A Miffy plush makes for an adorable souvenir. Miffy, or Nijntje in Dutch, is a beloved character with a simple yet endearing design that has captured the hearts of people worldwide. 

The bunny character serves as a delightful reminder of Dutch creativity and the country’s renowned contributions to children’s literature and illustration. Miffy has a timeless appeal, with her distinctive minimalist aesthetic making it a great Dutch gift, particularly for kids. 

Van Gogh Print 

A Photo of the Van Gogh Self Portrait hanging in a Museum
Van Gogh Is Among The Most Famous Artists From The Netherlands. His Original Works Can Be Seen In Several Museums In The Country and Buy Prints of Those Works. | Photo By Stale Grut From Unsplash

The Netherlands has produced several famous artists, but perhaps none is more well known than Vincent van Gogh. The legendary Dutch Post-Impressionist artist is celebrated for his profound impact on the world of art. Born in 1853 in the Netherlands, van Gogh created over 2,000 works of art, including iconic pieces like “Sunflowers,” and “The Starry Night.” 

Van Gogh’s distinctive style is characterized by expressive brushstrokes often paired with bold colors. When in Amsterdam, you can tour the Van Gogh museum, dedicated to the art and the life of the Dutch artist.

In the gift shop you can buy a print of one of his paintings. Or, if you prefer, prints of many of Van Gogh’s works are easily available to order online, as well. 

Do you have a question or comment about any of these gift ideas and souvenirs from the Netherlands? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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