Top 20 Small Towns in America that You’ve Never Heard Of

Small towns have a way of winning us over. With charm practically oozing from cobblestone streets and character seeping from storybook buildings, small towns are often the most memorable places to visit.

From Mondsee, Austria, to Hakone, Japan, and even Chefchaouen, Morocco we’ve been privileged to visited some incredible small towns around the world. But the United States has its fair share of cute, small towns, as well.

Many of the most charming small towns in America are already popular destinations for weekend getaways or ski trips. Yet, there are plenty of others that remain somewhat undiscovered. In fact, many of the top small towns in America are obscure and unknown to tourists… at least for now.

This list of the top small towns in America is a look at some of the lesser-visited small towns in the USA that you should visit before they become too popular.

How we have classified a ‘small town’

Everyone has their own thoughts on what is considered ‘small’. This list of the top small towns in America was compiled by numerous bloggers and travel writers. Size is relative, and we did not put population stipulations on those who contributed to this list.

For people who live in a major city like New York City or Los Angeles, anything under a population of 300,000 might be considered small to them. For others, more than 20,000 people might be considered a medium-sized town.

While many of these up-and-coming towns in the US hover around 10,000 people, others are closer to 100,000.

However, there were two primary qualities that each towns had to have to make our list of the top small towns in America. The town needed to have a unique, small feel and was not already a major tourist destination.

Here are the top small towns in America that you will want to add to your list before they become overrun with crowds.

Medora, North Dakota

Medora North Dakota - a top small town in the American Great Plains
The cute downtown area in Medora, North Dakota

Medora, North Dakota is one of the cutest small towns in the United States and one of the best places to visit in North Dakota. The architecture and facades on the buildings are designed to look like something straight out of the Wild West.

This tiny town of less than 200 people is the gateway town to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. As the base camp for many who visit the national park, Medora sees its fair share of visitors.

However, Theodore Roosevelt is not nearly as visited as some of the other national parks like Yellowstone or Arches National Park, so the town does not have near the crowds as Jackson Hole, Wyoming or Moab, Utah.

While hundreds of thousands of people visit Medora each year, the majority of those visitors come between the months of June and August. The rest of the year, the charming town is practically empty.

While the national park is the primary draw to the small US town in the Great Plains, there are lots of other fun things to do in Medora to keep you entertained.

If visiting during the summer, the Medora Musical is a lively western-themed performance at an outdoor amphitheater. For kids, the town has a miniature golf course, a point-to-point zipline, and an optical illusions museum.

Medora at a glance

Population: 134
Known for: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Medicine Park is a tiny town known for its distinctive cobblestone buildings.

Medicine Park is as unique as it is small. This tiny town of less than 500 residents is located in southwest Oklahoma near the Wichita Mountains. Most of the buildings in the town are partially built with cobblestones giving the town its unique appearance.

The town got its name because the indigenous tribes who once settled here believed the waters in Medicine Creek, which runs through the town, had healing properties. Based on this belief, the town became a health and wellness resort in the early 1900s – attracting everyone from US presidents to outlaws like Bonnie and Clyde.

Today, Medicine Park remains one of the best places to visit in Oklahoma.

Whether you want to relax at Bath Lake, shop along Cobblestone Row, or do some hiking or rock climbing in the nearby Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, there are plenty of things to do in this small US town to keep you entertained for a day or even a weekend.

Medicine Park at a glance

Population: 428
Known for: Its cobbled buildings and history as a wellness resort town

Marfa, Texas

Prada store Marfa Texas
The Prada store installation outside of Marfa, Texas – one of the top small towns in America.

Located in the vast desert of far west Texas, Marfa is an artistic town of less than 2,000 residents, some quirky art, and unexplained phenomenon.

It has become known worldwide largely because of its unique public art installations, but the town’s remote location keeps many tourists away.

About 20 miles outside of this tiny town, on an empty desert road seemingly in the middle of nowhere, an empty, nonfunctional Prada store has drawn visitors from all over the globe.

But the Prada store installation isn’t the only thing to see in Marfa during a west Texas road trip. The Chinati Foundation is a contemporary art museum in the town that features various minimalist sculptures both inside and outside.

The artistic vibes in Marfa spill over into every aspect of the town. In fact, Marfa is home to various restaurants and lodging options that are just as off-the-wall as its public art.

Spend at least one night at El Cosmico, where you can stay in a luxury, bohemian teepee or a renovated vintage trailer.

