Our family is on a traveling hiatus right now, (yay spring *sarcasm*) so I don’t really have any big adventures about which to write. These days, during my spare time, I research our “someday destinations”. We have a lot of these. My husband and I actually have a 10 year travel plan. (What can I say, I like to be prepared.)

Periodically, we talk about all of the places we want to go, and one night, probably while having a beer or two, we put pen to bar napkin and literally wrote down every country we plan to visit in the next decade. Thus, we created our 10 year travel plan.

Parenthood and Passports- 10 year travel plan
Having beers and planning our future.

Of course, that list isn’t set in stone. It’s constantly changing based on various factors. For example, we were supposed to go to Colombia this summer, but we will head to Belize and Guatemala instead. We changed our plans simply because we found a great deal on airfare to Belize City. Airfare to Colombia was higher than we wanted to pay.

Each year, we plan to take at least two international trips… One in the western hemisphere and one in the eastern hemisphere. (I also like balance if you can’t tell.) This has been our plan since we first got married in 2012. The only year we differed from that plan was 2015 when our daughter was born. That year, sleep deprivation and a major life change got the best of us and we stayed on this side of the prime meridian.

Parenthood and Passports - 10 year travel plan
Sticking to the western hemisphere, hiking in Costa Rica after our daughter was born.

Our ten year travel plan not only gives us trips to look forward to but it gives us a rough idea of how much money we need to save for upcoming adventures. We can also keep an eye on airfare to specific destinations. The minute prices drops, we can buy before they go back up.

So what is on our 10 year travel plan?

Well, as I already mentioned, in six weeks we head to Belize and Guatemala. Then in August we will go to Germany, Czech Republic, and Poland (the country of my husband’s heritage). Next year, we will once again try to make it to Colombia (come on airfare, I need you to drop). Then we’ll head to the Far East to visit China for the first time. While I’m super stoked about that, I could do without the 14 hour flight with a then 2 1/2 year old. By the way, speaking of the youngest member of our traveling trio, she will also be going along on all of these trips… minus one… our ten year anniversary trip… because, well… after ten years, we’d like to know what it’s like to NOT share a hotel room with a kid. (You catch my drift. ) 😉

I’ll spare you all the details of the remaining eight years of our 10 year travel plan. (They will probably change anyway.) But I’m curious, those of you who also travel quite a bit, do you have one of these weird lists planning out the next 10 years of your life? And if you’ve had one for awhile, how closely have you stuck to it?



15 thoughts on “Our Ever-Changing 10 Year Travel Plan”

  1. This sounds just like me & my husband ? I thought I was the only one who planned so far in advance! So jealous of your upcoming trips 🙂

  2. This is great – I am not nearly as organized! Like everyone though I do have a bucket list – two places we really want to take our kids to soon are Spain and Japan. Hoping for next summer.

    1. Both of those countries are on our bucket list/travel plan too. We are hoping to see both Japan and China next summer, but I’m not sure it’s feasible with only two weeks. I won’t truly know until I start planning the trip, which I won’t start doing until this time next year.

      1. This Summer, we are taking our 7 year old to The Philippines (where my husband’s family is from), on road trips to Maine & Pennsylvania, and I’m doing a girls’ trip to Peru. In October, DC.

        In two years I want to try for another baby so I want to go to Australia, New Zealand, and France first! So much to look forward to, but those ones aren’t booked just yet. I never feel like I’m going anywhere until I’ve got tickets 😉

        1. Wow! That all sounds amazing! I’ve never been to the Philippines, but I’ve heard it is beautiful. (It’s on my 10 year plan… so is Peru.. and Australia… and New Zealand.) 😉

          1. The Philippines is amazing! We went to several islands as a part of our honeymoon (also, Japan) and it was gorgeous (just not Manila, so much). I can’t wait to go back again and see more of the islands. Especially showing my son the culture this time.

  3. I had a kind of 6 years travel plan and I have done some of the places from that list but I’ve also done others. As you said, airline tickets and other life things can change plans:)

  4. You will not be surprised to learn that I am all about the long term travel planning. Next year we’re going skiing for the first time (New Mexcio) and actually plan to take 2018 “off” in an attempt to save money and vacation days for Baby #2. Since we stick to 1 big trip per year, the 2018/2019 plan is Hawaii, and for the unassigned years, we have Germany/Swizerland/Austria/Czech Republic as one trip, an island that starts with St. (Croix, John, Kitt, Maarten, Tropez…you catch my drift), Costa Rica and Alaska on the agenda 🙂

    1. I am not surprised at all by this! And both Hawaii and your next Europe trip sound amazing! I really, really need to put Hawaii on the list. It’s such a long flight though that I always find myself thinking “if I’m going to be in a plane that long I might as well get a passport stamp”… So we end up in Europe instead. 🙂

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