15 BEST Souvenirs from Belgium to Buy on Your Trip

Belgium is an easy country to visit for a few days when traveling to nearby nations like France or the Netherlands. But with dynamic cities, like Brussels and Antwerp, and charming villages like Bruges and Dinant, Belgium is well worth more than just a few days. As you travel around the country, exploring cobblestone streets and lively plazas, you’ll likely find no shortage of unique souvenirs from Belgium that you’ll want to take home. 

This guide to the best things to buy in Belgium includes 15 fun souvenirs that will forever remind you of the country’s historic cities, interesting landmarks, and delicious cuisine. 

What to buy in Belgium | 15 Best Belgian Souvenirs

If you’re planning a trip to this beautiful western European country and you want to make sure to bring home the best gifts from Belgium, we have compiled a list of the top Belgian souvenirs and most popular things to buy that will ensure your memories linger longer after you return home.


prepackaged chocolate in a chocolate shop in bruges selling belgian souvenirs
Belgian chocolate is perhaps the most popular souvenir from Belgium.

Want to savor the memories of your time in Belgium? Bringing home a box (or lots of boxes) of Belgian chocolates will transport you right back to the heart of Europe’s chocolate capital. 

Belgian chocolate isn’t merely a sweet treat; it’s a culinary masterpiece that Belgium is known for. From smooth, velvety textures, to crunchy fillings, each small truffle is as unique as it is delicious. 

From the quaint cobblestone streets of Bruges to the bustling boulevards of Brussels, Belgian chocolatiers have perfected the chocolate making process.

You can take chocolate making classes in Bruges or Brussels and even visit the Choco-Story Museum to learn about how chocolate practically became synonymous with the small country. 

Whether you simply want to bring home a Belgian souvenir that will satisfy your sweet tooth or you’re looking for the perfect gift from Belgium, Belgian chocolate will be a delicious reminder of your trip. 

Beer and Matching Glass

belgian beers and corresponding glasses at a beer store in Bruges Belgium
You can buy individual beers and their corresponding glasses at specialty shops in Belgium.

In Belgium, beer isn’t just a beverage; it’s a revered tradition and one of the best souvenirs from Belgium you can bring home. 

From Trappist ales to fruity lambics, Belgian beer comes in a diverse variety of styles and flavors. Each Belgian beer is served in its own unique glass. The shape of each specialized glass is designed to enhance the aroma, flavor, and overall drinking experience.

Whether it’s the elegant tulip glass for strong ales or the iconic chalice for abbey beers, the glassware elevates the enjoyment and adds a level of sophistication to drinking a cold brew, making a Belgian beer and matching glassware the perfect gift from Belgium to bring home and share among friends.

Prepackaged Waffles

waffles on display in Brussels
Waffles are one of the most famous Belgian foods.

In Belgium, waffles aren’t just a breakfast food, these traditional delights are eaten as dessert or an afternoon snack, as well. 

Stopping for waffles will no doubt be one of your favorite things to do while you are in Belgium. They make for a great afternoon pick-me-up during a busy day trip to Bruges or Ghent.

A stop for waffles is the perfect way to break up the day when out sightseeing.  However, you can also buy pre-packaged versions of this Belgian treat to take home with you. 

Each neatly packaged waffle will remind you of the beautiful Belgian culture with every bite. The perfect for on-the-go indulgence, Belgian waffles also make for a thoughtful souvenir that will satisfy your hunger and your wanderlust. 

As you wander through the streets of basically any Belgium city, you’ll find plenty of shops selling these iconic treats already pre-packaged for you to bring home.


We collect magnets from every new place we visit, so naturally our list of the best souvenirs from Belgium has to include a magnet.  

You can buy a magnet that has gabled houses on it, iconic landmarks, or Belgium’s recognizable flag.