Marfa at a glance

Population: 1,831
Known for: quirky public art installations like the Prada storefront

Midway, Utah

Midway, Utah
Midway, Utah looks like a Swiss village

Midway, Utah is one of those small towns in America that makes you feel like you are somewhere else. The town of just over 5,000 residents has architectural character that resembles buildings you would see in Europe.

More specifically, the town has a Swiss look and feel that will transport you from the Wasatch valley to the foot of the Swiss Alps.

Perhaps best known as the home to the first Ice Castles location, the town just 30 minutes from Park City sees a tourism boom in the winter months thanks to the Utah bucket list experience. The frozen attraction built entirely from ice typically opens for the season in January.

But throughout the rest of the year, Midway is still a great place to visit. Go scuba diving in a natural hot spring inside a cave-like crater, or take a mountain stroll in nearby Wasatch Mountain State Park.

The cute town is worth exploring, but the surrounding area is the true draw!

Midway at a glance

Population: 5,035
Known for: Ice Castles and Swiss charm

Ruidoso, New Mexico

Lake outside of Ruidoso New Mexico
Ruidoso, New Mexico is a perfect small town for nature lovers. | Photo by The Down Lo

If Taos and Santa Fe had a lovechild, it would be Ruidoso.

New Mexico’s second largest ski region, Ruidoso exudes a distinct Southwest chic while staying true to its cowboy culture roots.

A “cabin in the woods” type of getaway, it’s the place to fall off the grid and never want to return to reality. The river runs right through town and deer and other forested creatures can often be spotted ambling about town, ensuring the locals are extra friendly.

Popular outdoor attractions include hiking, biking, horseback riding, and fishing, with lazy days at the lake and porch sitting also frequent pastimes.

But if you do want to explore the greater area, southern New Mexico has a number of diverse landscapes in easy driving distance.

From White Sands National Monument to Carlsbad Caverns, there are several places that make for unique day trips primed for photo lovers and those visiting New Mexico with kids.

An easy jaunt from El Paso, Texas, Roswell, or Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ruidoso is one hidden gem that’s not going to stay hidden much longer.

Lauren – The Down Lo

Ruidoso at a glance

Population: 7,791
Known for: skiing in winter and mountain hikes in summer

Latrobe, Pennsylvania

Saint Vincent College Latrobe PA - a cute small American town
Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, PA | Photo by Everywhere Forward

Located less than an hour from Pittsburgh, Latrobe is a cute small US town filled with history.

The Neighborhood Visitor and Information Center in Latrobe has artifacts and souvenirs honoring hometown figures like golf champion Arnold Palmer and everyone’s neighbor Fred Rogers.

Each summer, the Great American Banana Split Festival celebrates the invention of this delicious treat in Latrobe in 1904.

If you’re looking for a drink instead, enjoy some Rolling Rock, developed by the Latrobe Brewing Company in 1939. While the brewery now produces other brands, Rolling Rock memorabilia is exhibited at the visitor’s center and microbreweries like Four Seasons carry on this Latrobe tradition of brewing beer.

Once home to the first professional football team, fans can also watch the Pittsburgh Steelers practice at Saint Vincent College, the first Benedictine monastery and college in the United States.

Latrobe makes traveling easy, with a local airport and multiple hotels located nearby, so even if visiting Pennsylvania in winter, Latrobe is a convenient small town.

Pam and Katherine – Everywhere Forward

Latrobe at a glance

Population: 8,338
Known for: Rolling Rock Brewery and the invention of the banana split

Granbury, Texas

Best small towns in the USA - Granbury Texas
Downtown Granbury at Christmas | Photo by That Texas Couple

Head about 30 minutes southwest of Fort Worth, and you will run into one of the best small towns in the U.S., Granbury, Texas. 

This small town located on Lake Granbury is big on charm!  If you’re looking for a quiet getaway that is steeped in history, Granbury is just the place for you. 

Head for the historic downtown square where you can visit some of the 60 shops and restaurants. 

Just off of the square you will find the Hood County Jail and Historical Museum where you can tour the old cell block still intact from 1885.  Take time to see a show at the Granbury Opera House where the Granbury Theatre Company has been putting on shows since 1886.

Don’t leave without hitting the beach on Lake Granbury.  Located about a block from the historic square you will find a great public beach and swimming area on the lake. 

