Fort Worth Sundance Square

Fort Worth Sundance Square is the heart of the North Texas city’s downtown area. It’s a wonderful place to eat, shop for Texas souvenirs, or enjoy an evening with or without children. Day or night, the atmosphere in Sundance Square is always vibrant, lively, and fun. With splash fountains, giant umbrellas that offer shade from the Texas sun, and an urban design that encourages public gatherings, the main plaza in Sundance Square is an open space that is not only functional but pretty.

Festivals and public events in Fort Worth Sundance Square

fort worth sundance square

I lived in Fort Worth for five years, and Sundance Square was my favorite place in the entire city. It is both family-friendly and fun for singles. One of the things that makes downtown Fort Worth a great attraction is the number of festivals and free events that are held in Sundance Square. Concerts, arts festivals, outdoor movies, and food festivals… there is always something going on downtown.

Where to park in Fort Worth Sundance Square

Unlike many downtown areas in metropolises that we’ve visited, parking in Sundance Square is relatively easy and inexpensive. There are meters lining the street which take credit cards and are free after 5 on weekdays and all day on weekends There are also several lots and parking garages that are conveniently located. (A few of which offer free parking!)

Safety Sundance Square

Fort Worth’s has one of the safer downtown areas I’ve ever visited. Definitely keep your guard up anywhere you go, but in Fort Worth, there is a friendly “cowboy” feel. I like to call it Texas hospitality. People are more than willing to give you directions if you stop them on the street, and they’ll most likely do so with a big smile, and a “Welcome to Texas!”

Fort Worth Sundance Square

Where to eat in Sundance Square

Reata offers the best dining experience in Sundance Square. With a rooftop bar and enclosed rooftop dining space your dinner will be served with an incredible view.  The food is high-end cowboy cuisine. From chicken-fried steak to, well, actual steak, you’ll get a good taste of down-home Texas cooking.

Where to drink in Sundance Square

Don’t have the kids with you? Hit up Flying Saucer. Beer connoisseurs will love it. They have a fantastic outdoor beer garden, a huge selection of beers from around the world, and great live music.

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