Whether you choose to display your magnet on your refrigerator or a magnet board next to the magnets from all the other countries you have visited, stop into a souvenir store in any city, town, or village and buy a Belgium magnet to bring home.


a ring with diamonds and other gems from Antwerp Belgium
This ring, made with Belgian diamonds, is just one example of the jewelry you can purchase in Antwerp. | Photo by Philippe Van Doninck from Unsplash

If you’re looking for luxurious souvenirs from Belgium, head to Antwerp to do a little jewelry shopping. 

Known as the “Diamond Capital of the World”, Antwerp’s diamonds aren’t just prized gems; they’re renowned for their exceptional quality and exquisite beauty. 

With a long legacy of diamond trading and cutting expertise, Belgium’s historic diamond district in Antwerp is home to prestigious jewelry houses that meticulously craft each diamond ensuring that every stone radiates brilliance and elegance. 

While they are definitely pricey Belgian souvenirs, diamond jewelry makes for a timeless gift that can be passed down to future generations as family heirlooms. 

Manneken Pis trinket

mannekin pis statue
Manneken Pis is practically considered Belgium’s mascot. Image By Walkerssk From Pixabay

Manneken Pis is not only an iconic landmark in Belgium, it is also one of the most famous statues in Europe

The 2-foot tall statue of a little boy peeing into a fountain holds a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors alike, embodying the quirky spirit of the country’s capital city. 

The little bronze statue is located only a block or two away from Grand Place, making it an easy and must-visit addition to your itinerary – even if you only have one or two days in Brussels.  

The statue has become somewhat of a mascot for Brussels, so it is no wonder that people are drawn to Manneken Pis souvenirs as mementos of their time in Belgium. 

From miniature replicas to whimsical trinkets, these Belgian souvenirs are a lighthearted reminder of the unique character of Brussels. Whether displayed on a shelf or gifted to loved ones, Manneken Pis souvenirs serve as whimsical keepsakes.

Bottle of Jenever

a bottle of jenever
Jenever Is A Belgian And Dutch Spirit. Photo By Geoffrey Feitsma From Unsplash

If you are a fan of spirits, a bottle of Jenever is a great Belgian souvenir to bring back home. Much like Poland is known for its Vodka, Belgians are proud of their jenever. 

Often referred to as the predecessor to gin, Jenever is a spirit flavored with juniper berries. You can use it in a mixed drink or drink it over ice. But if you are an alcohol connoisseur or simply enjoy a stiff drink every once in a while, a bottle of jenever is a great addition to your liquor cabinet.

Christmas Ornament

A popular keepsake for many travelers, a Christmas ornament is a great way to reflect year after year on your previous trips as you put up your holiday decorations. 

Because of the famed Christmas markets that make places like Bruges popular holiday destinations, you’ll find an assortment of ornaments in most souvenir shops in Belgium.

Whether you’re solely exploring Belgium or you’re passing through as part of a Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg itinerary, be sure to stop in a Belgium souvenir shop and pick up an ornament for your Christmas tree.  


Speculoos Biscuits

a bowl of speculoos
Speculoos are sweet treats you can buy to eat there or take home. | Photo by Wouter Supardi Salari from Unsplash

Belgian speculoos biscuits are another irresistible treat often enjoyed during festive occasions. 

Traditionally made and eaten during the Christmas season, these spiced gingerbread cookies are popular treats at the incredible Christmas markets found throughout Belgium. These markets are just one of the reasons cities like Brussels and Bruges are among the best places to visit in Europe during Christmas

With their aromatic blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger, and a crispy texture, speculoos biscuits are best when paired with a cup of coffee but can be savored on their own, as well. 



Lace is a popular souvenir from Belgium and one we personally stumbled upon unknowingly. Walk through the streets of Brussels or Bruges, and you’ll likely come across one of two dainty shops selling delicate, handmade lace crafts. 

The intricate patterns and delicate texture of Belgian lace reflect centuries of artisanal tradition.  As a Belgian souvenir, lace offers more than just a piece of fabric; it is a piece of art celebrating a historic craft. 