If you’re feeling more adventurous, rent jet skis or a boat to see the town and lake from a different vantage point.  After a hard day of swimming, unwind at one of Granbury’s local wineries or the micro-brewery, Revolver, or shop for Texas souvenirs.

Granbury is a perfect small town in the U.S. to get away and just relax.  For more great small towns, be sure and check out other small Texas towns you must visit.

Michelle – That Texas Couple

Granbury at a glance

Population: 9,939
Known for: Lake Granbury and water sports

Pella, Iowa

Pella Will Make You Feel Like You Are In A Small Dutch Village. | Photo By Leonardo Marchini From Pixabay

About an hour east of Des Moines, you’ll surely find Pella, Iowa to be one of the most charming and best small towns in America. From its architecture to its iconic windmill and its Tulip Time Festival, this Dutch settlement embraces all the things that the Netherlands is known for.

Founded in 1847 by Dutch immigrants, Pella is one of the best places to visit in Iowa for families.

The Molengracht Plaza, with its canal and drawbridge, adds a touch of European flair to the town, while the Vermeer Mill stands as the tallest working Dutch windmill in the United States.

Pella at a glance

Population: 10,554
Known for: Its Dutch influence and working windmill

Guthrie, Oklahoma

Guthrie Oklahoma drug store museum
Downtown Guthrie, Oklahoma

Finally, the small US town that inspired this post. Guthrie, Oklahoma is everything you hope a small town would be. It is quaint, historical, picturesque, and yet full of fun things to do.

Beautifully preserved, old red brick buildings line the downtown streets of Guthrie. The scenic downtown area is a National Historic Landmark and a popular destination for photographers looking for an old-fashioned setting.

While the town is small, it is anything but sleepy. The century-old buildings are now filled with museums, coffee houses, and antique stores.

Located just north of Oklahoma City, and a few miles off the historic Route 66, Guthrie, Oklahoma is a great place to spend a morning exploring when passing through Oklahoma. To prolong your stay, spend a night in quaint bed and breakfast and enjoy an authentic experience in quiet rural Oklahoma.

This laid back, friendly small town is truly underrated, making it somewhat of a gem untainted by mass tourism.

Guthrie at a glance

Population: 11,376
Known for: The original state capital of Oklahoma and a National Historic Landmark

Beacon, New York

Beacon NY is a charming small American town located a little more than an hour train ride away from New York City in the Hudson Valley.

You can easily do a day trip to Beacon for NYC, but it could also be a relaxing weekend getaway.  From the train station, you can catch the trolley that will take you to several places around town.

Waterfront in Beacon New York
The waterfront in Beacon, New York | Photo by Dominique Stueben from Unsplash

The top attraction is DIA: Beacon, which is a contemporary art museum built in what used to be a factory. You can see artwork from Dan Flavin, Richard Serra, and Michael Heizer, to name a few. 

Give yourself 2-3 hours to see and experience this incredible museum.

You should also visit the picturesque Main Street, which has lots of cute shops and restaurants. Hudson Beach Glass sells blown glass pieces and it’s fun to watch the artists at work. Alps Sweet Shop sells chocolate, fudge, and candy that not only tastes great but looks adorable, too. 

Play has a great selection of games, toys, useful gadgets, and even gag gifts. If you are looking for a unique dining experience, try Pandorica Restaurant – a unique Dr. Who-themed restaurant.

Anisa – Two Traveling Texans

Beacon at a glance

Population: 13,634
Known for: DIA: Beacon contemporary art museum

Los Alamos, New Mexico

a road in Los Alamos New Mexico in winter
Los Alamos is surrounded by beautiful scenery. | Photo by Yu Wang from Unsplash

New Mexico has many popular cities and towns for tourists. Artists have flocked to Santa Fe for decades and Albuquerque-related tourism is taking off, thanks to a little show called Breaking Bad. However, the New Mexican tourist boom has not yet reached Los Alamos, New Mexico.

If most people have heard of Los Alamos, it’s only because it was the home of the Manhattan Project–the top secret research team that invented the atomic bomb.

But for those tourists who take a chance on the Atomic City, there is a full day’s worth of wonders to explore.

You can go visit the Bradbury Science Museum and learn about the history of Los Alamos and how the atomic bomb was invented there.

You can follow that up with a tour by van with Atomic City Tours and explore everything from the home of Robert Oppenheimer to the present-day Los Alamos National Laboratory. (Our tour guide turned a blind eye if we tried to sneak a camera into the Laboratory grounds and take photos, which I think may be illegal.)

At the end of the tour, they even gave us a complimentary lip balm with ‘Our Lips Are Sealed’ written on the side. But my lips are not sealed about Los Alamos’s charms. Be sure to check it out!

Stella Jane – Around the World in 24 Hours

Los Alamos at a glance

Population: 12,666
Known for: Home of the Manhattan Project

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Seacoast Town Of Portsmouth, NH Makes For A Relaxing New England Retreat. | Photo By Brett Hammond From Pixabay

New Hampshire is home to many of New England’s best hidden gems and quaint town. And the port town of Portsmouth is definitely quaint!

Built along the mouth of the Piscataqua River in southeastern New Hampshire, Portsmouth is a historic town known for it’s well-preserved architecture – including red-brick buildings, cobbled streets, and colonial-era homes.

The Strawbery Banke Museum is a great place to learn about Portsmouth’s past, showcasing centuries-old homes and exhibits, with costumed staff demonstrating traditional crafts and trades.

Stroll through the downtown area where you’ll find boutique shops, art galleries and local restaurants serving up fresh seafood and New England cuisine. The waterfront is also a popular spot to visit, where the town’s maritime heritage is evident.

Whether visiting during the busier summer months or planning a winter vacation on the East Coast, Portsmouth is sure to entertain and delight!

Portsmouth at a glance

Population: 22,277
Known for: Its historic preservation

Winona, Minnesota

Winona, Minnesota Is A Cute Small, Lakeside Town. | Photo By Tom Fisk From Pexels

Located in southeastern Minnesota along the banks of the Mississippi River, Winona is a stunning small town nestled between picturesque bluffs. A great place for outdoor recreation, there is no shortage of hiking trails and water activities to partake in, making Winona one of the top small towns in America.

Among the best things to do in Winona, MN, you can hike to the top of Sugar Loaf Bluff for panoramic views or visit the beautiful Basilica of Saint Stanislaus Kostka. The Catholic church is dedicated to a Polish saint, a nod to the town’s Polish and Kashubian heritage.

History lovers can tour the nearby Pickwick Mill, learn about the legacy of J.R. Watkins, who founded the Watkins Company, which makes personal care products, or visit the Winona County Historical Society – which is filled with artifacts and local art exhibits.

Winona at a glance

Population: 25,964
Known for: The Kashubian Capital of America

Florence, Alabama

Top small towns in America - Florence Alabama
Florence, Alabama | Photo by Flight of the Educator

Florence, Alabama is one of the most famous little cities that no one has ever heard of.  How is that possible?

Music. Florence and Muscle Shoals are two little cities that have two major artist recording studios.  Heard of Lynyrd Skynyrd? Cher? Rolling Stones? They all recorded songs in Florence.

What makes it special is that you’re actually able to go in and tour where those legends once walked!

Besides famous musicians, it’s also home to the creation of another legend, this time architectural – Frank Lloyd Wright.  Wright’s buildings are famous for their distinctive patterns, interaction with nature, and use of natural elements.

If that’s not blowing you away, Florence is also a great place for families! There’s a restaurant with board games, and it’s completely decorated with hot dog art! 

In good weather, there’s a splash pad where kids and adults alike can splash their way through sporadic water jets. And hidden amongst the darling classic architecture of downtown are tiny fairy doors.

All this within driving distance of a glowworm cave and the fun destination of Unclaimed Baggage!  It’s exactly what you think it is! It’s a store filled with items from lost luggage!

Carly – Flight of the Educator

Florence at a glance

Population: 39,319
Known for: Music recording studios and architecture

State College, Pennsylvania

state college pennsylvania - a small college town in the United States
State College, Pennsylvania is a small college town that is big on charm. | Photo by Wanderlusting K

State College, Pennsylvania is the home of Penn State University and an absolutely adorable town in its own way.

This university town was founded after the civil war when Pennsylvania decided to create a public university. The town itself is at the exact epicenter of Pennsylvania, making it the perfect stop-off on your East Coast road trip.

If you think of an American college town from the movies, Penn State definitely encapsulates this feeling.

Besides having a lush campus with beautiful architecture, Penn State has a larger town around it that is full of cozy independent shops, craft breweries, great restaurants, and pedestrian friendly walking paths.

One of the best things to do in a nice day is to get an ice cream from the famous creamery and take a walk along College Avenue.