Whether adorning garments, home decor, or keepsake items, Belgian lace is a popular choice for travelers seeking a piece of the country’s heritage.


Smurf Plush or Figurine

smurf souvenirs from belgium in a store window in brussels
Smurfs are popular souvenirs from Belgium for kids. | Photo by Nazim Coskun from Unsplash

The Smurfs may bring back 1980s nostalgia, but these cute, blue comic characters are still widely popular in Belgium. Why? Because the Smurfs were created by Belgian artist Peyo and are globally recognized with a whimsical appeal that transcends generations. 

While they originated from Belgian comic books the Smurfs were later popularized through television and film adaptations.

With Belgium being the birthplace of the Smurfs, taking home an adorable plush or figurine of your favorite Smurf is a great way for children to connect to the country and its place in pop culture. 


Belgium is credited with the invention of the French Fries, called Pommes Frites in Belgium. And while you can top off your frites with a variety of things including ketchup or mayonnaise, Andalouse sauce is among the most popular Belgian condiments. 

The condiment originated in Belgium and is used as a dip or topping on various foods – not just fries, but burgers, sandwiches, and grilled meats. 

Andalouse sauce is made from mayonnaise, tomato paste, peppers, onions, and various spices, giving it a slightly tangy and spicy flavor profile. It’s similar to a spicy mayonnaise with a hint of tomato flavor.

After trying this spicy sauce, you’ll want to bring some home to introduce your friends to a new way of eating fries! 


an appetizer in belgium of cheese, meat, olives, and pickles
Cheese and other pairings are a common appetizer in Belgium. | Photo by Jaimie Harmsen from Unsplash

While the Netherlands may be better known for its cheese, in Belgium, cheese lovers are in for a treat, as well. Because Belgium is sandwiched between several cheese countries, including Germany, France, and the Netherlands, cheese is a popular snack or appetizer.

Among the standout varieties, one cheese you’ll love is the Belgian Westmalle Trappist cheese, which is still produced in an abbey to this day. There are several varieties of this cheese, so consider buying all of them to take home and savor. 

Other popular cheeses to bring home as Belgian souvenirs include Herve and Berloumi.



Another high-end souvenir from Belgium, crystal and crystalware make for a beautiful addition to your home. 

A popular Belgian brand, Val Saint Lambert, has been making crystal glassware since the early 1800s. Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, a crystal vase, stemware, or sculpted bowl will add an elegant touch and a talking point to any dinner party you host at home. 


Miniature Atomium

the Atomium in Brussels Belgium
Atomium’s unique design inspires souvenirs shaped like the structure. | Waldo Miguez From Pixabay

The Atomium is one of the best places to visit in Brussels. This recognizable structure isn’t just a peculiar piece of public art, it is a building you can actually go inside.

Because of its discernable shape, shop owners and independent sellers have made a career out of creating miniature Atomium trinkets, prints, and other souvenirs showcasing this Belgium landmark.

Originally built for  the 1958 World Fair, the Atomium is to Brussels what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris or the Space Needle is to Seattle.


Conclusion | Where to find souvenirs from Belgium

You don’t have to look far from the main tourist streets in any of Belgium’s cities or towns to find most of these Belgian keepsakes. We found plenty of small shops selling everything from inexpensive magnets and trinkets to boutique vendors specializing in beautiful lace or crystal.

If you have already returned from your trip and missed out on some of these unique souvenirs from Belgium, we have linked to a few places online that sell them, but keep in mind, not all of these souvenirs can be purchased online. That’s part of the beauty of travel… find those special items that can only be purchased there.

And while these souvenirs from Belgium will definitely have you looking back fondly on your trip – the memories you make – taking chocolate making classes, wandering along picturesque canals, and exploring quiet villages will be what you cherish most from your travels.   

Do you have a question or comment about any of these Belgian souvenirs and gifts to buy in Belgium? We’d love to hear from you! Leave your thoughts on these Belgium souvenir ideas in the comments below.

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