The town is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills, mountains, and well preserved forests that are great to explore also. During the fall, you can enjoy the stunning fall foliage lining the town’s adorable streets.

If you’re driving through Pennsylvania, consider stopping off in State College, at minimum for a scoop of the ice cream from the Penn State creamery and a walk through the cute downtown area.

If you’re visiting Pennsylvania with kids, a scoop of ice cream from the Penn State creamery is a must!

Karen – Wanderlusting K

State College at a glance

Population: 42,275
Known for: Penn State University

San Marcos, Texas

Small towns in US san_marcos
Heritage District of San Marcos, Texas | Photo by Unbridled

From beautiful heritage houses to the year-round 72 °F warm river, San Marcos in Texas is one of the top small towns in America. This little gem between San Antonio and Austin is worth a visit.

Driving down the roads in the heritage district of the city is one of the best things to do.

In summer, you can float down the river, go kayaking, or paddling on a SUP. The river float is the main attraction in this area.

People of all ages spend their weekends at the river. Besides this, San Marcos is also home to some endangered species like the blind salamander, who only lives in this area. You can take a glass bottom tour in the nature preserve to learn more about the unique flora and fauna.

The most important part of San Marcos, however, is getting in touch with people. It doesn’t matter where you go, you will always meet super friendly and welcoming people.

So, if San Marcos hasn’t been on your US bucket list, you should add it now, and visit it as soon as possible!

Natalie – Unbridled

San Marcos at a glance

Population: 63,220
Known for: Outlet malls and river activities

Missoula, Montana

Missoula Montana
Overlooking Missoula, Montana | Photo by Passions and Places

Most visitors to Montana come to see Glacier National Park or ski at Big Sky Ski Resort, making the nearby towns of Whitefish and Bozeman relatively popular spots.

But there’s another town that deserves a visit, and it’s as progressive and it is charming: the college town of Missoula, also known as the hippie capital of Montana.

Despite its relatively small size, Missoula has a thriving arts scene, with numerous galleries, great used book stores, some upcycle shops, and a thriving live music scene.

In addition to many in-town venues, local and nationally-recognized acts also play at the beautiful Kettlehouse Amphitheater on the banks of the Blackfoot River, just a few miles east of town.

Missoula also punches far above its weight when it comes to eating. Unlike most small towns, there’s no shortage of global flavors in Missoula, and you can sample Argentinian, Brazilian, Indian, and even Cajun cuisine.

Missoula is also one of the U.S.’s top towns for craft beers, with eight breweries –that’s one for every 9,000 residents.

And like many Montana towns, Missoula is a great place to get outdoors.

The Bitterroot and Rattlesnake mountain ranges are a veritable playground for mountain bikers and peak baggers, while the Blackfoot and Clark Fork rivers offers Class IV and V rapids for rafters and daring kayakers.

Jen and Ryan – Passions and Places

Missoula at a glance

Population 73,710
Known for: Hippie capital of Montana

Bloomington, Indiana

a chapel in Bloomington, Indiana in fall - a great small town in America to visit
Bloomington, Indiana in fall | Photo by Karthik Sreenivas from Unsplash

Bloomington is one of those small towns you’ve probably not heard of but really need to add to your bucket list.

Nestled in the Midwest state of Indiana, Bloomington exists as it does today because of Indiana University and some 40,000 students (plus faculty and staff) that attend the university during the school year. Because of this, it’s a hot spot for diversity in a state, full of students around the world and international cultural experiences to boot.

Bloomington, affectionately known as Btown, has dozens upon dozens of incredible international restaurants both on campus and off. Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, and just about anything else is available.

Plus, it hosts some of the best coffee shops and pizza parlors in the state.

Bloomington is also a great place to see fall colors in Autumn.

If you’re more excited by art, there are award-winning art galleries throughout the city, theater and festivals year-round that draw huge crowds, and some of the most artistic students in the state.

There are operas, musicals, African and Indian dance shows, ballets, LGBTQ movie festivals, and countless other art shows throughout the city. It has a personality of its own that all Bloomington locals adore, and it’s a gem in our lesser-known state.

Sarah – Suitcase Six

Bloomington at a glance

Population: 84,000
Known for: Indiana University and diverse experiences

Lynchburg, Virginia

lynchburg - one of the top small towns in America
Downtown Lynchburg, VA | Photo by Kate Saxon from Unsplash

Have you heard of Lynchburg, Virginia? If so, it’s probably because you’ve been wandering up and down the East Coast. But the Hill City – as it is aptly dubbed – is worth a stop in its own right.

Love history? On the outskirts of Lynchburg is Poplar Forest, the summer home of Thomas Jefferson. Point of Honor and the Lynchburg Museum are also great stops for history buffs, and Historic Sandusky housed the Union army for two days during the Civil War.

Fancy the arts? With several galleries and a locally owned art store, creativity thrives in Lynchburg. Residents also enjoy live theater and the music scene, so be sure to consider a show.

Adore the great outdoors? From stunning parks to a rails-to-trails system for biking, walking, or hiking, Lynchburg offers plenty of green spaces for relaxing, exercising, or playing with the kids.

Craving a bite? Lynchburg has such a variety – especially downtown. Whether you want Mexican, Indian, Irish, or a genuine English tea, there is something to suit a variety of tastes.

Other favorites are locally owned shops and the workmanship of the older homes. Lynchburg once had its heyday, and the historic houses are absolutely stunning!

Jennifer – Travel like a Prince

Lynchburg at a glance

Population: 80,569
Known for: Historical sites, including the summer home of Thomas Jefferson in the Poplar Forest

Redwood City, California

Pulgas Water Temple
Pulgas Water Temple in Redwood City, California. | Photo by Leo Korman from Unsplash

When you think of California, what cities come to mind? Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco are obvious choices, but there are many other areas to explore!

Nestled in the heart of San Mateo County is the thriving, artsy town of Redwood City.

Redwood City boasts several playhouses with shows including theater productions and live music. With a major street named Broadway there is no denying that the arts are alive.

If locally owned restaurants are a favorite, the area offers plenty. Dine al fresco with a tapas style menu at LV Mar, eat by the water at ScrollBar Waterside Kitchen, or enjoy happy hour at Angelicas.

For those who like to indulge in a bit of education, the San Mateo County History Museum is both beautiful and introspective as it showcases the history of the area. Be sure to look at the architecture of the building itself while you’re there.

If enjoying nature is your thing, then relaxing at the nature preserve, park, or Pulgas Water Temple are other ways to rejuvenate your senses.

Saving the best for last, just a 5 mile drive outside of Redwood City is Filoli, a historic estate built in 1915. With thriving gardens, a gorgeous Georgian style home, and a café, this just might be the place that will steal your heart.

No matter whether you are passing through or setting it as your final destination, Redwood City has a lot to offer for a variety of tastes.

Jennifer – Hill City Bride

Redwood City at a glance

Population: 85,784
Known for: A thriving art community in the heart of ultra-techy Silicon Valley

What would you say are the top small towns in America? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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This list of the top small towns in America was first published in May 2018 and was updated in January 2024 for accuracy and current information.

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I love this idea! I’m ebarrassed to admit that I’ve only heard of three and visited none of these towns. When I’m back in the States, Lynchburg is now on my list– I live much too close to NOT give it a visit.

Awesome list! I’ve only been to Bloomington (when I toured Indiana University – I didn’t end up going there but my best friend did!). There are a lot of gorgeous and charming small towns in my home state of Washington that I think could be worthy additions to this list 😉

Great collaboration! Loved the post, most of these towns I would never have heard of! Added some to my bucket list, thanks!

Native Virginia here, totally agree with Lynchburg! It’s also the home of Liberty University, so I’m impressed it still has such a small town feel despite having such a large school around. I’ll need to visit some of the other towns on this list!

Great places! I am always reminded with lists like this one that travel possibilities are endless! Thanks for including Latrobe in your post and having us collaborate 🙂

I love Bloomington IN – great choice for your list! I think I’d like to check out Missoula Montana in the future as well. Thanks for sharing. Pinning for later.

These are such great ideas! I’ve actually only been to a couple so it’s nice to find some new options.

It looks like there are some great towns on this list, and we’ve never heard of most of them! We’re planning on visiting New Mexico for the first time later this year, so we’re definitely going to try to make it to Ruidoso and Los Alamos. 🙂

I’ve been to both, and you won’t regret either! Los Alamos is close to Santa Fe, so easy to visit. Make sure you visit Bandelier National Monument when you are in the area. It is really cool.

Sylva, NC. Mountains: next to the great Smoky mountains national park, whitewater, mountain biking, hiking, bookshops and more breweries per capital than its sudsy neighbor to the east, Asheville. Site of the movie “three billboards in ebbing Missouri” as well as “the Fugitive.”

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